• March 29, 2021 •

SELinux Switch App (APK & ZIP) – All Versions

Selinux Switch App

SELinux Switch


SELinux Switch App helps you change a devices SELinux State without having to permanently modify the boot script files of the device. It can change the SELinux mode from the default ‘Enforcing’ to ‘Permissive

Developer: ibuprophen

Last Updated: March 29, 2021

Latest Version: 7.1.3

Size: 700KB

Platform: Android

Available as: ZIP and APK

Here are some features of the SELinux Switch:

Download SELinux Switch

We have multiple versions of the SELinux Switch available for download. Please note that we recommend using the latest version of the tool. If you face any issues with the latest version, do give the other versions a try.

The app is available in both APK and ZIP formats. You can download whatever version that suits your needs. I personally use the APK.

SELinux Switch APK

SELinux Switch ZIP

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