Top 10 Best Third-Party Keyboards for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Do you get bored with the default keyboard interface of the iPhone or iPad? Honestly, I got, then I checked and found more alternative available to Apple’s native iOS keyboard for iPhones, iPads, and even iPods. Also, your keyboard experience depends upon your requirement and the features that you prefer to use. If you’re using a keyboard that lacks the features that you want, then you’re ruining the keyboard experience.

In this article, we’ve got you Top 10 Best Third-Party Keyboards iDevices. So make sure you read the article till the end that we’ve managed to prepared for you. Without further delay, let’s get started.

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Top 10 Best Third-party Keyboards For Idevices

How To Find a Perfect Keyboard?

It happens that we get involved in our daily routine that includes our iDevices. As a result, we don’t give much attention to the keyboard that we’re using, as we all get used to it. Just like phone usage, the kind of keyboard that we need varies from person to person.

Suppose, if you’re one of them who’s focused on not making any grammatical mistakes, then that feature could be different on every keyboard. But what’s really matters is your comfort using the keyboard, and whether you’re getting all the correct features accordingly.

Most of the keyboards already have basic features like emojis, copy-paste, auto-correction tool, etc. But, a keyboard must have all the features according to your requirement. It should feel comfortable and easy to use, in order to enhance the typing and keyboard experience. So it will come in handy wherever and whenever you use it.

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We’ve listed the best keyboard that might match your requirement and provide the exact feature that you’re looking for, so let’s head toward our main content.

Top 10 Best Third-Party Keyboards for iDevices

Here’re some top 10 third-party keyboards designed by different companies other than Apple.

1. Grammarly

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 9

If you’re like me who do grammatical errors or lose the spelling of certain words. Introducing Grammarly for you! It’s a completely free keyboard available to download on App Store.

Grammarly will not only check your grammar and spelling but also plagiarism, and more in real-time on a number of different platforms, including Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, and more.

2. Gboard

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 8

You will get to see Gboard on every Android device. In fact, if you’re one of them who is just switched to an iPhone from Android, then you can use Gboard for the familiar interface.

The keyboard includes Google Search integration, GIF search, voice-to-text feature, glide typing, and 3D touch. You can quickly delete multiple words, use the spacebar as a trackpad. Gboard is comfortable to use.

3. SwiftKey

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 7

SwiftKey successfully holds the title of the best keyboard for years. It’s a fast forward and advanced keyboard, you can also use the keyboard one-handed.

Swiftkey has a stunning word prediction feature, quick punctuation feature, and tons of themes available. If you want an advance and funky keyboard on your device, SwifKey is for you.

4. Blink Keyboard

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 6

If you’re one of them who have small hands and prefers to use small-sized phones like iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus. Then you can go for Blink Keyboard.

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Also, a single-handed person can use Blink Keyboard as it takes alphabets to one side of your screen. A keyboard with the good auto-correct features, the layout of portrait mode, Blink Keyboard is all you should have.

5. Flesky

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 5

If you’re a quick user who prefers to type fast without wasting much time, Flesky Keyboard will allow you to do that. Just type quickly the app will automatically correct the words for you.

No need to find GIF anywhere because, GIF search feature is present already.

6. Touchpal

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 9 1

When it comes to the keyboard, Touchpal stands out of the box. Touchpal comes with more hundreds of emojis, tons of themes, and supports the best accuracy while typing. Touchpal is an attractive keyboard.

7. Keymoji

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 4 1

There’re some people who always make the chat sessions fun, who prefer emojis over text to express their feelings. In short, whatever message you want to convey will be delivered in the form of emojis, they’re already ready-made emoji content available.

8. Go Keyboard

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 3

Go keyboard will allow you to do customizations as you prefer to have. You can make the keyboard smaller or larger. Not only this, it has the support of 40 languages worldwide.

9. Minuum

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 2

Minuum keyboard is for readers, who prefer to read the content and typing simultaneously. It’s perfect for small-sized phones but fits well on normal-sized phones too.

10. Themeboard

Top 10 Best Third Party Keyboards for iDevices 1

Themeboard will look exactly the way you want. It has features like auto-correct, auto-capitalize, suggestions, and supports multiple languages. It’s a simple keyboard with more customization options.

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That’s it for now, hope you’ve chosen you’re desired keyboard that has the feature that you’re were looking for.

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