Why won’t Roblox update on My Mac?

Roblox is a popular game and is available on different gaming platforms including PC, Android, iOS, Xbox, and Mac. It is not just a game but a platform where people enjoy playing games developed by other individuals.

However, there are a number of issues that arise while updating Roblox over a Mac which prevent you from being able to play, which might be because of a Network connection or any other problems.

What are the reasons which lead to the failure to update Roblox on Mac?

To resolve the issue with the update of Roblox it’s necessary to first know about the reasons for the same. There might be multiple reasons why Roblox can’t be updated on your Mac and some of them are mentioned below.

Why wont Roblox update on My Mac
  • Your Mac device might not be compatible with Roblox.
  • Roblox servers are down.
  • The Roblox installer file is corrupt.
  • VPN or Firewall is blocking access to Roblox.

How to Fix the issue with the Update of Roblox on Mac

Below are multiple solutions you can try on to fix the issue with an update of Roblox over your mac however, take into consideration that you have to follow the trial and error method and try each solution individually and find out what solution is best suitable for you and your Mac Device.

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Restart your Mac

You can try to restart your Mac which would then fix the issue with updating Roblox, as restarting your Mac would clear up temporary issues and also the bugs that are causing issues while downloading the same. The best way to fix anything would be to reset the device.

Update your macOS

It is important to update your Mac if you want to run Roblox over it. Roblox needs macOS 10.6 or above to operate well. So, before you update Roblox make sure you update your macOS over your Mac device.

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Reset Roblox Settings

If you have made any changes to Roblox game settings, that might be the reason for causing an issue while updating, to fix it head to Library and go to Preferences then make sure you delete everything in the Roblox folder.

Disable Mac’s Firewall or VPN application

If you use VPN applications to hide your location or to get better connection servers, it also comes with a downfall of getting your apps blocked due to region lock or any network reliability issues. You can always disable the Mac’s Firewall or any VPN application you have been using which will then prevent the issue of updating Roblox.

Check your Internet Connection

It surely takes time to update Roblox as it is big in terms of size and has massive regular updates. You must make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is strong, as it might cause trouble in updating Roblox if you have a poor internet connection.

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Move Roblox from one Mac to another

You can download Roblox over a USB flash drive on one Mac and can transfer it to your Mac, the download Roblox file would be in .dmg format which can easily be moved using a USB flash drive to another Mac.

Delete and Redownload the installer

There is always a chance of a file being corrupted while it’s being downloaded, so it is better to delete the corrupt file and redownload it. This might solve your issue in most cases.

Use a different web browser

You can also use different web browsers if the one you normally use is having an issue while downloading the Roblox installer. Roblox is supported by Safari browser, but the chance of having issues while downloading any file is usual so you can try using a different web browser.

Launch Roblox from a web browser

If you are constantly displayed with a pop-up notification indicating ‘upgrade failed’ you can try logging in through your web browser rather than from the Roblox app. This will make sure that the latest version of Roblox has been installed on your Mac.

Contact Roblox Support

You can always contact Roblox Support anytime if you face any inconvenience regarding the game.

Once you are done with trying every possible solution mentioned above, and the issue is still not resolved, you should contact Roblox and send your Roblox account details along with the model’s name and version details of your Mac

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