Windows 10: Clock_Watchdog_Timeout BSOD Error (Fixed)

If your workspace revolves around a desktop or laptop you will face no issue unless you have a good machine. You can do your desired work like editing, playing games, or browsing the internet. But when life is going well and suddenly BSOD error swoops in, it could be a troublesome situation. Mind you, BSOD errors are common errors and sometimes easy to solve, but they come without any warning. CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error has a check value of 0x00000101, this means that the issue is related to your processor.

However, the reason behind the same BSOD error could be multiple. If you don’t fix the error it will pop up again and again and a single restart will fix the issue. Good thing is that the ClOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD error is fixable. Only you have to do is to follow the troubleshooting guide that we have managed to provide you.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

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What does Clock Watchdog Timeout BSOD error in Windows 10 mean?

CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT is a common BSOD error that has a chek value of 0x00000101. The error has nothing to do with the system’s software but hardware. “Processor” that’s where the error is addressed, it encounters when your system fails to communicate with the processor.

And when it happens, Windows 10 operating system fails to operate the tasks. This issue comes under the “system interrupts” issue. When the system goes into the interrupt phase, it requests for response known as interrupt request level (IRQL). When the request is not completed, a blue screen error encounters.

It is noticed that, CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error different variants which is reported by users who have experienced:

  • Clock watchdog timeout RAM, GPU: This error is caused by RAM or GPU. To fix it, check the overclock and driver settings.
  • Clock watchdog timeout overclock: Encounters when you overclock the hardware, just remove the overclock settings.
  • Clock watchdog timeout Ryzen: Problematic updates are the culprit on the Ryzen CPU’s, just remove the update and you are good to go.
  • Clock watchdog timeout HP, Lenovo, Intel, AMD: Sometimes peripheral causes the issues, it is noticed that when AMD’s are linked to HP, Lenovo, etc device BSOD error encounters.
  • Clock watchdog timeout Windows 8.1, Windows7: These issues are for non-Windows 10 users, fixes and guides are already available to fix BSOD on victimized operating systems accordingly.
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What causes Clock Watchdog Timeout BSOD error to occur?

As mentioned, there are multiple reasons that cause the CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD error to occur. Following are some valid reasons that cause BSOD error to occur:

  • File issues in the system
  • Outdated BIOS
  • Corrupted or incomplete software drivers
  • Corrupted or incomplete hardware drivers
  • Incompatible or overclocked memory (RAM) on the motherboard
  • Software conflict or glitches
  • Outdated software
  • Faulty hardware
  • Overclocked AMD CPU
  • Virus or malware
  • Irresponsive communication between multi-core processor threads

At this point, we assume that you must have got an idea of what clock watchdog timeout BSOD error is and how it occurs. Let’s see how to fix the same BSOD error on your Windows 10 PC.

Troubleshooting CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD error.

Before performing any fix methods mentioned below, it is advised to create a backup of your precious data. Else, you might lose it.

Restart your system

Restarting your system is the major thing you can do to fix the issue. Just restart the system by pressing the restart button. This will clear all the glitches and releases some memory allowing your computer to start Windows 10 operating system fresh.

Also, it will kill all the bugs and small errors, after restarting your PC wait for some time to see if this works.

Clean your system

Dust and debris located on your system sometimes cause the issue, it can kill your hardware resulting in your system’s performance being low. Open up the cabinet carefully, use a microfibre cloth, Q tip, or anti-static brush to clean the hardware. Avoid blowing air by your mouth as the moisture can damage the electrical components.

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

Reset your hardware

Resetting hardware simply means that, dissembling and assembling the hardware parts such as RAM, GPU, CD-ROM, etc. BSOD is caused by system errors when some hardware is implanted incorrectly. Just disable this hardware carefully clean it and then assemble it again. Make sure you don’t damage any hardware and handle it carefully.

The following video will help you to reset your system hardware:

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Reseating your RAM, Video Card, and Hard Drive

Those are some basic fix methods you can perform. Now let’s see some actual methods that can actually help you to fix the error.

Perform Windows Memory Diagnostic

CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD error can be caused by a memory issue. By running Windows Memory Diagnostic you will get to know whether the current BSOD error is caused by memory or not, and if it does it will fix the error automatically.

Step 1: Press Windows + R key on your computer to open RUN.

Step 2: Type mdsched “ and press Enter.

Step 3: Windows Memory Diagnostic window will popup, here, you need to select Restart now and check for problems (Recommended).

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

Now, your system will analyze the issue it will take some time and then will restart once the process is finished. Windows Memory Diagnostic tool will automatically fix the issue.

If this process fails then reset your RAM as shown above in the attached video. Else, move onto the next method.

Update Windows 10

Firmware might be the culprit, you need to check if Windows 10 update is available for your system. This can fix the current BSOD issue.

Step 1: Press the Start key and open Settings.

Step 2: Go to Update & Security and then Windows Update.

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

Download and install the update if it’s available. Also, avoid using pirated Windows 10 copies, you can activate the Windows but stopped getting updates from Microsoft.

Rollback PC drivers

The issue of BSOD has started right after updating any hardware drivers. Then it’s obvious the issue is due to the driver update. Here, you need to roll back the drivers to see if this fixes the issue.

Step 1: Do a right-click on Start and open Device Manager.

Step 2: In the left sidebar, right-click on the driver that you want to roll back and select Properties.

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

Step 3: Select Driver from the upper tab menu, and select the Roll Back Driver option.

Step 4: Select Yes and the system will start to roll back the hardware driver, just restart your PC once finished.

Delete new software or app

Installed any new software or app recently? If yes, then the BSOD issue might be due to the new software or app. Just delete or uninstall the program to see if this fixes the BSOD issue.

Step 1: In the Start menu, type “Program and Features”.

Step 2: Look at the recent software or app and right-click on it and Uninstall.

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

Once the program has been uninstalled, restart your system.

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Boot your PC in Safe Mode

Safe Mode in Windows 10 is used to check whether default settings of the system including drivers aren’t causing the issue. If that’s the case, you will get to know by booting your system in Safe Mode.

Step 1: Go to the start menu, and open Settings.

Step 2: Visit Update & Security, and then select Recovery.

Step 3: Under Advanced Startup, select Restart Now.

Step 4: Your system will take you to the blue screen, where it says Choose an option. From there select Troubleshoot.

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

Step 5: Select Advanced option > Startup Settings and select Restart.

Bsod Error: Clock_watchdog_timeout In Windows 10 (fixed)

Step 6: Your PC will restart, select the 4th option from the list to open your system in Safe Mode.

See if the error appears in the Safe Mode, if not then assume that problem is not with default software and drivers.

Remove overclock settings

Overclocking is done to push the CPU performance to a certain level. But overdo can kill the processor resulting to cause CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD error. People prefer to use MSI Afterburner to overclock GPU, likewise different software is used to overclock CPU. So try reverting the overclocking to see if this works.

Reset BIOS

Resetting the BIOS of the motherboard can fix BSOD errors. Make sure to reset the BIOS of your motherboard back to default. Check if this works!

Disable C1-6 in Bios

People have reported that the CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD error has been fixed when they disabled the C1-6 setting in BIOS. Mind you, BIOS is built differently for the different motherboards. To disable C1-6 in BIOS for your motherboard, we are advised to check the motherboard manual accordingly.

Disable C1E and Intel SpeedStep in BIOS

Few users have noticed and reported that the CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error is caused by an unknown setting which is C1E and Intel SpeedStep in BIOS. Try to disable that setting in order to fix the error.

What if Nothing Works?

All troubleshooting methods mentioned above are valid fixes. At this point, the CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT BSOD error should be get fixed. If the issue still troubling you, then it’s time to take your PC to an expert to fix the issue.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! We are glad to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then, stay tuned for more info.

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