How to Control F on iPad? (PDF, Notes, Files, Safari, Chrome, etc)

Key Highlights
  • Control + F is always associated with searching for a text in a web page or PDF or document.
  • iPad is an incredibly powerful device and its big screen is great for reading (books or documents).
  • Here’s how you can Control F on your iPad to quickly find stuff that matters.

Apple is doing every bit it can to make its iPads as capable as their laptops. While these iPads are already coming with keyboard and mouse support, the latest version of iPadOS also has an option to search within the apps for matched text.

Users can search for a particular text on their iPad in apps like safari, chrome or inside a PDF or notes file as well. A lot of windows users have recently started using iPads and if you are one of them, then you must be looking for the Ctrl button on the keyboard.

This is a tutorial on how to use Control F on iPads inside apps like files, Safari, Chrome etc.

Control F iPad

If you have a physical keyboard attached to your iPad, be it the official magic keyboard or any other third-party keyboard, then all you need to do is look for the search and find function button that works the same way as the Ctrl+ F works on the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

How to Control F on iPad PDF Notes Files Safari Chrome etc1

Command+F on iPad is the equivalent to Control+F

Usually in Apple devices, the keyboard doesn’t have a Ctrl button, instead, they have a Command button. So, all you need to do is, use the command + F to find a text inside the app or anywhere instead of looking for the Ctrl button on the keyboard.

Command+F is CTRL+F Equivalent on iPad in Safari

Using safari on an iPad gives you an advantage over other apps. if you use Command+F on an iPad inside the safari app, it will instantly open the find on page and search matched text feature, this is similar to CTRL+F which we use on a Windows PC.

Command+F is CTRL+F Equivalent in Chrome for iPad

On the other hand, if you are using the google Chrome browser on your iPad then using the Command + F shortcut will bring up the search and find on page feature. Now, you can type the world for which you are looking and the browser will show if any texts match your searched text.

Command+F is CTRL+F Equivalent in Notes on iPad

The good news is that the search functionality also works on the Notes app of the iPad, so if you have some long texts saved in your notes, you can simply press command + F to search for a particular text.

Most iPad Apps Support Command+F for Finding / Searching

With app support for the iPad getting better and better every day, most iPad apps do support the Command + F keyboard shortcut to find and search within the apps. This makes using the iPad for managing documents a breeze.

What if you don’t use the iPad with a keyboard?

If you don’t use the iPad with a keyboard accessory, then you can use the search functionality of the device, but in a different way.

An iPad without a keyboard will bring in an on-screen keyboard, similar to what we see on smartphones. You can use the same action/sharing menu-based approach in order to find it on the page.

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