How To Check FaceTime Call Duration

Facetime is one of the most advanced video calling apps that you can use while making video calls. However, often in these pandemic times, most of us are stuck with work from home.

Often while enjoying the video calls with our friends and families we don’t get an idea of how much time we have spent on the calls. On top of that, Apple makes it a bit difficult to find the duration of the calls of facetime.

The app itself is very easy to use, and now with the recent update, you can even make facetime calls with your Android friends as well as people who have Windows laptops.

check facetime call duration

If you are also one of those who are having a hard time tracking how much time you have wasted or rather spent on facetime calls, then you are not the only one, many users have been complaining about the same.

If you are doing voice calls on Facetime, then you should have no issues in seeing the duration of the call, as it just shows below the contact’s name on the screen while you are on the call.

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But the problem comes when you are making video calls on Facetime, as it has a completely different UI. Apple has done it purposefully so that the whole UI and the experience of making facetime video calls are as clean as possible.

It’s a good thing for users but sometimes it can become a bit annoying when you want to know how long you have been on the phone.

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So, is there an actual way to find the duration of facetime calls while you are on the call? Technically if you have an iPhone that is running on iOS 13 and above then you can’t.

Otherwise, if you’d just minimize the facetime call and go to the home screen, then at the top of the phone on the status bar, you can see the duration of the facetime video call.

But with the new compact UI means that there is no more green status bar which means no more call duration. On the newer version of iOS, you will only be able to see a green-coloured time which will indicate that you are on call.

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So, for facetime video calls the only way through which you can find the duration of the call is after you have ended the call.

Once you have ended the call you can go to the Phone app of your iPhone and then tap on the i(info) icon from the right of the facetime call and it should be able to display the call duration.

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Further, you will also be able to see the call duration for audio as well as video facetime calls.

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Often for a better design and a cleaner UI, the developers have to sacrifice some basic functionalities as well, however, we feel it should be an option to turn it on or off as per the user’s choice.

People need to shift to some other video calling app in order to limit their video call duration by checking the duration of the calls.

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