Discord: How to Change the text Color

As you all know Discord offers a lot of customization options to its chat app be it mobile or desktop version. it is probably one of the platforms that offer the most customization or additional features to its app. In this post, we will be discussing Discord’s feature which allows changing the text colour on Discord. The app gives an option to set such vibrant and eye-appealing colours that everyone can fall in love with the app at first glance.

Using Discord with plain text to chat is pretty boring especially in 2021 when the app itself offers coloured text options.

How It Works

The very basic logic behind the working of this is by adding colour to texts in the Discord app which uses JavaScript for its interfaces including a theme known as Solarized Dark and it also has a library which is known as a highlight. When you log in to the Discord server, the page that you see at first and after that, are all rendered by a series of JavaScript programs that includes highlight.js as well.

How To Change The Text Color In Discord

While the native discord user interface does not support any kind of colonizing the text, it is the JavaScript engine behind the designing of Discord and the highlight.js library that supports changing of colours which can be reflected in the interface of Discord.

To understand better, the basic concept of changing colours of the texts of discord is that we will be changing the colour of a given piece of text by encapsulating that text in a code block, usually, it is a three-line block of text and with your text as the middle block.

Using The Black Quote Symbol

The very first step to colour code any text on Discord is by using the black quote symbol from the keyboard. it is located in the upper left-hand corner of your keyboard; it also has the Tilde symbol.

Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Write The First Line of Code

The very first line of the code block should be three ” ` ” backquote symbols (”’), after which you need to write the code phrase which will inform the polarized dark theme which colour to display. Below is a sample of how it should look.

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Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Also, do note that CSS may change to something similar to Tex or some other phrase depending on the requested output.

Type The Second Line

The second line should be your text typed out in a usual way. Hold Shift + Enter to create a new line within the same message. if you press enter only then the message will be sent, so you have to hold Shift and then press enter to go to the next line without sending the message.

Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Type Your Third Line

Coming to the third line of the code block, you need to enter three more back quotes. This is constant, regardless of what you are expecting your output to be.

Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Since we are using “` CSS, the text should appear like this.

Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Inputting Your Text

Now, that you have set up everything, you may proceed with the method on how to input your text. Well, there are two different methods through which you can input your text. To start with, the first method is to have a text file on your computer with the various codes for the different text colours that you can access in this trend and cut and paste the segments which you want to use.

Secondly, you can directly enter the code block into the Discord chatbox line by line. After typing each line you would have to press shift+Enter to go to the next line without sending the message to discord. Type another line and then again press shift+enter, type then the third line and then press enter. The entire block will be sent as a message at once and will display your text.

However, there are some limitations to this method as well. You have to do this for every line of text you want to colourize which can be a complicated one, you simply cannot turn on and off the colours of the text. Another one is that your text will appear inside a box on the Discord server, which can look a bit awkward.

Your Color options

As we discussed earlier the highlight.js, let’s talk more about it. The highlight.js code can give you access to seven new colours including the default grey. Once you get access to these colours, the markdown codes will be easier for you to understand and use it. Besides, you can always play around and experiment to get some colours.

Below we have the codes and samples of their appearance.

Plain Grey (But in a box)

`Sample Text`

Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Green (Sort of)


Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Sample text




Sample text

Discord: How To Change The Text Color




Sample text

Discord: How To Change The Text Color




Sample text

Discord: How To Change The Text Color




Sample text



There are a couple of ways to get Yellow text. The first is pretty reliable, while the second method highlights only a few words and not all of them.

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Sample Text

Discord: How To Change The Text Color




[Sample Text]

Discord: How To Change The Text Color


Advanced Techniques

Alternatively, there are some other ways as well through which you can et your text to display in different colours. We will be using the basic method same as mentioned above, but in a more advanced way to get the most out of it. The main reason all of these modifications and using code blocks work is because these formats are intended for displaying code blocks when a developer is writing a program.

For instance the first text after the “` tells highlight.js which is a scripting language and it should be formatting. there are also some explicit ways to get the colours directly in a line.

below are some of the languages that you can use, and the ways to force colour. Experiment with them, and then you will soon find yourself writing colourful text messages all the time.

Discord: How To Change The Text Color
Discord: How To Change The Text Color

Not only that, you can even use different brackets to get that look of your texts you want.

To end, you can also use “`tex to create some pretty colourful messages. You must try different symbols to make your text appear different and stand out from others.

Other Things To Try

In case the CSS doesn’t work, you can always try


sample text“`

The above methods fix most of the issues in CSS. If you are using the Discord Desktop App or if you are using the web browser for Discord it may affect how you will need to type the markdown codes. make sure you have written it perfectly, and once you have written it down perfectly that is working for you, feel free to copy and then paste it on your desktop in a notepad to somewhere handy for quick access, later on, whenever you want to change the colour of the text.

Discord bots

Discord is also famous for its bot support. The developers have developed a lot of different types of Bots for the popular chatting app. users can simply invite and add the required discord bots to their servers and channels or groups. The one who is inviting should make sure si the owner or the admin of that server or group. many of these Discord bots offer the ability to change the certain colours of few design elements on your server, however, unfortunately, none of the bots offers to change the colours of texts. As per our knowledge, there aren’t any bots that can help you in changing the colour of your text easier, you will have to do it manually as of now.

For those tech geeks, Discord also allows you to add embeds and webhooks as messages. These will be helpful to display coloured blocks and it also supports markdown text.

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Other text Customization Options

Discord also allows other customizations for the texts that you send.

Bold – **This is Bold**

Italics – *This is Italicized*

Bold & italicized – *** This is Bold and Italicized*** (Kind makes sense, doesn’t it?)

Underlined – _This makes Underlined text_

Strikethrough- ~~This is strike through text~~

Discord is a deep well of customizations and features, the more you use it and explore it, the more you will get to know about the app. it is simply never-ending. Once you have become an expert you may want to explore even more or teach others how to customize your texts on Discord chats.

What Can I Do if Some of These Arent Working?

As per our tests, most of these customizations were working as of mid-2021. The above-listed markdowns and text customizations were working on the Discord desktop app and the web client. incase, you are having any trouble with these codes on the web browser, you must try the discord desktop app.

Is There a Bot for Discord that can colour text?

We cannot confirm that but definitely, there should be a bot for this. As developers have developed bots for discord for almost every task. You must do an online search for such kind of bot that can change the colour of the text on your discord chat. have a look for the bots that come up, and choose the one that fits your requirement. Also don’t forget to check the reviews of that bot, to know about the reliability and capability of the bot after which you can add them to your server.

These aren’t working for me. What else can I do?

One of the most common reasons due to which the above-mentioned methods not working is that Discord only recognizes the backtick, not quotation marks. On the upper left corner of your keyboard, you will see the backtick key with the tilde option right above it. use that key instead of the quotation marks.

To Conclude

This was a guide on how you can change the text colour of your Discord chat. The method only works for the desktop version of the app or the web client version of Discord. However, you can also use few Discord bots to change the colour of the texts. changing the colour of the texts on Discord can make a difference and will help you in standing out of the crowd. Also, since discord provides an option for such customizations, then why not take the benefit of it and customize your Discord even more. keep exploring Discord and customizing it, there’s always more to explore and learn.

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