Grim Dawn Best Builds of 2020

There are tons of build available for Grim Dawn and it is not easy job to curate the best ones. Before we get started, let us give you an idea of the criteria we have used to categorize the best Grim Dawn builds:

  • Survival: The build is relatively more survivable in most situations.
  • Maximum Damage: Has the ability for a high damage output potential.
  • Ability to tackle the sealed dungeons.
  • Enables the player to make it to later waves of Crucible or the Shattered Realm.
  • Have the potential to defeat secret god boss Mogdrogen with the right equipment (at level 85 – 100)

Now that we have got the ground rules clear, here are our picks for the best Grim Dawn Builds.

Bleeding Build

Bleeding Build is an absolute must as soon as you have reached the warder level of 100. USP of constant speeds on the trash and big bleeding sticks are some of the highlights of this build and will come in handy if that is what you are looking for. On the flipside, this build offers very little resistance to combats or attacks. You might want to consider that while selecting this build.

Grim Dawn Best Builds Of 2020

Death Knight

The Death Knight build is what you are looking for if you are thinking about pairing with other new classes. One the highlights of this build is that it makes sure that your character remains unscratched, that is, it doesn’t get inflicted with many attacks.

Grim Dawn Best Builds Of 2020
Dark Knight Grim Dawn Build

Most of the times, the attacks turn out to be downright cruel. Added to that, the fact that there are no standard leveling guides might make this not a very inviting build for some. When you do the math, this build’s pro easily outweigh the cons and we do recommend you to take a look at this build before making a decision.

Lightning Build

The Lightning Build is what we recommend for the beginners. Lightning build comes in handy for beginners especially if you are having a hard time getting hold of any handy hears during the gameplay. The first thing I like about this Build is that it goes for the warder rather than choosing the Elementalist. This may not seem like an important thing but I am pretty sure it will definitely appeal to a lot of users.

You would be wrong if you thought that that’s all the build has to offer. Here are a few other benefits of this:

  • Wartime.
  • Blitz.
  • Strong resistance.
  • Ability to reduce the overall impact of the damage.


When you talk about the best Grim Dawn builds, you just simply cannot ignore the Inquisitor Grim Dawn build. Just like the Lightning build which we saw before, this one also gets a lot of love from the newcomers. The sheer simplicity of this build makes it quite easy for the users to try out this build in the deadly combats. The one small downside of this build is that this build may not be quite useful in the later stages of the game.

Dervish (Oathkeeper + Nightblade)

If you are looking for a build with best offensive abilities, then Dervish is the one for you. In order to leverage the full potential of this build, you have to use the right skills and gears.

Grim Dawn Best Builds Of 2020
Dervish Grim Dawn Build

Here are some highlights of this build:

  • Impressive ability to dodge attacks.
  • Strong armor.
  • Great overall health.
  • Ability to sustain deadly attacks.

Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist

This build is meant for more experienced players and you might need to call this build during the latter stages of the game. It has the ability to manage tough and enduring challenges. The USP of “Dominating the Endgame” helps you incredibly during the difficult phases of the game. Then its ability to double the attack and improvise makes it an even lucrative option.

Ritualist (Shaman + Necromancer)

This build is considered as one of the best builds of all time for the experts. In the advanced stages of the game, you will face stronger enemies and bigger challenges, and this is exactly where you need to call up this build. Heavy armory and shield enables this build to handle the deadly attacks with ease.

This build should be your number one choice if you are playing the game in Ultimate mode. You may not need this build in the earlier, relatively easier stages of the game.

Grim Dawn Best Builds Of 2020
Ritualist Grim Dawn Build

The ability to carry out and sustain deadly attacks make this one of the strongest builds and this does help score an impressive rank. And if melee combat or pet summons is your thing, then you are going to like this build a lot.

Grim Dawn Best Builds Of 2020
Ritualist Grim Dawn Build

As Ritualist is a combination of Shaman + Necromancer, the skills of the latter definitely needs to be mentioned.

Shaman skills include:

  • 12 Brute Force,
  • 4 Ground Slam,
  • 10 Feral Hunger,
  • Primal Bond 12,
  • 16 Summon Briarthorn
  • 6 Conjure Primal Spirit.

Necromancer’s skills include:

  • 10 Reaping Strikes
  • 12 Necrotic Edge
  • 4 Call of the Grave
  • 1 Rotting Fumes
  • 12 Will of the Crypt
  • 16 Raised Skeletons
  • 12 Undead legion
  • A Blight Burst

The list above should speak for itself as to why it has earned a place in this list.

Vindicator Build

This build has equal amounts of pros and cons. To talk about the pros, Vindicator Build has the ability to switch to toad without any fuss and the ease of increasing its maximum charge.

Grim Dawn Best Builds Of 2020
Vindicator Grim Dawn Build

Before you add more to the charge, make sure to change its devotions. It is also important to note here that some players consider this one of the most challenging builds of all time.

Conjurer Summoner Build (Occultist + Shaman)

Conjurer Summoner Build comes in handy when you want to curse a plethora of monsters at one attempt. Pet monsters are one of the highlights of this build and come in very handy if you are eyeing on the loot. The pet monsters will take care of everything and you just gotta collect the loots from them at the end.

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