[Fix] Fire TV Stick Not Rec­og­nized by TV

The way we consume content has changed a lot over the recent years. One such big change in recent years happened with streaming stick which helped turn almost any old TV into a smart TV. And just like any consumer tech, problem are bound to happen. Sometimes the problems are small and then other times, you straight up want to give up on life. For example, what happens when your TV doesn’t even recognize the Fire TV Stick in first place? I get it; I’ve been there. If you are like me, here are a few things that will help you troubleshoot and fix Fire TV stick not getting recognized by your TV.

1. Check Fire TV Stick Power Source

This might sound so simple and basic, but this is one of the most common reasons that is overlooked by many users. If the Fire TV Stick does not get proper power supply, then it would not get switched-on. In such a scenario, the stick would not get recognized by your TV at all.

Make sure the power source of the Fire TV Stick is plugged into a Electric socket and not connected to you TV. The power required by Fire TV Stick cannot be supplied by your TV. Make sure the power socket is functioning properly.

[fix] Fire Tv Stick Not Rec­og­nized By Tv

2. Check the Accessories

If the power socket is not the problem, then it is time to shift our attention towards the accessories that help power your Fire TV Stick. Make sure that both ends of the cable is properly plugged into the wall brick and Fire TV Stick. If you still can’t get your Fire TV Stick to turn on, then try replacing the cable altogether to see if the problem is actually with the cable.

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3. Check the HDMI Port

If the TV still doesn’t recognize the Fire TV Stick, even after making sure that the power is properly flowing to it, then it is time we checked the HDMI port in the TV. Make sure the stick is properly plugged into the HDMI port. The stick wouldn’t work even if it is 90% inserted. Make sure it is in – all the way. At this point, if it doesn’t work, I would suggest you try inserting the stick in an alternative HDMI port (may be even in a different TV). This way we make sure that HDMI port is not the one with the issue.

4. Use a HDMI Extender

The official recommendation from Amazon is to make use of a HDMI Extender. Even though you can directly plugin the stick on to your TV, the HDMI Extender is recommended. In addition to helping you properly plugin the device on your TV, it also helps improve remove performance and Wi-Fi Connectivity.

5. Select Proper Input Source

This is another most common oversights while connecting the Fire TV Stick to a TV. Some TV’s come with more than one HDMI port. And if you have connected your Amazon Fire TV Stick to HDMI1 and have selected HDMI2 or HDMI3 on your TV, then the TV would show that the Fire TV Stick is not plugged in. Make sure the HDMI port you have inserted the stick and the one you have selected as source in your TV are both one and the same.

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6. Check HDMI Compatibility

The HDMI ports on TV are rated based on what resolutions and refresh rates they can support. The HDMI ports in older TV’s may have trouble properly interacting with the Fire TV Sticks. In order to use Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K, your TV’s HDMI port must be capable of handling at least Full HD or HD content at 50Hz or 60Hz refresh rate. We have seen reports from many users who tried to use it on older TVs.

If you are using an older TV, then you might want to dig up the TV manual to see what resolutions and refresh rates your HDMI port can handle. If it is indeed the problem with your TV’s HDMI port, then there is no other solution but to upgrade to a newer TV with a HDMI port that supports Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What Next?

If you have tried everything and none of the above options work out for you, then I recommend you to contact Amazon Support directly. If the problem is not with your TV, then it is probably faulty hardware on the Fire TV Stick. Amazon support should be able to help you if you have ran out of options to fix this issue.

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