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How To Make Concrete in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of those satisfying games, that everybody likes to play in their free time. Gradually, they have improved the game and added so many features that people are getting addicted to this game. If you are one of those playing Minecraft and is stuck and don’t know how to make concrete in Minecraft, this tutorial is just for you.

Concrete is basically a building material that is a good solid sturdy while being vibrant at the same time. It can enhance the overall look of the project by a mile. Another benefit of using concrete is that it comes in a wide variety of different colour options and like other materials, it isn’t combustible.

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How To Make Concrete in Minecraft

Since it is kind of a super material, the process of making it isn’t that easy. Several different ingredients would be required for you to make the concrete material. To be precise you would be needing gravel, sand and dye of your choice, whichever colour you want. Some of the colour options that Minecraft provides are white, grey, green, yellow, cyan, light blue, magenta, black and pink. You can achieve these colouring schemes by trading, smelting or crafting depending on you.

Once all of the ingredients are ready, you can start the process of making your concrete. The process of making concrete isn’t that complicated, you just need to follow the below tutorial.

  1. The very first step would be to create the concrete powder. To make the concrete powder you first need to open your crafting table.
  2. Now, inside the crafting grid, you have to combine a few ingredients like combine one dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks. You don’t need to follow any sequence of combining the ingredients like other recipes while making concrete powder sequence doesn’t matter.
  3. As soon as you have finished combining the elements, you will be having the concrete powder ready with you. Now, to turn it into the concrete solution you need to add water to the concrete powder. You can use the flowing water or a source block.
  4. Depending on you, you can either place the concrete powder next to the water source or drop the powder into the water. Once the concrete powder comes in contact with water it will harden itself with time and will become concrete. Also, don’t forget to mine your concrete block with a Pickaxe, otherwise, it will be gone forever and you will have to start the process again.

How To Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft?

To make concrete you need to have concrete powder, it is the main ingredient. if you don’t have a concrete powder you simply cannot make concrete. Hence you first need to make the concrete powder by combining the ingredients, follow through this quick guide below to make the concrete powder.

  1. First, you need to launch the crafting menu.Concrete powder
  2. Now, put one dye, four sand blocks and four gravel blocks into the grid.
  3. That’s it, the concrete powder will appear on the screen, you need to place it in your inventory and then you are all done.

How To Make Concrete Blocks in Minecraft

If you want to make a concrete block, there are different methods for different coloured concrete blocks, so in this tutorial, we will show you how to make a red concrete block, you can follow the same method to make any other colour concrete block.

  1. Inside the game open the crafting menu.crafting
  2. Now, take one poppy and convert it into a red dye by using the crafting grid. Next, you have to place the red dye into your inventory.
  3. Open the crafting grid once again.
  4. In the next step you need to combine the red dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks in any order. Then you have to transfer the concrete powder to your inventory.
  5. Once added to the inventory, put the concrete powder block in your hand and then place it on the ground anywhere in the open.concrete ground
  6. Now, take a bucket of water and pour the water over the whole concrete powder block.
  7. The concrete powder block will turn into a red concrete block.

How To Make Concrete in Minecraft Fast

If you are running short of time or if you are lazy and want a shorter method of making concrete, then here is how you can make the concrete in half the time of the tutorial mentioned above.

  1. Stack Some concrete powder blocks.
  2. Add water next to it.
  3. Now, you need to break the blocks, which will turn the blocks into powder and it will fall into the water and will turn into concrete faster.

How To Make Concrete in Minecraft Survival

Production of concrete on Minecraft Survival is more or less the same way as we make in the original Minecraft. Anyway, below we have a tutorial to make concrete in Minecraft Survival.

  1. In the Minecraft survival, start with the crafting menu and then mix one grey dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks.
  2. Now the grey concrete powder has been crafter add it to the inventory.
  3. Next, place the grey concrete powder on the ground from the inventory.
  4. Simply use a water bucket on the powder to get grey concrete from the concrete powder.

How To make Concrete Slab in Minecraft

As of now, there is no way to make a Concrete slab in Minecraft as the game doesn’t allow to make concrete slabs. At present, the latest version of Minecraft only allows building concrete blocks. When it comes to slabs there are a bunch of different options available, we have listed some of the options below.

  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Acacia
  • Birch
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone

How To Make Concrete in Minecraft 1.14

One of the quickest ways to make concrete in Minecraft 1.14 is to use the command line. For instance, users can spawn a great concrete block on a PC or Mac, simply they will have to enter the command /give @p grey_concrete 1.

As soon as you will enter the command, you will get the block of grey concrete.

How To Make White Concrete in Minecraft

If you are planning to make white concrete on your Minecraft project, then follow the tutorial below to produce white concrete.

  1. First, you need to open the crafting menu.
  2. Now, you need to add one lily of the valley or one bone meal to the grid.
  3. Next, you have to move the white dye into your inventory as soon as it appears.
  4. That’s it further you can make the concrete using the concrete powder block by following the methods mentioned below.
    1. Simply go to the crafting menu and then combine one white dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks.
    2. Once you will combine the above-mentioned materials, it will create a block of white concrete powder and will be added to your inventory.craft2
    3. Select the block of concrete powder and put it on the ground, now select a bucket of water and pour it to the ground where the block of concrete powder is kept. It will convert the concrete powder block into a concrete block.

How To Make Black Concrete in Minecraft

If you want to make a black concrete block in Minecraft, then it is as easy as making other blocks, just follow through the tutorial below and at the end of it, you will be having black concrete for your project.

  1. As usual first you need to enter into the crafting menu and then add one wither rose or one ink sac into the crafting box.
  2. Now add the black dye into your inventory.
  3. Open the crafting grid once again and then combine the black dye with four gravel blocks and four sand blocks.
  4. As soon as you are finished combining the materials above, you will have a concrete powder block, add it to the inventory then put it to the ground and add water to get a concrete block out of it.

How Do You Make Concrete in Minecraft Survival?

Making concrete in Minecraft survival works the same way as it works for the other versions of the game.

  1. Add one dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks into the crafting menu.
  2. With this, you will obtain a concrete powder block, put the block to the ground
  3. Pour a bucket of water to the ground where you have kept the concrete powder block, it will transform into a concrete block.

How Do You Turn Concrete Powder into Concrete?

To convert a concrete powder block into a concrete block, all you have to do is add some water to the concrete powder block and it will automatically transform into a concrete block.

How Do I Get Concrete in Minecraft?

The only way through which you can get concrete in Minecraft is through crafting. You have to create a concrete powder from the crafting and then you can convert it into a block of concrete by adding some water to it.

What Are The Different Types of Cement Blocks?

There are a total of 16 different types of concrete powder. Don’t get confused, Minecraft uses concrete powder blocks to determine cement blocks. There are different colour options to choose from for instance you can craft purple, red, blue, or even lime concrete powder blocks.

Where Can You Find Concrete in Minecraft?

You cannot find concrete in your surroundings. Instead, you have to produce it by crafting concrete powder and then adding water to it. Concrete will be made at the same place where you put the concrete powder block.

Showcase Your Building Prowess

Concrete blocks are the basic building component of Minecraft. if you learn the skill of producing concrete blocks, you will be having a variety of different construction options with different designs and colours to choose from. Using the concrete block you can build attractive roofs and towers. You just need to focus on mining the right ingredient and the rest of the process is an easy go.

Let us know after learning how to make concrete blocks in Minecraft, what other buildings you have constructed using which dye and what colours in the comment section below.

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