How to change caller ID on the iPhone?

If you are one of those people who hesitate to pick up calls from unknown numbers, the Caller ID feature would be one of your favorite features on your iPhone. The caller ID feature displays the name of the person calling you on your iPhone.

The carrier gives a Caller ID once you purchase a new iPhone. However, you can even change your Caller ID on your iPhone by following the steps below. But before getting into it, you should be aware of certain things that will be discussed soon in this article.

Is it Possible to Change My Outgoing Caller ID?

As the phone Carrier company maintains the Caller ID, there is no way you can possibly change your Caller ID. Unless you use third-party apps like T-Mobile or AT&T to modify your Caller ID.

change caller ID on the iPhone

Why Does Caller ID Display the Wrong Name?

Your iPhone might show you inappropriate data and that might even happen with the person whom you call, this is only because of outdated carrier information and configuration or incorrect format option.

You can head to Carrier settings to make changes to it. Also, the Caller ID format differs from carrier to carrier and the data might change throughout the path because calls may travel across several networks.

How to Hide your Caller ID?

You can’t change your Caller ID on your iPhone as it is set by the carrier but you can Hide your Caller ID to show up on people’s phones whom you call. Below are some of the steps you need to follow to Hide your Caller ID.

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Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on Phone and go to Show My Caller ID under the Calls option.

how to change callerID2
how to change callerID3

Step 3. From there you can easily Turn Off or Turn On your Caller ID.

how to change callerID4

This will result in showing No Caller ID on your call recipient in place of your name when you give a call to them.

How to Change Caller ID on Your iPhone?

If you really want to change your Caller ID you would need to get the help of third-party apps like T-Mobile or AT&T. We recommend using the T-Mobile app to make the changes. Follow the steps below to get into it.

Step 1. Once you install T-Mobile launch it.

Step 2. Select More option.

how to change callerID More Tab

Step 3. Tap on Profile settings and head to Caller ID name.

how to change callerID profile setting

Step 4. Now Type your First name and Last Name to change your existing Caller ID.

Now Tap on the Save button once you are done, and your Caller ID is changed.

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