Use Google Reverse Image Search on Android

Considering the fact that Android is made by Google, it is kind of weird that there is no native way to reverse image search on Android. But that does not mean that it is not possible at all.

Of course, you can always use the web version of the reverse image search from a browser, but that is not really optimal. In a perfect world, Google would have built the reverse image search right inside Chrome for Android.

But hey, this is not a perfect world and here let us tell you a better way to use Google Reverse Image search on Android.

Use Google Reverse Image Search On Android

What we are about to see today is the work of the developer Qixingchen who took the matter in his own hands to provide us a better solution. Follow the below guide to perform Google reverse image search on Android:

Step 1. Install the Image Search app from Google Play Store.

Use Google Reverse Image Search On Android

Step 2. After installing, open the app and head straight to the settings and tweak them to your need. Here, you can change to a different search engine, if you do not want to use Google.

Use Google Reverse Image Search On Android

Tip: I recommend to disable the ‘Open settings before upload’ option as it saves a ton of time. If it is enabled, the settings page will be opened every time you try to do a reverse image search.

Step 3. Searching with a picture using the app is really easy. When you come across a picture anywhere online, you do not have to download it and then re-upload it again to the app to do a reverse image search. You can simply use the share menu on Android and tap on the ‘Image search’ app from the list. The image will be automatically pulled from the original source.

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Use Google Reverse Image Search On Android

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