Bulk Delete Facebook Posts – The Easy Way

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that has most of our status updates, images, video uploads, and everything. So, often we end up posting something weird a few years ago and we want to remove them from our profile, however, the amount of junk we had created in the past makes us lazy to delete each of the posts one by one. But, very few people know that Facebook gives an option to select and edit or delete the posts in bulk, you can do this on both the mobile app as well as a web browser. Even with Facebook giving such an option can be a messy process for some people so below we have an extensive guide on how to explore an alternative method through which you can quickly delete old Facebook posts in bulk.

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Delete Multiple Facebook Posts in Bulk [Official Method]

Facebook was well aware of this problem so the developers at Facebook has developed a new feature called Manage Activity which can help in managing the posts, with help of managing activity you will be able to archive or delete your old Facebook posts in bulk.

Bulk Delete Facebook Posts
Bulk Delete Facebook Posts – The Easy Way

Selectively Delete or Archive Facebook Posts in bulk (Manage Activity) Using the Facebook iOS/Android app

  1. Since we are doing it on the phone on the Facebook app, make sure you have downloaded the full-fledged Facebook app from the respective App Store or Play Store and not the Facebook lite app.
  2. Now, login and open the app, inside it go to the Menu and tap on your Profile link.
  3. Tap the three dots located next to the Add story button right below your profile picture.
  4. From the next screen, choose the activity log option.
  5. Find the option that says Manage Activity >> Your Posts.
  6. In the next screen select the posts which you want to remove from your profile, you can even filter out your posts by tapping on the filter option, you can filter your posts by category like- All, text updates, check-ins, notes and more, Photos and videos, data or even people.
  7. After you have finished selecting your posts, tap on archive or recycle bin to archive or delete them.

Keep in mind that if you archive your posts from your timeline, it can still be restored them to your profile. You can restore it up to 30 days after that Facebook will permanently delete it on its own.

To access the recycle bin navigate to your profile >> Activity Log and then tap on either the Archive or Recycle bin button located at the top.

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The above-mentioned method can be used to archive posts from Facebook timelines using the mobile app for Android and IOS. However, you can also delete or archive posts from your timeline using a web browser from a PC. We have curated the guide to selectively delete or remove posts in bulk from the Facebook timeline.

Selectively, Hide, Delete or Untag Facebook Posts in Bulk Via Facebook Website (PC/Mac)

  1. Login to Facebook profile using the browser and navigating to Facebook.com.
  2. From the top left corner click on your name and navigate to your profile.
  3. Below the new post box, there will be an option Manage Posts click on it, and all of your posts will be displayed in reverse chronological order.
  4. There’s an option to filter the posts according to the need the filter button is located at the left of the screen, it lets you filter posts by “Anyone”, “You”, “Others”. Not to mention, you can also filter your posts where you have been tagged or based on when it was posted these filters comes in handy while removing old posts.
  5. You need to use the checkboxes from the top-right corner of each post, to select it or mark it for deletion. On a single go, you can select up to 50 posts and not more than that.
  6. After you have finished selecting the posts which you need to delete, click on the next.
  7. Finally, you will get an option to “Hide Posts”, “Remove tags” or simply “Delete posts” depending on the type of posts you have selected, select the option which is needed by you and then click on Done.
Bulk Delete Facebook Posts – The Easy Way

Selectively hide, delete or untag Facebook Posts in Bulk Using Facebook Mobile App for Android/iOS

  1. Download and install the Facebook app on your device and then log in with your account.
  2. Navigate to the Menu and click on your name to view your profile.
  3. On your profile screen, scroll down a bit and you will see the Manage Posts Button located below the new post box. Inside the manage posts option, you will see all of your posts in reverse chronological order.
  4. If you want to filter according to a particular date, privacy or based on who [osted it, you can do that by tapping on the filters button from the top left corner and then select the filters you want to apply. You can even filter the posts on the basis of where you have been tagged.
  5. Besides every post there will be a circular radio button, keep on clicking on the box, for the posts which you want to delete, untag or archive from your timeline.
  6. After you have finished selecting the posts from your timeline, click on one of the icons from the bottom left, and choose from Delete, Hide from Timeline or Remove tag.
  7. Confirm your action and then click on save changes, that’s it you have successfully filtered out your posts in bulk at once.

Apart from this, you can also return to your Facebook timeline and remove the rest of the posts individually. All you have to do is click on the three dots beside the post on your timeline, and from the drop-down menu select Hide from the timeline, delete or remove the tag.

Automatically delete (all) Facebook Posts in Bulk

If your Facebook profile has a lot of posts and you want to remove them all at once, then the above method would still be hassle-free, as you have to manually select each and every post, besides that it is only capped at 50 posts at a time. So if you want to delete hundreds or thousands of posts at once, then for that, you have to switch to the unofficial method, as the official method doesn’t allow you to delete posts more than 50 at once. Instead, you can try the chrome extension which is very much reliable and gets the job done by deleting the Facebook posts without any such limitations.

Delete Facebook Post History in Bulk( Chrome Extension)

You might have heard about the chrome extensions, yes they are very handy little extensions for the chrome browser which can help a lot in our everyday browsing. One such extension called Social Book Post Manager lets you search posts by year and month, based on the presence or absence of a specific keyword. This can make deleting or filtering our posts on Facebook a lot easier. There are a few other options to filter and remove the posts from the Facebook timeline as well that can save a lot of your time in removing posts.

Social Book Post Manager also gives an option to determine if you want to preview the selection by the app before confirming the changes, not only that, you can even decide the speed of automation which can vary from 0.25x to all the way up to 16x.

To use the Social Book Post Manager extension on your chrome or chromium-based browser, follow the quick guide written below, through which you will be able to delete Facebook posts in bulk.

  1. The very first step would be installing the Social Book Post Manager extension on your chrome browser from the chrome web store.
  2. Now, go to Facebook.com and log in with your credentials.
  3. Go to your profile by clicking on your name from the top left corner.
  4. Find and click on Activity log in the bottom-right corner of your cover image.
  5. You can combine the filters which Facebook provides by default and the filters provided by the extension Social Book Post Manager. So first use the filters provided by Facebook which can be done by clicking on filters from the left side of the screen.
  6. Next, click on the extension which you just installed, the social book post manager extension should be at the right side of the address bar of your browser.
  7. Here you can select the available filters from the social book post manager extension like “Year”, “Month”, “Text Contains” and “Text Not Contains” to select posts matching the respective criteria. If you want to delete everything then you can directly choose the Select all option in the dropdown for both year and month.
  8. Further, you can select some options like prescan on-page if you wish to review the selection of posts after you have done selecting.
  9. At last, choose the speed at which you want the extension to automate the changes you want to do, the speed can be set between 0.25x to 16x.
  10. Finally, click on Delete, Privacy “Hide/Unhide”, “Unlike” or “Backup” to perform the actions on the selected posts. 
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The extension will scan your Facebook profile and your timeline for the filters you have set and will show you all the posts that match the criteria of your search and then it will automatically mark them for the deletion or whatever changes you have asked for. Also, if you have selected the Prescan on page option then you will get a chance to review the posts one last time before it starts to delete them.

Important points to Note
  1. You might need to run the extension multiple times to delete all of the posts from Facebook, but this totally depends on the number of posts you have on your profile, if they arent a big pile then it should do the job in one go itself, otherwise you can always repeat the tasks.
  2. There are chances that the extension might not work in the first go, to fix it you need to uninstall or disable the extension and then clear the cache, reinstall the extension or restart the browser and then try again.
  3. If the extension isn’t performing the way it should then try tweaking the settings a bit, or maybe lowering the speed might fix some issues.
  4. Try to avoid using your computer while the extension is performing its tasks, as it can interfere and the end result can be affected due to this, especially do not move your cursor or click here and there, this can affect the results.

To Conclude

So this was an extensive guide on how to delete posts on Facebook in bulk using the Facebook phone app as well as using the Facebook browser. We have also covered the official way of deleting the post in bulk as well as the unofficial and more effective way of deleting bulk posts from Facebook, if you have any other methods as well, do let us know in the comments below.

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