MacBook Stuck on Apple Logo and Won’t Boot Issue? Try these steps.

MacBook is one of the successful products designed by Apple Inc, that use the Apple macOS system. The MacBook lineup arrived by merging the PowerBook and iBook. No dought that the machine is amazing, but as the time passess every devoce is slugish and somewhere does malfunction.

A copious amount of Mac users are facing issues with their MacBook, the machine is just stuck on the Apple logo, or the system just doesn’t start and stuck in a boot loop. However, boot failures sometimes gives serious problems and it indicates that there’s something wrong with your system’s hardware. Here’s how to get rid of that issue, make sure to read the article till the end. Without further ado, let get started.

Create a Backup

If you’ve already had backup, you don’t have to worry because you have already secured the data. If you don’t, then try to backup your data before performing anything else. Here’s how to do that:

Macbook Stuck On Apple Logo And Won’t Boot Issue? Try These Steps.

Backup using Mac’s recovery partition

Macbook Stuck On Apple Logo And Won’t Boot Issue? Try These Steps.

Step 1: Press Command + R keys, to boot in to Mac’s Recovery partition.

Step 2: Now, macOS Utilities will show up, here, choose to sleelct Disk Utility.

Step 3: Follow on-screen instruction to backup the data to an external hard disk.

Backup using by Target Disk Mode

If you have both macs or if you borrow from your friend for a while, that have FireWire or Thunderbolt ports. Just connect them and one of the systems will appear as an external hard disk known as Target Disk Mode. You can only do this process by Thunderbolt or Firewire and not by any USB stick or other option.

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Shut Down your MacBook

The major thing you can do is to turn off the system, disconnect every peripheral that is connected to the system except those which help the system to boot. If your MacBook has enough charge then remove the charger too to see if the thing works.

If your MacBook boots normally, then assume that the peripheral connected to the MacBook was creating the problem.

Repair Hard Drive

Another thing you can perform is trying to repair your hard drive via Disk Utility and First Aid. Just turn off your system, pressing Command + R together and powering on will boot your MacBook in Recovery Mode. then tap on Disk Utilities and First Aid.

Macbook Stuck On Apple Logo And Won’t Boot Issue? Try These Steps.

Access the Start-Up Manager

You can choose which startup disk to boot from by pressing Option + Power Keys together to start your MacBook. You may have to enter the password if you’ve kept one.

Macbook Stuck On Apple Logo And Won’t Boot Issue? Try These Steps.

Try Internet Recovery

In case, if your recovery partition isn’t working, you can try Internet Recovery which will remotely load recovery from Apple’s Servers. You can do the process manually from macOS or OSX Recovery from the Internet.

Step 1: Press and hold Option – Command – R or Shift – Command – R at the startip of the system.

Step 2: Visit Disk Utilities once screen appears macOS or OS X Utilities.

Step 3: Tap on First Aid and Repair Disk button.

Step 4: Some issues might be might appears, keep doing this until it issue gets resolve. It might indicate that there’s something wrong with the hard drive and you should try to replace it.

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Run Apple Hardware Diagnostics

Step 1: Remove all the external device excluding keyboard, moues, and display. Place your MacBook on hard and flat surface.

Step 2: Turn off the system.

Step 3: Turn on your MacBook, press and hold D key until Apple Hardware Test’s logo appears.

Step 4: Select the languge.

Step 5: For testing, press T > select “Perform extended testing” to run more deep testing. Results will appear after testing, just restart to quit Apple Hardware Test.

Macbook Stuck On Apple Logo And Won’t Boot Issue? Try These Steps.

Leverage Terminal

This will force your MacBook to rebuild the file known as mbr_cache. It’s the cache file that helps to boot your Mac.

Step 1: Boot the system in Recovery Mode by pressing Command + R while turning on the system.

Step 2: Navigate to the Ulities menu located at the tip of the screem.

Step 3: Choose to select Terminal from the list.

Macbook Stuck On Apple Logo And Won’t Boot Issue? Try These Steps.

Step 4: Enter the following commands:

cd /Volumes/Macintosh HD/var/db/caches/opendirectory

mv ./mbr_cache ./mbr_cache-old

Step 5: Exit from the Terminal and Restart the system.

Note: The system will reboot slowly as the cache is rebuilding is under process.

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