How to Check iPhone or iPad Battery Health Efficiently

No doubt that Apple’s top-notch products such as the iPhone and iPad are one of the most optimized devices on the planet. Optimization somewhere leads to more battery drainage, but this phenomenon is completely opposite when it comes to Apple’s A14 and A15 Bionic chips. These chips are so much advanced that it consumes less battery possible by providing better optimization to Apple folks.

In case your iPhone/iPad is not running on these powerful chips then you might have to struggle a bit to eventually save your battery. Also, some people are a little obsessed with keeping the battery life healthy of iPhones and iPad. I mean it’s good to keep your device’s battery health healthy, but we can’t resist the fact that maintaining the battery health of iPhone/iPad somewhere is completely not in our hands.

In this article, you will get to know how you can inspect your iPhone/iPad battery health in a smart way. So that, it will help you in taking more precautions to maintain a healthy battery life of your iDevices. No need to have those complex third-party iPhone battery testing apps when you have a legit way of doing so.

Inspect Your Iphone/ipad Battery Health In A Smart Way

What is iPhone/iPad Battery Health?

iPhone/ iPad battery health is nothing but the actual health of a battery life which is measured in terms of percentage. If your battery health is more than 85% or 90% then your device will run smoothly without major battery issues for another 8 months or years.

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The new iPhone/iPad comes with 100% capacity, but the cycle and potential damage reduce the capacity, for example, exposing your phone to extreme temperature impacts the battery health of the device.

How to Check Battery Health on iPhone

Unlike an iPad, checking the battery health of an iPhone is quite simple. You don’t need to download any third-party app for it. Follow the steps mentioned below to check the battery health of the iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Visit on Battery.

Step 3: Tap on Battery Health.

Now, you will get to see the battery health of your iPhone, it is measured in terms of percentage. Maximum Capacity will indicate the percentage of the health of your iPhone’s battery.

Inspect Your Iphone/ipad Battery Health In Smart Way

Besides this, if your tap on Peak Performance Capacity, you can actually be able to monitor and track the details of the iPhone battery. Also, iPhone displays a message through the Peak Performance Capability section, this will give you a brief idea about your battery health.

Here is some message that says about your battery on iPhone:

Message It indicates that:
Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.Your battery has no problems and has the highest capacity available.
Built-in dynamic software and hardware will help counter-performance impacts that may be noticed as your iPhone battery chemically ages. Your battery has started to degrade which can impact performance.
This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again. Your battery is causing issues to your iPhone, you might need to change the battery very soon because it is impacting performance and load time.
Your battery’s health is significantly degraded.You need to change the battery, at this point, you will get to see maximum issues related to the performance of the device.

How to Check Battery Health on iPad

Mind you, unlike iPhone, there is no such feature available to check battery health on iPad directly but this does not mean that you cannot be able to check the battery health of the iPad, in fact, we have got some solid workaround for you.

Well, thanks to the third-party apps that allow us to check the battery health of our iPads without any issues. This process needs a computer running Windows or macOS, don’t worry as these third-party apps are available for both operating systems.

Check Battery Health on iPad using iMazing

iMazing software is available to download on Windows and macOS, which will help you to transfer files and data. But what we are looking for is to check the battery health of the iPad, and it allows us to do so. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Download iMazing from its official website accordingly, and install the program on your operating system.

Step 2: Open the iMazing app.

Step 3: Click on “Continue Trail”, on the welcome page of iMazing.

Step 4: Now, just connect your iPad to your computer using a lightning cable.

A popup will appear on your iPad, tap on Trust. After that, you have to enter a passcode on your iPad.

Step 5: Once done, iMazing will ask you to back up your Apple device, click on later.

Inspect Your Iphone/ipad Battery Health In Smart Way

Step 6: Now you will get to see the Battery icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Here, you will get to see all the information related to your iPad’s battery including battery health.

Inspect Your Iphone/ipad Battery Health In Smart Way

Check Battery Health on iPad using Coconut Battery (macOS)

CoconutBattery app is designed only for macOS, this program allows you to check your iPad battery health. The app is great with great ratings, literally, you will longer have any trouble using the app. Here’s how to check the battery health using the app:

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Step 1: Download and install CoconutBattery app on your Mac.

Step 2: Connect your iPad with Mac using a lightning cable, and open the CoconutBattery app.

Step 3: Now you can be able to see the battery health of your Mac, just switch to show the battery health of the iPad.

Inspect Your Iphone/ipad Battery Health In Smart Way

You can also use the same app for a different purpose like you can use Coconut Battery to check the temperature of your device whether it’s overheating.

How to Take Care of iPhone/iPad Battery Life

Here are some points that are helpful to maintain the battery life of your iPhone/iPad:

  • Keep the temperature of iPhone/iPad’s battery between 16 and 22 degree Celsius.
  • Avoid excess heat while the device is charging.
  • Keep your firmware (iOS/iPadOS) on the latest version, new features might extent the battery life of a device.
  • Keep the device on low level off brightness, else high screen brightness will affect the charge cycle that eventually impacts on battery life of the device.
  • Run less apps or programs as much as possible, kill those unnecessary apps which are running in the background.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to check battery health using the battery test app mentioned above, you can be able to track your battery health wisely. There’s no problem regarding checking the battery health of the iPhone it comes with a built-in feature. But in the case of the iPad scenario is quite different. In my opinion, CoconutBattery is a good app as it provides more features and functions.

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