How to hide a photo on Mac?

We usually do take our privacy for granted until it’s actually invaded. Most people do have photos and videos on their devices that are private and would not be nice if they were seen by any other individual.

Despite that, people don’t take measures to hide those images located in their galleries which eventually gets them in trouble.

Your Mac is a personal device, and you should be able to keep your photos private from others. However, when you share your Mac with other users, privacy can become an issue. Make sure you know how to keep your photos hidden from people around you.

How to hide a photo on Mac

How to hide photos on your Mac using Photos App

Step 1 – Go to Photos App on your Mac and select the photos that you want to hide.

Screenshot 2022 12 16 142733

Step 2 – After you have selected the photos that you want to hide press the Right-click button and select Hide (number of photos you selected) photos.

Screenshot 2022 12 16 142715

Step 3 – Confirm by clicking the Hide button.

Screenshot 2022 12 16 142724
You can also hide your photos in your Photos App using shortcut keys.

After you have done selecting the photos you want to hide, press the Command and L keys simultaneously and confirm by clicking on the Hide button.

  • In case you want access to your hidden photos, Open the Photos App> Click on the View button located in the top left corner > Show Hidden Photo Album.
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How to unhide photos on your Mac using Photos App

Step 1 – Go to Photos App on your Mac and head to the View option on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2 – Click on Show Hidden Photo Album and Tap on Hidden located on the left menu in Photos. 

Screenshot 2022 12 16 142856 1

Step 3 – You will be asked for your Touch ID or Password to access your hidden photos.

Screenshot 2022 12 16 142911

Step 4- Once you are in, Click on the photos and tap on Unhide (number of photos you selected) Photos.

Screenshot 2022 12 16 143140

If you just want to view the hidden photos and don’t want to unhide them, make sure you only follow the 3 steps mentioned above.

How to hide photos folders on your Mac by using FileVault 2

FileVault 2 is also one of the great apps, as it will encrypt the entire system of your Mac. Once your Mac is turned on, you’ll have to enter the access code to unencrypt your drive to access your Mac.

FileVault 2 also allows you to have security to access your photos and other files which you feel are confidential and don’t want anyone to access who doesn’t have the access code. Follow the steps below to get started with FileVault.

Step 1 – Make sure you are logged in with macOS with an account that has admin privileges.

Step 2 – Head to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > FileVault.

Step 3 – Once you are in the FileVault tab, click on the padlock located at the lower left corner and enter your admin account details and password.

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Step 4 – Turn on FileVault and copy the recovery key and make sure you put it somewhere safe

Screenshot 2022 12 16 143230

Step 5 – The system will then reboot and your drive will be encrypted once you sign in later on.

  • Keep this in mind that when you encrypt for the first time, it could take hours fortunately, you can use your Mac during that time period.

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