How To Get Prestige Points in League of Legends

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League of Legends is a very famous game, and most of us are addicted to the gameplay. The game offers a wide variety of points that can be spent on different types of cool items, features or skins. A few of the most desired ones where all of the users mostly spend their points are the gemstones, orange and blue essence. However, there is one more currency that completely stands out from the crowd, as it can unlock some of the unique and rare features of the game that is prestige points. If you have enough prestige points, then you will get access to prestige skins that can enhance the look of the characters in a unique way.

If you don’t know how to earn the prestige points, then don’t worry, in this post, we will be discussing how to earn maximum prestige points in League of Legends.

How To Get Prestige Points in League of Legends?

Let’s start with the basic method through which we can earn prestige points, in League of Legends the very basic method through which you can earn is through masterwork chest bundles. Not only the basic but this is the quickest method through which anyone can earn prestige points in the league of legends. To get your hands on this currency all you need to do is visit the shop and use your riot points (RP) to purchase the bundle and that’s it.

One masterwork chest will burn your 165 RP but it won’t get you the prestige points that easily. Instead, you have to get the masterwork chest in bulk only then you will be able to fetch some prestige points out of these, you will also be able to save some money to boot.

Below we have some masterwork chest bundles and along with their prices that you can straightaway buy from the Riot’s shop.

How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends
  • One masterwork chest, one key and one prestige point- 225 RP.
  • Five masterwork chests, five keys and six prestige points – 1125 RP.
  • 11 masterwork chests, 11 keys, and 13 prestige points – 2250 RP
How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends

As you are seeing the second and the third bundles are a bit on the expensive side when compared to the first one, but they are worth the RP since they provide a lot of benefits along with the prestige points the 2 later bundles also provides extra rewards on opening up the chests.

It may vary as to what the rewards these bundles will offer but they can have anything from gemstones to champion skins. This is why buying the expensive bundles are a great way to get your hands on the prestige points and as a bonus, you get other cool stuff for free with the bundle.

Alternatively, you can also get event passes to access even more prestige points. If you get an event pass for a season, you will get a lot of prestige points throughout the season. As the game league of legends organizes many different events that offer prizes including prestige points. To find these types of events you can head to the Missions section of the game which is usually located between the microphone and message symbol in your client.

On completion of these events, you will be getting prestige points and it is also one of the simple methods through which you can earn prestige points. Each one earns you tokens that can be saved once you win a game. Also, if you collect 2200 event tokens, which is pretty difficult, you can buy 100 prestige points. With those 100 prestige points, you can easily unlock a prestige skin of your choice.

How To Earn Prestige Points in the league of Legends?

There are several other methods as well through which you can earn prestige points in the League of legends. For starters, you can earn prestige points by completing milestones. But, on the flip side, these are not the milestones through which you can earn points that easily, these arent the general milestones which we achieve by reaching on higher honour or summoner level. Instead, these are different kinds of milestones, you will have to be involved in some event missions, only then you will be able to achieve these milestones, through which you will be able to earn prestige points.

If you purchase an event pass, you will also gain aces to a few exclusive rewards and missions. Those players who reach specific milestones while doing these missions can directly earn 25 prestige points for each event they complete. Also, if you by any chance complete a total of four events, you will be having enough prestige points that you will be able to unlock a new prestige skin.

The Fastest Way to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends

If you are looking for the fastest way through which you can earn prestige points in the league of legends, then you can earn through masterwork chest bundles. in the beginning, this was also the only method through which you can obtain prestige pints, but now we have several other methods as well. Below we have a guide through which you can go through and purchase masterwork chest bundles from Riot’s store, through which you will be able to earn prestige points.

How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends
  1. First, you need to start your league of Legends client.
  2. then, you can log in with your username and password.
  3. On the next screen, you can click on the store icon which is located in the upper part of the screen.
  4. here you need to find and click on the Loot section.How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends
  5. Now, go to the search box and simply type masterwork.
  6. Here you will be seeing masterwork chest bundles that will be ranging from 225, 1125 and 2250 RP respectively. You can click anyone whichever you want to go with and then press the button with the amount of RP written and it will be purchased and added.
How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends

How To Get Prestige Points From the Shop in League of Legends?

Unfortunately, Prestige points arent sold directly from the league of legends shop, You will have to either buy a masterwork chest or event bundles.

  1. Straightaway o[en you league of legends client and then login with your credentials.
  2. Now, press the store symbol.
  3. Next, you have to navigate to the loot sectionHow To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends
  4. You need to enter the prestige point in the search box. Also, make sure while you type that you use the singular form. Else, the 225 RP masterwork chest bundle won’t appear in the search result and you won’t be able to find it.
  5. Finally, buy one of the three masterwork chest bundles simply by clicking them and then completing your transaction successfully. If by any chance you don’t have enough RP, then you will first have to purchase some RP, so simply press the Purchase RP button and you will have some RP.
How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends

Alternatively, you can also buy one of the two event bundles. Currently, the Lunar Beasts event is running and the 2021 pass costs around 1650 RP. It has 25 prestige points, a Lunar beast Orb and a plethora of other cool items that will come as a bundle with the purchase. The second option which you have is to purchase the Lunar Beast 2021 pass Bundle. Including the 25 prestige points and the Lunar beast Fiora skin, it will also have some of the perks mentioned above.

How To use Prestige Points on Skins in League of Legends?

After you have finished collecting prestige points and you have enough that you can buy a skin. You can proceed ahead to the loot section where you can spend your prestige points to buy prestige skins.

How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends
  1. First, open the game League of Legends.
  2. Now, press the loot icon made in a hammer and rock shape.
  3. Next, navigate to the materials section and then click on the prestige point icon.
  4. Here, you can see all the skins which you can buy with your prestige points. Choose the one that fits your budget as well as looks good. Once you have decided on the skin press the Forge button. Repeat the step if you want to buy other skins as well.
How To Get Prestige Points In League Of Legends

Do Prestige Points Expire in League Of Legends?

Yes, the prestige points arent there with you permanently. The previous year developer’s of the game announced that prestige points will be retired in May or June in 2021. So, you need to start collecting your points as soon as possible to acquire covered prestige skin.

How Do You Get Prestige Points in 2021?

In 2021, there are two different ways through which you can earn prestige points. The very first method is also the fastest method to earn prestige points, all you have to do is, purchase the masterwork chest bundles, and you will earn prestige points along with that bundle. make sure you don’t purchase the single bundle, otherwise, you won’t be getting any prestige points. You have to purchase either three or more chest bundles to earn prestige points.

The second method is to gain prestige points is by completing the Lunar Beasts event. several different events are running under the Lunar Beast events, so the more vents you complete, the more prestige points you will earn. While completing each event you will get a specific amount of lunar beast tokens which will be saved under the loot section. You need to collect 2200 event tokens and you will be able to fetch 100 prestige points out of it.

How Do You get Prestige Points fast?

The easiest and fastest method through which you can earn prestige points is to purchase the masterwork chest bundles. You will be able to find them in the store section simply by typing in Prestige point. You will see the following bundles in the search result.

The 225 RP Masterwork Chest bundle – one prestige point

• The 1125 RP Masterwork Chest bundle – six prestige points

• The 2250 RP Masterwork Chest bundle – 13 prestige points

What Are Prestige Points In League of Legends?

Prestige points are a currency inside the League of legends game. each player can earn prestige points and use it to purchase certain different stuff like prestige skins. Unlike gemstones, prestige points can be earned quite easily, but you need to take care that you have enough RP.

However, prestige points cant be found directly in the store, you need to purchase the masterwork chest bundles to earn prestige points, alternatively, you can also earn prestige points by completing event missions which will fetch you event tokens.

Can You Get Prestige Skins in League of Legends?

Yes, you can get prestige skins in the league of Legends. All you need to do is collect enough prestige points that you can purchase prestige skins out of it. You need to have at least 100 prestige points to buy a skin. Once you have enough prestige points, you can head to the loot section to see what all prestige skins are available for purchase.

Get Your Hands on a Prestigious Reward

The Prestige skins are some of the best-looking skins available in the league of legends. So everyone has an eye on how to get one. This is why collecting prestige points and obtain enough points before the company retires them is pretty difficult. You need to work hard, to earn some prestige points, currently, the lunar beasts’ event running is one of the best shots that you can give to earn prestige points. You can also use your RP to get the desired skins and then show them off in your matches.

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