BL, AP, CP, CSC File Download | Samsung Firmware for Odin

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device and you do different experiments or enrol your devices into beta firmware. Then you might have found yourself in need of firmware files for your Samsung Galaxy device. Well, there are a lot of different websites and tools that provide firmware files for Samsung devices. In fact tools like Frija and SamFirm also gives the ability to download the BL, AP, CP, CSC and HOME CSC files from the firmware of the device. Usually, for any Samsung Galaxy device running One UI, you need Odin on a PC to install the firmware. Be it updating a firmware downgrading or re-flashing a firmware all of this can be done with the help of Odin. The basic method of flashing firmware on a Samsung device is pretty different from any other device like Xiaomi, or OnePlus.

For Samsung you need to flash 4 different binary files using Odin, then only you will be able to complete the process of installing firmware. For most of the OEMs, it is just one zip file that can be sideloaded using ADB. But for Samsung, there are 5 different files out of which 4 needs to be flashed and they are written below.

  1. BL
  2. AP
  3. CP
  4. CSC or Home CSC

The only way to download the above-mentioned binaries for your device is to download the whole firmware, there is no other way through which you can individually download the files. So, to get these files you need to download the whole firmware zip file and then to obtain the BL, AP, CP and CSC or Home CSC files you need to extract the zip file. Once you get all of the files, you are ready to flash them using Odin.

Download Samsung Firmware Update Files For Odin

What are BL, AP, CP, CSC and Home CSC?

If you have been using Android devices for long enough then you might know that the core of the Android devices depends on recovery, fastboot, bootloader, vendor, EFS, modern and kernel. All of the mentioned files are stored inside the zip of the firmware files or it is stored as a .img file. However, when it comes to Samsung devices, they go through a different approach, since Samsung pack each of these files inside a different file which is individually encrypted and to decrypt them you need the official flashing tool, Odin. Detailed information about the files BL, AP, CP, CSC and Home CSC is right below.

  1. BL- BL stands for Bootloader. The BL binary with extension as .tar.md5 is flashed to install the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  2. AP- AP is the abbreviated form of Android Processor. It is the largest file out of the lot. Ap is responsible for flashing the system partition of your Samsung Galaxy device.
  3. CP- CP stands for Core Processor. The Core Processor file handles the modem of the device, so when we flash the CP file using Odin it installs the system modem on your Galaxy device.
  4. CSC- CSC stands for Country Specific Code or Consumer Software Customization. It plays a very important role in flashing the firmware on a Samsung device. As Samsung’s firmware is very much specific to countries and regions. This is mainly because Samsung uses different chips in different regions and there are certain features that vary from region to region like carrier branding, APN settings and more. So if you are flashing firmware and wants to clean flash it then you should use the CSC file. Only one of the files is needed to flash either Home CSC or CSC. So if you flash the CSC file it will wipe all the apps data, settings and files of your device and your device will reset to the factory status. You can also use a different region’s CSC if you want to change the region of the firmware you are using.
  5. Home CSC– Home CSC is more or less the same thing as CSC except it doesn’t wipe the data and doesn’t change the region of the firmware or anything, use this if you don’t want to lose or wipe apps and app data of your device.
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Need of Downloading the Samsung Firmware?

There could be several different use case scenarios of downloading firmware for your Samsung device. For instance, if you want to change the region of the firmware you are using or if you want to clean flash the firmware on your device as you might be facing some issues. or if the software update isn’t coming on your device, but the rest of the people have already got the update, then surely you can download and flash the latest firmware on your device. Mostly, people don’t feel the need of downloading firmware on a Samsung device, but Samsung gives an option to flash firmware then you can surely install it if you feel the need of doing it.

A few of the situations where we feel the need of downloading firmware with the files like BL, CP, AP and CSC binaries are necessary to have mentioned below.

  1. Downgrading the System Firmware- Sometimes OEMs push the latest version of Android in a hurry which carry some unfixed bugs and can cause performance issues. So if you have by chance updated to the latest firmware and wants to downgrade to the previous version of the OS, then you need to download the firmware.
  2. Going From Beta Build to Stable– Samsung also launches a Beta channel for a few of their Samsung devices, and if you enrol into that then your phone will have beta firmware of the latest Android version, however, to go back to the stable version in between then you might need to download and flash the firmware manually.
  3. Stuck in boot loop– If your Samsung device is stuck in the boot loop which means you are unable to turn on your device at all to fix any issues or do anything. In such a case, you need to do a clean of the flash firmware as you cannot perform a factory reset or anything since the phone isn’t turning on.
  4. Change CSC– If you have your Samsung device imported from some other region or country or if you are using the phone in a different country from where you have purchased then you might need to flash the firmware while changing the CSC. You can also change the CSC if you feel the same phone is getting software updates faster in a different region than yours, just make sure the model number of the device is matching with the model number of the firmware you have downloaded.
  5. Manual Software Update- So, if you are using your Samsung Galaxy device in a different region from where it was purchased, chances are you might not receive OTA updates or you might get delayed updates, in such case you can always manually flash the latest firmware manually and update your device with the help of Odin flash tool.

How To Download Samsung Firmware?

On the internet, there are several different tools and websites which are available for everyone from where you can download the firmware of almost any Samsung Galaxy device that supports manual flashing of the firmware. below we have listed some of the best tools and websites from where you can download the firmware of your Samsung galaxy device, after which we have also linked the latest version of Odin which you will be needed while flashing the firmware on your device.

1. Frija – Download BL, AP, CP CSC & Home CSC

Frija is one of the most popular and the most reliable tools when it comes to downloading firmware for Samsung devices. It doesn’t cap any speed limits and the firmware files downloaded are very much reliable. It is a very minimal and clean designed tool and the app supports both manuals as well as auto modes for downloading the firmware. If you are using in auto mode all you have to do is provide Frija with your CSC and the model number of your Samsung device, it will automatically download the firmware for you. However, if you select the Manual mode, then you have to download the firmware manually, one key benefit of choosing manual mode over auto mode is that in manual mode you have the option to choose between different firmware before you start downloading. You do need to provide some information about your device like the model number CSC, AP and CP after verifying the details Frija will download the BL, AP, CP CSC and Home CSC binaries of the desired firmware in a zip file.

Bl, Ap, Cp, Csc File Download | Samsung Firmware For Odin

Download the latest version of Frija Samsung Firmware Download Tool from here.

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2. SamFirm Firmware Downloader

SamFirm firmware downloader is yet another tool through which you can download Samsung’s firmware files. SamFirm is the abbreviated version of Samsung Firmware. Before the launch of Frija, this was the most common tool which was widely used by users to download firmware. Fortunately, even after the developer has ended the development of this tool, people can still use SamFirm to download firmware for their Galaxy devices. SamFirm is very much user-friendly just like Frija and it is safe to say that SamFirm is the best alternative to Frija. Below is a quick tutorial on how to use the SamFirm Firmware Downloading tool.

  1. Download the SamFirm Firmware Downloading tool and then extract the zip file.
  2. From the extracted folder find and open the SamFirm.exe file.
  3. Now, inside the box labelled as Model, write your Samsung Galaxy device’s model number, to check the model number of your device you can go to settings >> About phone.
  4. In the region column, you have to fill in the CSC of your device.
  5. Finally, click on the check update button.
  6. Now you have to wait until the SamFirm tool will fetch and show up with the latest firmware file along with the AP, CSC and CP versions of the update file and the size of the file.
  7. Now, all you have to do is click on the download button to download the firmware file of your Galaxy device. that’s it once the downloading is finished use Odin to flash the firmware on your device.
Bl, Ap, Cp, Csc File Download | Samsung Firmware For Odin

3. Samloader For mac, Windows and Linux

Samloader is also a good alternative to Frija when it comes to downloading the firmware of Samsung Galaxy devices. One key point of Samloader is that it can also download the firmware files on your Mac and Linux powered devices as well. So if you have a Mac or Linux computer then also you can download and install the firmware on your Samsung Galaxy device with the help of Samloader and Odin. Not only that you can even download firmware on your Android device as well. With the help of any emulator like Termux, Samloader is a Python-based script, so all you have to do is run the script on your device. Samloader will automatically check for the latest firmware of your Galaxy device and will download the firmware files automatically. the app itself is pretty basic but gets the job done only.

4. Sammobile

If you don’t want to install any tool or software to download the firmware files of your Samsung Galaxy device, then you can simply use the Sammobile website. It is one of the most reliable sources for anything related to Samsung devices. They have news, tutorials, firmware files and installation guides as well. Sammobile is one of the oldest and most trustworthy websites from where you can download the firmware files for your Galaxy device. Sammobile provides free firmware downloading to its members, but the speed is capped. However, if you are a frequent firmware downloaded then you can always choose the monthly plan of Sammobile where you will get unlimited downloading of Firmware files with no capping of speed. the monthly plan ranges between €6.50-€250. Frija and Samfirm are always a better way to download the Firmware files, but you can use Sammobile as a backup tool, in case both the other tools don’t work.

5. Updato

Update is yet another website that provides firmware files of Samsung Galaxy devices. It is a good alternative to Sammobile and the website has a huge library of firmware files to choose from. The UI of the website is also good and navigating through the website is pretty easy. However, there are two drawbacks to using Update. The website has a lot of ad banners lying here and there which can be annoying at times and the other drawback is that the firmware downloading speed isn’t that good, you might have to wait a long time before your downloading of firmware starts.

6. Samsung-Firmware

Samsung Firmware is also a website just like Sammobile and update that allows users to download firmware for their Samsung devices. The website provides free downloading of firmware files but at a capped speed. They have a high-speed downloading plan which isn’t free, so if you have enough patience that you can download a firmware file of approximately 5 GB overnight then you can go with the Samsung Firmware website. The website itself is very much reliable and has almost all of the major device’s firmware files.

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7. SamFrew

SamFrew is a very good website to download Firmware files of Samsung devices. The developers are very professional with their website and provide all the firmware files for Samsung devices. One big advantage of using SamFrew over other websites is that the premium high-speed downloading plan of SamFrew is cheaper than Sammobile and Updato. You can download firmware for free at a slower download speed, but if you want to download the firmware at around 100 Mbps then you have to pay a one-time fee of $8.99 or if you want to download it at a speed of around 1000 Mbps then the one-time fee is $22.99. Overall SamFrew provides a good experience in downloading the firmware even if you choose the free plan, the downloading speed isn’t as bad as it is of Sammobile and Updato.

How To Install Firmware Files BL, AP, CP and CSC Using Odin

After you have finished downloading the firmware file for your Samsung galaxy device, make sure you have downloaded Odin and extracted the zip file. Below we have a detailed tutorial on how to use the Odin flashing tool to flash the firmware on a Samsung Galaxy device.

  1. Odin is a flashing tool used to flash firmware only on Samsung devices. After you have downloaded and extracted the Odin folder find and open the Odin3.exe file, make sure you open it as administrator.
  2. Cross-check that you have downloaded the firmware file completely and is the correct version and the firmware file is for the device on which you are going to flash.
  3. Download and instal the latest Samsung USB drivers to make sure the PC connects with your device properly.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung device. To enable USB Debugging, go to settings >> about phone >> Tap 7 times on build number >> then go back to settings and open developer’s option >> enable USB Debugging.
  5. Now, you have to enter into download mode on your Samsung device, to do so follow the below steps.
    1. Turn off your device completely.
    2. Devices with Home Button– Press Volume down + Home + Power button.
    3. Devices with Bixby button– Press Volume down + Bixby + Power button.
    4. Devices without Bixby button– Volume down + Bixby + Power Buttons.
    5. For devices running One UI 3.0 and above, make sure you perform these tasks while the phone is connected with your PC via a USB cable otherwise it won’t enter into download mode.
    6. Alternatively, you can use the ADB command to enter into download mode. Just open the ADB command prompt and execute the command adb reboot bootloader.Download Samsung Firmware Update Files For Odin
  6. After you have successfully entered into download mode connect your device to your computer via a USB cable if you haven’t already connected.
  7. The moment you will connect Odin will detect that a device has been connected to Odin.
  8. Now, extract and open the firmware file which you downloaded. Inside it, there should be all 5 binaries BL, AP, CP CSC and Home CSC with an extension of .tar.md5.
  9. On the Odin click on the BL button and then in the dialogue box navigate it to the BL file which you have got inside the firmware folder.
  10. Similarly, do the same for AP, click on AP and then navigate and select the AP file, do note that the AP file will take a while to load, so don’t panic and just wait for a while, you don’t need to remove your device or do anything else.
  11. Next, do the same for CP & CSC/Home CSC use CSC if you want a clean installation and wipe all of the data, else use Home CSC to keep the apps and app data as it is.Download Samsung Firmware Update Files For Odin
  12. After you have added all the binaries in Odin, click on Start and then wait for a while until Odin flashes the firmware and shows a message saying Pass!!. usually, it takes around 10 minutes.
  13. As soon as the firmware has been flashed your Samsung galaxy device will reboot automatically and then you will be seeing the welcome screen.

So with this, you have successfully flashed firmware on your Samsung Galaxy device using Odin.

Final Words

So this was a guide on how to download and flash the firmware for the Samsung Galaxy device. While all of the sources which we have mentioned for downloading the firmware files are good, our pick would be the Frija firmware downloading tool. As it provides good downloading speed for free and the tool itself is very much handy and user-friendly. With the help of Frija, you download the Firmware files directly from Samsung’s own Firmware Update Server.