The 5 Best Digital Scale Apps for Android

One might find themselves at a loss when they need to weigh something and cannot find a necessary tool to do that. As technology advances, many apps have found their way to the android app store – Google Play. Another such creation is digital scaling apps made for android phones. Although their accuracy may not match the real scales, these apps are more than enough for basic scaling. These apps use the inbuilt accelerator of the mobile phone and help you get a rough estimate.

Following is a list of the apps meant for digital scaling.

Kitchen Scale

Using this scale, you will get an approximate weight contained in an area. The actual test for this type of scaling is within a circular area.

The 5 Best Digital Scale Apps For Android

Your device will display a circular region, and if you place your material, be it grains of salt or uncooked rice, it will display the approximate weight that can be contained in that region.

The accuracy of the weight displayed can be related to that of an actual scale.

Additionally, depending on the display, be it 720p or 1080p, the weighing approximations may differ. This is a handy app for measuring small quantities.

Scale Estimator

This type of estimator will give you an approximate weight and requires you to have a plastic bag or a coin to undergo the procedure of weighing.

The maximum you can weigh is up to 100 grams. The plastic bag has to be pumped with air; the device has to be balanced on it.

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After that, add a coin on top of it, on top of which you have to place the object you want to weigh. The app uses the phone’s proximity sensors, and the weight is calculated based on changes in the proximity levels.

Precision Digital Scale

You have to place the object on the screen of your phone directly.

However, one must be cautious about not cracking the phone display under the weight of the object. The measurements made by this app can be approximate, if not accurate.

It utilizes its accelerometer that lets you weigh any object just by placing it on the top of your phone or tablet.

Its measurement accuracy is based upon how you use the scale, so for using it effectively, you should lay the objects as delicately as possible on the device.

Working Scale-free

This app uses the inbuilt sensors of the phone and can measure between 5 grams to 100 grams. Once one uses the scale, they always have the option to calibrate it using another scale that shows accuracy.

It utilizes the sensors of your phone for measuring the mass (or weight) of a small object placed on it. The minimum mass of around 5 grams can be measured by this Digital Scale App for Android. For the best results, you should measure the masses between 10 and 100 grams.

With the help of Working Scale-free, you can track the changing angle of your device, as it comprises in-built motion sensors.

3 Grams of Digital Scales App

It works in the relative weight principle and can measure the weight of 3 similar apps using the inbuilt sensors of the phone.

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Firstly, you have to balance and weigh your phone, and then you can measure the weight of many objects. This is one of the best Digital Scale Apps for Android that can weigh in grams with utmost accuracy and effectiveness.

It comprises in-built tilt sensors for calculating the weights of different objects. You can also use the camera of your phones for weighing large objects.

Wrapping up!

All the above apps require you to position your phone first and then go about the weighing procedure.

They show the closest possible value of the weights and are not accurate. However, they are good enough to weigh minute objects and have an approximate number when you do not have any other alternative.

The working of these apps depends upon the accelerator of the phone and hence, they give an approximate weight. There is no best amongst these, but all of the apps work quite fine for android phones for measuring weight.

All the apps mentioned above work on android phones and are functional.

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