How to Cre­ate a Cus­tom Tem­plate in Notion (Step by Step Guide)

It’s nothing wrong to say that Notion comes under one of the world’s best productivity app. Looking at the sensation created in the market of note-taking application Notion do deserve all of it. Mind you, there are other note-taking applications available out there such as Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and more, but the way workspace Notion provides to its users is wonderful. Talking about the app interface, you will get to see a clean and soothing canvas with multiple features available in the sidebar located on the left side of the screen. However, you will only get to use only two themes in Notion that is light and dark.

In terms of features, Notion provides nearly endless possible options. You can add templates in Notion to get multiple limitless features. To enhance your workspace, and creating content at your fingertips, just add a particular template in Notion that will provide the required feature and you are good to go. Mind you, you can create your own template in Notion from the scratch, or either you can modify the same for your convenient use.

So make sure to follow the simple step-by-step guide of Creating a Custom Template in Notion that we have managed to prepared for you. Also, we have represented you how to edit or delete the template button, this will help you to edit, or make more new different templates at your fingertips. So without further delay, let’s get started.

create notion custom template

Why to Create A Custom Template in Notion?

Let’s start from the basic, this is the common query asked by Notion newb. Creating a custom template will not only help you to replicate the content combination, but also will help you to save more productivity time.

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Suppose, if you are assigned to create a meeting schedule for your esteemed company. Implementing to set up a meeting time, date, and location every time manually could be a frustrating task. In such cases, Notion templates come into the picture, just create the final custom template and you can add it anytime and rearrange accordingly in order to save your time.

Now you know the need of creating a custom template, let’s have a glance through how to create a custom template in Notion.

Steps to Create a Custom Template in Notion.

Here, we will create a custom template in Notion by using the template button. For clear demonstration purposes, we have added a Meeting Notes template on our Notion page. Now, we are going to make a template out of the Meeting Notes template itself in Notion. To do so, user’s need to do the following:

Step 1: Before starting to create a custom template in Notion, just add any template from the template gallery and then customize the template accordingly. As mentioned above, we have selected a Meeting Notes template.

How To Cre­ate A Cus­tom Tem­plate In Notion (step By Step Guide)

Step 2: Open a fresh new page in Notion, and give it the desired title.

Step 3: Now, type “/template” and you will be allowed to create a custom template button.

How To Cre­ate A Cus­tom Tem­plate In Notion (step By Step Guide)

Step 4: Once you have typed the command, Notion will summon the “Configuration template button” box on the current page.

How To Cre­ate A Cus­tom Tem­plate In Notion (step By Step Guide)

Step 5: Now, add desired name for the template button.

Step 6: Here, we will add blocks that will dublicate auto-matically whenever the button is cliked.

Step 7: Notion has set the “To-do” button by default, so tap on the six-dot menu and delete it.

How To Cre­ate A Cus­tom Tem­plate In Notion (step By Step Guide)

Step 8: Now, from the Notion sidebar, drag the template that you have selected earlier to the template button.

How To Cre­ate A Cus­tom Tem­plate In Notion (step By Step Guide)

Step 9: Click on the “close” button and your template button is all set to use.

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Now you can use this template on any page in Notion. These templates are easy and effective to use. You could save your productive time rather than downloading a separate app that will consume space on your device for the same use.

Likewise, you can create your own multiple templates and implant them on the Notion page wherever you go. There is a number of templates available in the Notion template gallery, my personal favorite templates are habit tracker, finance tracker, and vocabulary template because they are useful and very convenient to use.

How To Edit Or Delete Template Button

Now you know how to create a custom template, but if you wish to edit or delete the template, Notion will allow you to do so. Just click on the six-dot menu, a list of options will pop up, and just delete the template button.

How To Cre­ate A Cus­tom Tem­plate In Notion (step By Step Guide)

Mind you, if you choose to click delete, it will only remove the template button without affecting the template that you have created earlier.

How To Cre­ate A Cus­tom Tem­plate In Notion (step By Step Guide)

Alternately, just place the cursor on the template and click on the three-dot located at the end of the template button to summon the options list. You can rename, delete, or edit the template accordingly.


Honestly, I am using the Life Wiki template in Notion. It not only helps me to organize my work but also somehow motivates me to focus on the schedule that I have created on the template. I have seen people using the habit tracker template to break the point of bad habits. Notion is free to use individually so use the tool on the optimum level as there are no limitations while creating the content.

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That’s it for now, hope this helps! Let us know in the comment section below what idea you have to create the useful custom template in Notion. We will try it from our end, and if it’s helpful, we will be grateful for your support.

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