How to unlike all tweets at once? (Delete Likes) (Script)

Have you ever taken a look at your liked tweets list and wanted to simple unlike every single tweet and start fresh? What if I said there is a really, really simple and easy way to do this? In this article, I will tell you how you can unlike all tweets in one go with the help of a simple script.

Why unlike all tweets in Twitter?

Twitter is an amazing tool and if you use it right, you can really meet some amazing people there. In Twitter, you can make money, hire people, get hired, learn to code, and much more.

When you had signed up for twitter and started using it, you might have used it for fun and nothing serious. But now, may be, you want to take your Twitter journey in a particular direction. And for that, you may need to clean twitter profile. Even though you might not have tweeted a lot, there are good chances that you would have liked a whole lot of tweets from the people you follow. I have seen people with 200,000 likes (that’s right).

How To Unlike All Tweets At Once (delete Likes) (script)

Even if you only have a few thousand likes, it will take forever to unlike (or unfavorite?) every single tweet manually. And that is why we are going to let a simple piece of code to take care of it.

Steps to unlike all tweets in one go

Step 1. Open Google Chrome from your computer (Windows or Mac or Linux – anything is fine).

Step 2. Go to twitter and login to your account.

Step 3. After logging in, click on Profile > Likes.

How To Unlike All Tweets At Once (script)

Step 4. Next, open Developer Mode: Right click anywhere on the page and select Inspect.

How To Unlike All Tweets At Once (script)

Step 5. Click on the ‘Console’ tab and copy paste the below code:

setInterval(() => {
  for (const d of document.querySelectorAll('div[data-testid="unlike"]')) {
  window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight)
}, 1000)
How To Unlike All Tweets At Once (script)

Step 6. After pasting the script, simply hit Enter (or Return, if you are using a Mac) and watch the magic happen!

That will be all. The script will automatically start unliking all the tweets from your profile. Depending on the number of tweets, it may take a while for everything to get unliked.

When I tried using this script, I noticed that it will stop after a period of time – say after unliking around 500 tweets? But there is no set interval.

I would suggest you to periodically check to see if the script is still running and if it’s not, simply refresh page once and re-do all the steps again.

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  1. Thanks, works well (about 500 likes at a time like you said). Though, I end up having to leave Twitter for a few mins to get it to start removing likes again; think Twitter’s API is rate limiting or something.


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