Download Meizu Flyme OS 8 Live Wallpapers


Live wallpapers are one of the unique features of the Android operating system. Even though iOS has kinda started to provide something similar, it is still not quite close to what Android has to offer.

Despite the fact that Live wallpapers are not very battery-friendly, Android users still adore this aspect of Android. We all remember the frenzy around the MIUI 12 “Super Wallpapers” when it was unveiled. It is cool to what developers can do with the concept of the Live wallpapers.

XDA Recognized Developer linuxct is well known for porting OEM software-specific apps to all Android device. The MIUI 12 Live Wallpapers is also the work of him and now, he has come up with another port of live wallpapers: the FlymeOS 8 Live Wallpapers.

Download Meizu Flyme Os 8 Live Wallpapers
Source: XDA

You can download the FlymeOS 8 Live Wallpapers APK for all Android devices from here: Download

The FlymOS 8 Live Wallpaper port works on all Android devices and you don’t even need to have root for this work.

You can simply download the APK file and install it normally as would install any other APK. After installing, you can select and apply the live wallpapers from the live wallpapers menu that you get when you long-press home screen > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers.

Source: XDA

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