How to Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working, Stuck in Headphones Mode

Having better optimization on the device does not mean that it won’t have any problems, and iDevices are no exception. This time the issue is related to iPhone speakers you won’t get any sound or the speakers won’t respond. It will only sound out of paired plugged-in headphones.

Your iPhone is stuck in a kind of “headphone mode”, your iDevice unknowingly acts as there are headphones or headsets plugged in. If you’re victimized with the same consequences, just follow the guide that we’ve managed to provide you to fix iPhone speakers not working issue, or stuck in headphone mode.

Speaker of iPhone No Working?

If your iPhone speakers are not responding or producing any sound, here are some tips mentioned below that you can perform.

How To Fix Iphone Speaker Not Working, Stuck In Headphones Mode

Tip 1: You might have accidentally turned on the iPhone Mute switch, move the switch that orange is not showing up.

How To Fix Iphone Speaker Not Working, Stuck In Headphones Mode

Tip 2: Check that Do Not Disturb is on, for that visit Settings > Do Not Disturb and ensure that Do Not Disturb is off.

Tip 3: Turn the volume on max using the side buttons, or you could just go to Settings > Sounds > Ringer and Alerts Slider, try adjusting the volume with the sidebar in Control Center.

Tip 4: Ensure that Settings > Sounds > Change with Buttons is toggled on.

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Tip 5: Ensure that AirPlay is not sending your audio to another source.

Tip 6: Visit Settings > Bluetooth and turn off bluetooth.

Try A Bluetooth Speaker

If there’s no sound from the iPhone’s speaker, then try to use a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones, and then disconnect it. Now, check if the headphone stuck mode issue is resolved.

Check Some Settings

Tucked Away located in Accessibility which is known as “Call Audio Routing”. This setting will allow you to know where you hear audio coming from during the phone calls and FaceTime calls, just visit Settings > General > Acessiblity scroll down, and find “Interaction”. Now, scroll down find and tap on Call Audio Routing, make sure it has set to “Automatic”.

How To Fix Iphone Speaker Not Working, Stuck In Headphones Mode

If the issue still tends to exists, try setting it to Speaker, this should help in iPhone unstuck from headphone mode.

Record a Sound

This has helped many iPhone users, they’ve resolved the headphone stuck mode issue after performing audio recording on the device. You can also try out recording a video to check if this works.

Try to play a Music

Some iPhone users have reported that playing music on any respective music application worked for them. Plug the headphones, open the music app and play any song. Let the iPhone lick the screen automatically, then unlock your phone, and close the app completely. Now, repeat the same process without plugging the headphones.

Try everything including YouTube, keep the devie volume on max and see if this works.

Reset your iPhone and BackUp

Resetting the iPhone worked for many users. First, restart the iPhone, if this doesn’t solve the issue, it’s time to perform a complete reset on your device. Also, one effective way is manually backing up the iDevice using iCloud, it has worked for few users.

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What if Nothing Works?

If the solutions mentioned above won’t work for you, then it’s time to contact Apple support or you can just visit the nearest Apple Store. It is possible that your iPhone is under the hardware problem, and that might be the culprit behind the scene.

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