Top 11 Best Unbiased News Sources Free from Censorship

If you like the news – listening to it, watching it, reading about it, sharing it online – it’s important to have good sources to fall back on, and have a great go-to- website that can help you find the best stories, from legitimate journalists, with no moral or political biases.

It’s not only your social responsibility to share correct news information online, but it’s important to most people to keep their reputation intact when sharing because there’s nothing worse than being that person who shares a fake news story as it will lead to your online connections to never trust you again!

It may seem easy to get the most accurate news information, but there are some people who have specific political or moral associations that motivate them to intentionally share fake news – and they don’t always make it obvious why a story might be fake. If you’re here to find out where to go for unbiased news, check out the 7+ sites we’ve found below.

unbiased news sources without censorship


The BBC has been around for years and is widely considered to be a legitimate place to obtain unbiased news. The BBC focuses more on world events from all over the globe and prides itself on objectivity, whilst attempting to report breaking news on every subject, as quickly as is possible to do, while still publishing accurate stories.

Unbiasted News Sources bbc

The British Broadcasting Corporation is now one of the largest news services worldwide. Funded by the British government, the BBC has earned a notable reputation for unbiased and accurate news reporting.

BBC came into existence starting on January 1, 1927, in Westminster, London. During the Second World War, after the suspension of television broadcasting, it was able to broadcast news worldwide, due to its advancement in shortwave radio technology.

In Europe, the BBC European Service gathers current events and useful information associated with the war in English, and its broadcasts play a notable role in the life and culture of the British, as they helped reunite the nation. BBC is also highly responsible for news coverage on its international channel.


Reuters is an international news organization and one of the largest news agencies worldwide. It is an unbiased and neutral news outlet with accurate reporting, and its news is written in a straightforward way. The organization has proven to be one of the most unbiased sources, according to organizations like the Media Bias Fact Check and AllSides.

Unbiasted News Sources Reuters

Founded in 1851 in London, Reuters expanded into the Far East in 1872 and South America in 1874. Reuters also did gather news of the erection of the Berlin Wall and was one of the first agencies to transmit financial data over oceans through computers in the 1960s.

The New York Times

The New York Times strives to maintain the highest standards of journalistic ethics and principles. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has won 125 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news outlet.

Unbiasted News Sources NewYorkTimes

As a daily American newspaper with a worldwide audience, it is separated into different categories such as politics, business, science, health, and more. Because of its excellence in journalism, the news broadcast has ranked 18th in the world, and third in the United States by circulation.

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Founded on September 18, 1851, in New York City, The New York Times published a Sunday edition, offering daily coverage of the American Civil War in 1861. Despite its office being attacked during the New York City draft riots, the newspaper’s influence grew after it switched from supporting Republican Party candidates to being more politically independent, yet analytical.

The New York Times started its digital production process around the 1980s, and is mainly not only focused on news within New York and the United States, but also focuses on international news too.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a daily British newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group in Manchester, England. This newspaper has an online edition and two international websites, such as Guardian US and Guardian Australia.

Scoring the highest for digital-content news, The Guardian’s paper-print edition was found to be one of the most trusted news sources in the UK.

Unbiasted News Sources The Guardian

Founded in 1821, The Guardian opposed slavery, supporting free trade during the period of slavery and the American Civil War. Decades ago, The Guardian has once been accused of bias toward the Israeli government policy and bias against the Palestinians.

In August 1959, the name of the newspaper was changed from The Manchester Guardian, and this change reflected the growing importance of international and national affairs in the newspaper. An important thing to note is, that it is mostly focused on news within the United Kingdom and consists of a variety of news worldwide as well.

CBS News

The CBS news audience is much more politically balanced than many other news outlets. Even when dealing with very controversial subjects, CBS News uses balanced and neutral language in its reporting. Article titles on the website are factual and reporting which include context as well as opinions from all sides of any debate.

Unbiasted News Sources CBS

The major owners of CBS News are parent companies ViacomCBS and National Amusements. ViacomCBS is now the world’s biggest media conglomerate, dominating the entertainment and news sectors alike. There is no clear evidence that this ownership structure has an impact on the news outlet’s media bias.

Associated Press

The Associated Press, a multinational non-profit news agency, was founded in 1846 and aims to stay true to its unincorporated nature, remaining free from bias.

Frequently using the “Inverted Pyramid (” method of journalism, the Associated Press reports on the general information related to a newsworthy event and gives the pertinent details without bias.

Many other news stations often re-share or re-publish their stories, then add more crucial details, often related to their own local area or political agenda.

Unbiasted News Sources Associated Press

The Associated Press is an American non-profit news agency, in which news reports are produced in English, Spanish, and Arabic. It has received 53 Pulitzer Prizes and has always been a clear and unbiased source of news journalism and reporting.

The Associated Press was founded in 1846 by five daily newspapers in New York City, transmitting news regarding the Mexican-American War. Beginning to distribute news to radio stations, it entered the broadcast field in 1942 and created its own radio network in 1974.

Though it mostly focuses on the United States, the organization also reports international news worldwide.

PBS News

PBS News is one of the few media outlets that remains free from serious accusations of bias. The stories they report also regard both sides of every issue. When reading quotes from politicians or other key figures, they provide all the important contexts.

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Context is an important part of balanced reporting, and PBS News does far better than most other media sources.

Unbiasted News Sources PBS

On PBS News, you will find news categories such as Politics, Health, World, Nation, Economy, and much more. It also features a Full Episodes section of all the news programs, a podcast section for the most popular audio news podcasts, and a live link at the top of the page for watching the latest, ongoing news programs.

Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is a nonprofit news organization that publishes both digitally and a weekly print edition, founded by the Church of Christ, Scientist. Although The Christian Science Monitor runs fewer stories, these stories are highly in-depth. It has gained a strong reputation, maintaining its independence from mainstream media corporations.

Unbiasted News Sources christian science monitor

The Christian Science Monitor was founded in 1908 in Boston, Massachusetts, and received opposition regarding the inclusion of a religion in its name, as the religious reference might push back a secular audience. In 1986, it started producing a current affairs television series, which was shown across the United States and won a Peabody Award for reports on Islamic fundamentalism.

Although it has its focuses mainly on US news, the international activities are also reported fair and square.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a well-known name that can often be very controversial. Like many organizations, it is often accused of bias, but in this case, the accusations of bias are in a right-leaning direction. Many would say that the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal are very conservative.

However, while there is some truth to this, the Wall Street Journal’s news is known for being quite accurate as far as newspapers go, and is still a trusted source of news throughout the country. Some people on the left have a small amount of distrust for it, but overall, it is a fairly trusted publication on both sides of the ideological spectrum.

Unbiasted News Sources the wall street journal

All in all, one should always be careful to read between the lines when reading political reporting or opinion pieces, but when it comes to the basic news itself, they are a reliable source.


While National Public Radio is usually featured on most lists of the least biased news outlets, it has been accused of left-leaning political bias due to a couple of its journalists. However, most of the others strongly adhere to the fundamentals of journalism, particularly accountability. 

Unbiasted News Sources NPR

In many instances, they’ll even correct stories or try to provide better balance on the stories where they get complaints or criticisms from the audience. There’s a wide range of news content on NRP, which has been divided into categories like Science, Politics, and Race & Culture. It also offers great podcasts and shows, as well as a Music section.

NPR stands for National Public Radio and is a non-profit that makes radio programming for hundreds of public radio stations around the United States. Over the years, like everything on the radio, they have seen their membership decline.

In many ways, they have struggled to keep their older audience and find a way to also bring in new, younger listeners. While people will always drive, and thus there will always be a captive audience for radio, much of NPR’s programming is often seen as rather outdated, and they are often accused of having a liberal bias as well.

This accusation of liberal bias is not too surprising, as the public service is often funded by those with a slightly more liberal-leaning, but the station itself has never been known to greatly exaggerate or mislead people for political reasons.

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Like many news services, when they get into opinions in terms of politics, bias is going to present itself. In this case, the bias is going to lean more in a liberal direction. However, this does not mean the news you are being told is untrue or even meant to mislead. Something can be completely true and still be told with an innate bias.

It is always important to be informed and read between the lines. However, in their defense, NPR has award-winning journalists, even some who have been killed in the line of duty bravely reporting on facts in war zones like Iraq.

And in a time when people are looking for more accurate, down-to-earth reporting, with as little bias as humanly possible, NPR has been one of the news organizations to see a recent rise in ratings.

The Economist

The Economist is a publication that has been around for more than 150 years, and despite having a fairly clear political stance in its editorials, has still always had a general air of trustworthiness about it.

The Economist is known for having a stance that is quite liberal and calls for a more global economy, a stance that a fairly large chunk of people is not particularly on board with. However, while their editorials do have a clear political tone, they are still known for being clear with the actual facts.

Unbiasted News Sources The Economist

In terms of reporting news, they are never known for being inaccurate. Part of the fact that they are considered so reliable may be the fact that they have worked hard to keep their editorial style more anonymous than other newspapers, so it seems more like the newspaper itself is speaking, instead of different personalities.

In a bizarre way, this almost helps keep the opinion pieces from becoming a spectacle and overshadowing the basic news reporting, something that has likely helped them remain above the fray when it comes to public trust.


With so many fake news sites out there and so much propaganda, it can be useful to go over those news sources best known for holding their standards to something more approaching real and honest journalism. A true journalist isn’t out to change your mind, but rather to tell you what is happening.

Just because some news sources may be more reliable than others, does not mean we should ever read the news blindly without thinking it through. All news stories should be put through the process of critical thinking and analyzed based on the context, and any possible biases – whether intentional or otherwise.

An important aspect of news reporting is that you have to have integrity in what you are showing to the public and shouldn’t just be working towards increasing your ratings. News resources that do that no longer have the faith and respect of the public, even if there is increased traffic on the sites and the channels.

Every news outlet on this list is known for their fact-checking and finding solutions to criticisms that they may get from the public. This has made them reliable and valued in the market. To close it, always remember that trusting every other aspect of the news is never a good idea.

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