Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps for Android

With the advent of technology, many comforts have reached the people right into their Android Phones. For busy professionals, who squeeze time to go for a walk or a run, and even for regular gym-going individuals, a pedometer is a must because it helps them keep track of how far they go each day. Tracking their progress makes them want to do better each day. There are pedometer apps now made exclusively for Android users that they can use with just some taps.

The following are the apps one can use to look for effective pedometers right on their Android phones.

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Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android

Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

This app can measure your steps, pace of activity, etc. It can even readjust the goals as per your fitness pace and time you can actively put into working out. Key features that make it one of the best Pedometer Apps for Android are-

Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • It lets you track your workouts from your phone or watch
  • You can easily monitor your goals
  • It has collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) for bringing you Heart Points that can help improve your health
  • You can make all your movements count with this
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adidas Running App by Runtastic – Run Tracker

You can personalize goals using this app. It will track your record and, along with that, will give you a report of your recent statistics. Some of the features of this Pedometer app are-

Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • It lets you do easy tracking in real-time with built-in GPS
  • It will provide you all your stats and your progress in one place
  • With this one, you can customize the dashboard to your needs
  • It offers you audio feedback from the Voice Coach in the running app
  • You will enjoy LIVE Tracking & Cheering

Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

This is a basic minimalistic app that measures your footsteps only. It represents your progress in the form of graphs. It is available for free on the app store. Notable highlights of this Pedometer app are-

Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • It is the best weight loss app for you
  • It is also top-notch as a walking app and walking tracker
  • It is the best pedometer for walking that has a calorie burner
  • You will get colorful themes, backups, and restore data features

Pedometer – Step Counter 

It has a user-friendly interface, with a switch for a start and stop. It counts your steps in the most basic way and shows you the distance you have finished. The key feature set of this pedometer app are-

Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • With this, you will enjoy walking and strolling together
  • It is an easy-to-use Pedometer that can automatically record the number of steps, distance, calories consumed, walking time, and speeds
  • You can use its Standard mode when you want to accurately count the number of steps
  • It can accurately count the number of steps
  • It is Completely Free and Power Saving Pedometer

Pacer Pedometer: Walking, Running, Step Challenges

This is a very easy-to-use app. The app keeps track of the steps you have taken, distance covered, and the calories you have burnt. As one of the best Pedometer apps, it offers complete fitness and steps tracking. Some of the key features are-

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Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • It has an in-built pedometer that will track your steps as you walk
  • Its  step counter works whether your phone is in your hand, purse, or pocket
  • You can use it to count steps, distance, calories, and active time
  • It includes a GPS activity tracker for tracking outdoor fitness activities on a map
  • It works with MyFitnessPal and Fitbit quite adeptly
  • All its tracking features are free
  • It offers amazing fitness plans

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

There are different stopwatch modes available in this app. There will be audio cues and challenges set for you as per your pace each day while you walk or run. Choosing this pedometer app will let you enjoy features like-

Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • It will let you track your pace and measure workout distance
  • Choose it to chart weight loss and crush training goals
  • You can use it to track your runs, bike rides walks, training workouts via the GPS in your Android Phone
  • It can  calculate running pace, route distance,  cycling speed, elevation, and calorie burn for any fitness activity
  • It will let you find and follow pre-planned routes and map your run or walk on the go
  • You can easily sync with the best fitness apps you’re all ready using for nutrition, weight,  sleep monitoring, step tracking, calorie counting, etc.
  • It lets you set fitness goals and track your progress over time

Zombies, Run! (Free)

This is a unique app. It motivates walking or running more because there is a story that is being played in the background. With detailed statistics, this is a fun app to install. An important highlight of Zombies, Run are-

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  • By opting for this, you will join 5 million runners on an epic adventure
  • It will let you hear every guttural breath and every rattling groan
  • It is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman
  • It offers an immersive audio drama that puts  you at the center of your very own zombie adventure story

Walk with Map My Walk

In addition to counting your fitness progress, this app helps you share your progress report with apps that can help personalize a healthy diet regime for you. Important highlights of this app are-

Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • Customizable training plans
  • Personalized coaching tips
  • Workout routine
  • Healthy at home challenge
  • Lets you connect with apps and wearables
  • You can easily track and map your workouts

Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker

This app boasts of a lot of features. It has a GPS tracker, calorie counter, etc., fixed with robust features; this app helps make a p[progress report to motivate you each time. Key highlights that make it one of the best pedometer apps for Android are-

Top 9 Best Pedometer Apps For Android
  • Best calorie counter
  • Personalized weight loss plans
  • Best instant heart rate monitor
  • Multi-activity GPS tracker
  • Intense Video Workouts
  • Health charts and analysis


So, go on and try these pedometer apps the next time you go for a walk or a run. Looking at your statistics of calories burnt will motivate you further to work harder.

All of the pedometer apps work amazingly for Android and they play a key role in keeping you motivated by analyzing your progress report. So, opt for the best-suited pedometer for your Android phone.

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