How to Setup ADB and Fastboot on Mac

ADB and Fastboot are the bread and butter for anyone who wants to root and install customize their Android device. And they also come in handy in a variety of situations.

So, it is always a good idea to have ADB and Fastboot ready to go on your computer.

Now, if you own a Windows computer, then installing ADB and Fastboot is pretty straightforward. But on the other hand, if you own a mac, the process to install ADB and Fastboot is quite tricky.

Setup ADB and Fastboot on Mac

In this guide, I have laid out all the steps to install and setup ADB and Fastboot on your Mac.

Step 1. Create a folder named Android in any directory where you can access it easily.

Abd setup Mac 01

Step 2. Download Android SDK files from the this link: Download ADB and Fastboot Files for Mac

ADB setup Mac 02

Step 3. Extract/Unzip the downloaded Android SDK’s folder in the Android folder which you created.

Step 4. When it’s done now go in the Android folder > Tools > Double Click/ Run the file named “android” it will and UNIX executable file.

ADB setup Mac 03

Step 5. Once it opens then check mark the tools folder and make sure that the “Android SDK Tools” and “Android SDK Platform-tools” are to check marked. Then click on install and let the files be downloaded.

ADB setup Mac 04

Step 6. After it finishes downloading, go to the “platform-tools” folder inside your Android folder, then copy the files named “adb” and “fastboot” and paste them into the root of your Android folder.

ADB setup Mac 05

Let’s test if it is correctly installed or not:

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Step 7. Enable USB Debugging by

SettingsDeveloper Options > Click on USB Debugging button

Step 8. Now connect your Android device to PC. Open a Terminal window by

Applications > Utilities > Terminal

Step 9. Type “cd” followed by the path where you saved your Android folder. Here we have saved Android Folder to Desktop.

cd/Users/<Yourusername>/Desktop/Andoird and hit enter
ADB setup Mac 06

Step 10. Now type the command

./adb devices and hit enter
ADB setup Mac 08

It will show you the serial number of your device. If not, it doesn’t show up check the steps and try it once again.

ADB setup Mac 09

Done now you can use ADB and Fasboot but it is very annoying to use every time Cd/and path in terminal follow me to get rid of it.

Step 11. Now open Terminal and type

nano ~/.bash_profile
ADB setup Mac 10

Step 12. Add the line (cd/ path to the Android folder). We are using Desktop so, it should look like this command

export PATH=${PATH}:/Users/<yourusername>/Desktop/android
ADB setup Mac 11

Step 13. When you have added the line Press CTRL+X to exit, then Y to confirm the save then Press Enter. Now the nono window will be closed. Close the terminal also.

Step 14. Now let’s check if it is working or not type

adb devices

it will show you the serial number of your device and done.

ADB setup Mac 12

Done! ADB and Fastboot Tool have been successfully installed on your Mac.

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