Remove and Block Ads in All Android Apps Without Root

Advertisements are a necessary evil in the world today. They are required to sell an idea, product, or service. But many of you have experienced the sudden takeover of your phone screen with intrusive ads, and it can be not very pleasant.

People do not like this because it reduces the goodness of their mobile browsing experience and lowers the speed of their internet connection, and drains their battery faster. It can be inconvenient for people who use their phones quite frequently and need it on the go.

Therefore, many ad blockers are developed to assist Android phones and not to dull your browsing experience. Using these ad-blocking apps makes the user feel more in control of their phones and the data they want to access without the disturbances caused by heavy pop-ups that they have no intention of viewing.

Remove And Block Ads In All Android Apps Without Root

Such disruptions have led to the development of some very efficient apps meant for ad-blocking. Klode has developed an app that blocks these ads right at the DNS level, without putting additional pressure on the battery. What is even better is that this app is available for free and does not require an individual to root their phone.


The two necessities to use this app on your android phone are:

  • Your phone must be running Android Lollipop version 5.0 or higher
  • Unknown sources” enabled in your phone.

Install DNS66

DNS66 is the app that one has to use to function as an ad-blocker on their Android phones to actively browse apps without interruption of intrusive advertisements.

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One has to get this app from the F-Droid repository, which contains free and open-sourced apps. There are versions of this app that match the compatibility with your phone’s android version.

After that, one has to find the option on the screen that says “download apk,” and once the download is completed, a notification prompt will be seen as “download complete.”

Click on “Install” to set up the app on your phone when prompted.

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Choose Domain Filters

After you launch the app, there are some customizations you have to make in the setting tab once you click on “Start.” It is not the end of the world if you choose not to make any changes because these default settings work pretty well.

Then, go to the “Hosts” tab and, from there, make choices of the files that are from ad-blocking hosts. This will help your app block the servers that send these apps that pop up on your screen.

Once you make this list, it will guide your app to block all these servers. You are recommended to enable “Adaway Hosts File” here to prevent any unnecessary clearing.

You can now click the Shield button to keep the hosts’ file enabled. Now, refresh the whole process.

This step ensures that you are not leaving put servers that might cause disruption later on. Customizing them manually gives the user more choice and control over what they want to see and do not want.

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Enable VPN Service

After coming this far, you have to click on the “Start” tab, and from there, you have to make certain changes in the VPN settings. Start the process of VPN ad-blocking and shift your VPN service to DNS66, which means that DNS66 is your phone’s personalized VPN service.

Enjoy apps without Ads

So, from now on, your ads will be blocked in whichever app you may be using. If you are watching videos, you will find an icon at the bottom, which is a reminder that the VPN service provided by DNS66 is now active while you are watching. This icon should be there as and when the service is enabled.

Specialty of DNS66

DNS66 is quite an efficient app that is widely used in android phones to block ads while accessing and using different free apps.

It is unique in how it functions from the other ad-blockers for android in the market. This is because DNS66 works at the DNS level to block ads and give you an uninterrupted mobile browsing experience. However, most other ad-blockers that exist in the market to be implemented in Android phones work by redirecting the incoming data traffic for ads.

The problem with most mainstream ad-blocker apps is that they end up exhausting the battery life when they are doing this process. This can render you powerless and always on the hassle of connecting your phone to the nearest charging point. However, with DNS66, the case is not so. It blocks the ads at the DNS servers level and uses very little battery compared to the other ad-blocking apps available in the market.

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This makes it a viable option for many users who constantly use their phones and would want an undisturbed mobile viewing experience while they browse apps or watch videos and movies from third-party sources.

DNS66 also has the provision of adding many DNS servers to provide more privacy. Acting up as the VPN service of your phone, it helps uphold the anonymity of the user. This app establishes a secure pathway to direct the network traffic, keeping the user immune to ads and other such invasive networks and maintaining anonymity.

Since it has filtered lists about which ads or servers to be blocked, it does not indulge in any interactions with other servers or network pathways.


Thus, DNS66 is a crucial app one can use to block ads that disrupt their daily usage of data.

It is a convenient app to use because it cares about not draining your battery and works at the level of the DNS. Along with that, it has a user-friendly interface that people find very easy to use.

If you are someone who has terrible experiences with ads invading your phone screen, with the description above, you can make a wise choice to download this app and use it to enhance your experience.

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