How to use Apple Pay on Amazon on iPhone?

Key Highlights
  • The Amazon app for iPhone does not offer the Apple Pay option by default.
  • There are other ways to shop on Amazon using Apple Pay.

Apple pay is a payment system that is secured by Apple’s security and is available to use on Apple devices. Using Apple Pay you can pay to the POS terminals with the help of NFC and can even pay online.

Coming to online shopping, most of us use Amazon for shopping, so let’s find out if Apple pay is supported on Amazon Pay or not.

The best thing about Apple pay is you don’t need to carry your credit cards or remember the numbers; you can just use Apple pay and it is secured by face/touch ID.

Use Apple Pay on Amazon on iPhone

However, not all the stores and websites accept Apple Pay. Half of them is yet to accept the Apple pay interface payment. Speaking of Amazon, yes, they have started to accept digital wallet payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

But Amazon has left this to the vendors, so it is up to the vendors whether they want to accept Apple pay or not.

So, it can be a hit or miss for a lot of users, so here we have a workaround to use Amazon with Apple Pay easily.

How to use Apple Pay on Amazon using Amazon Gift Card

This is a great workaround if you are looking for a way to use Apple Pay to buy things on Amazon.

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Use Apple Pay with Amazon using Amazon Gift Card Dundle

You can buy an Amazon gift card using your Apple Pay and then use it to pay for stuff on Amazon. If you didn’t know, Amazon is not the only place where you can buy Amazon gift cards. There are other sites, for example, where you can buy Amazon Gift cards (though they charge a very small fee).

How To Use Apple Card on Amazon on an iPhone

A few years ago, Apple introduced the Apple card which integrates into your Apple Pay wallet. It is a simple credit card that can be used just like any other credit card assuming it is accepted wherever you go.

To use an Apple card on amazon, you need to first add it to your Amazon account as the payment option. Below is a quick tutorial on how to add Apple Card to your Amazon account as a payment method.

  1. Open the Amazon app on your iPhone.
    how to use apple pay on amazon
  2. Head to the account settings of the app by tapping on the account icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now, tap on Payments
  4. You will get an option to add cards inside the Wallets tab. Tap on the +Add button.
  5. Tap on Add a Credit or Debit Card option to start adding an Apple Pay card.
  6. Next, you will have to enter the Apple Pay card details like the card number, and expiry. If you don’t know the number of your card, you can head to the wallet app and then copy the card number and then return to the Amazon app to paste it.
    how to use apple pay on amazon1
  7. After you have added the card details to your Amazon account, you can select it as the default payment method by selecting the box next to Set as the default payment method.
  8. Tap on the Save button to save the card to your account and you will see a confirmation message that the payment method has been successfully added.
  9. Now, whenever you order something on Amazon and you have set Apple Pay as the default payment method, it will automatically bill your Apple card. If you haven’t set it as the default card then you can tap on the Payment information.
  10. From the list of cards, select the Apple Card and then tap on continue.
    how to use apple pay on amazon2
  11. Finally, you can complete the checkout process just like any other checkout process and you shall be able to use the Apple Pay card to pay for your Amazon shopping.
    how to use apple pay on amazon3
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How To Transfer Apple Cash to Bank

If by any chance you don’t have an Apple Card, then you can also transfer Apple cash to your bank account. So, after transferring your Apple cash to your account, you can use your account’s debit card to order anything from Amazon.

This can be the alternative method of shopping on amazon using the Apple Pay wallet indirectly.

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