How To Breed Turtles in Minecraft

As we all know Minecraft bedrock was released almost a decade ago. Now, it has added up to 3000 different fish species that includes bubble columns, drowned zombies and of course, sea turtles. So, why is this version of Minecraft so special? mostly, because of the added species, the player can actually breed sea turtles.

However, the release for this version has been available for everyone for almost a decade now. But some players still need assistance in learning how to breed sea turtles. So, in this post, we will be discussing how to breed sea turtles and then also discuss more this interesting virtual species.

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How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

How To Breed Turtles in Minecraft

So, before we dig deeper into the details about sea turtles in Minecraft, first let’s consider learning how exactly we need to approach breeding them. Well, there are two things that are necessary to breed sea turtles. Two members of the species and at least two seagrass items.

1. Find At Least Two Turtles

it is pretty obvious, that if you need to breed turtles, you will be needing two-parent turtles. Make sure you find some fully grown sea turtles, you can find at the beach biome location in Minecraft. To look for the sea turtles, you need to either walk along the beach or swim in the water, and hopefully, you will find some fully grown sea turtles, which can be used for breeding. Alternatively, you can use cheat codes, to spawn a turtle or spawn an egg, but that won’t be the right way of playing Minecraft.

How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

By now you must be knowing that you cannot pick a turtle and then take it to your desired location. In that case, you need to dig a hole in the sand for approx two turtles. If you leave them, then it won’t make the sea turtles mate, you will have to incentivize them, only then they will be able to mate for breeding.

2. Craft Shears

Another way through which you can get your hands on the seagrass and other various types of things, you will be needing the shears item. The shears item requires two iron Ingots which are usually made using Iron Ore. mining iron ore is pretty easy, you just need to mine iron Ore near the mountains in the game, and you will be able to mine the iron ore. do now that one iron ore will yield you one iron Ingot, so we need at least two iron Ores. Next, head to the furnace, then add some coal and iron ore to create an iron ingot. Simply, repeat the step one more time.

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How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

Once done, proceed to the crating menu and then you have to place one iron ore in the second box located at the top row of the 3×3 crafting grid. next, place the other iron ore in the first box of the second middle row. that’s it, now the craft shears.

3. Obtain Seagrass

Now, it’s time to obtain the seagrass, so we need to dive deep into the ocean biome location. The seagrass should always be located underwater near the shoreline. here you need to place the shears into your hand like you are holding any weapon or action item in Minecraft. Now you have to point the shears towards a bed of seagrass and use the shears to obtain the seagrass. make sure you have at least two of these.

How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

4.Feed the Sea Turtles

Head to the sea turtles and then select seagrass in the hot bar. Here, you have to feed each turtles with the seagrass. So try catching as many seagrasses as you can, for the sea turtles, try to catch at least one for each sea turtle. once, you have finished feeding both the turtles, the red hearts should display above them. Which will indicate that both the turtles have entered the love mode. You should notice after a while, the hearts will disappear. Then, one of the two sea turtles will start digging and then lay up to four eggs on the ground.

How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

5. Wait

That’s it, now you have to wait for the baby sea turtles to hatch. Also, do note that they will only hatch during the nighttime in the game. So, don’t just sit around waiting for them to hatch the eggs in the daylight. To grow a baby sea turtle into an adult, you will have to feed it at least ten seagrass items.

How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

Sea Turtle and Egg behaviour

Taling about the behaviour of sea turtles and eggs, they are passive Minecraft creatures. This means they won’t react or fight back when attacked or disturbed. The mentioned point is important to be noted, since, many times the sea turtles are attacked by different types of Minecraft creatures like the Zombies or Ravagers which can cause harm to them.

So, if you are planning to create a Sea Turtle farm, don’t forget to put some defensive measures in that area, to protect your sea turtles and eggs.

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As soon as you have finished laying the eggs, make sure that no other entity of Minecraft stands on that egg, as it is extremely brittle and break even if a small entity is kept on it. Also, it is very obvious though that, if you drop the egg, it will break. you must be very careful with the eggs. Not to mention, adult turtles can also break the eggs, so you need to keep the eggs safely tucked away.

Most of you might not know this, but the baby turtles are just 0.12 blocks, making it the smallest mob in the Minecraft game.

The sea turtles are pretty slow on dry land but are very fast when it comes to travelling underwater.

Do Minecraft turtles breed naturally?

No, the sea turtles in Minecraft doesn’t breed naturally, you need to feed seagrass in order to make them breed. Also, they won’t even look for the seagrass on its own and eat it, you need to especially collect seagrass and then feed the turtle in proximity to one another.

What are the steps to get turtles to breed themselves?

unfortunately, currently, there is no such way through which you can make a sea turtle breed itself, you have to manually feed the turtles seagrass.

How Do Turtles lay eggs in Minecraft?

The turtles in Minecraft lay eggs in a very interesting way. the pregnant turtle will dig up a hole in the sand and then will lay between one and four eggs. However, do note that each sea turtle has its own home. The home will be the place where it hatched. So, it obviously means that a turtle will lay eggs only at the beach where it hatched itself. So, don’t be surprised, if you see a turtle struggling to reach her beach home after it exits the love mode.

What can you do with turtles in Minecraft?

For starters, breeding turtles is very fun and mind refreshing experience in Minecraft. But breeding cannot be the only reason for turtles to exist in the game. So, the baby turtles grow to be adult turtles with time, and as soon as they become adult turtles, they will drop a scute. You will have to gather up to five scutes, and with that, you will be able to craft a turtle shell. this turtle shell can be put on and wear underwater to trigger water breathing perk.

Do note that turtle shells can also be used to craft a potion called Turtle master. using this potion, the player will get Slowness IV and Resistance IV.

The sea turtles in Minecraft do spawn, but you will have to wait until you get five baby turtles, which can be time-consuming. On the other hand, doing it all by yourself will be a better option and a faster and efficient way of getting the turtle shells to you.

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Where Do turtles Spawn in Minecraft?

Usually, turtles can be found in the Overworld, specifically at the beach/ocean biome location. Make sure that they don’t appear in the snowy variant of the area or on stone shores. Most of the time these turtles move in groups of around five, and out of which 10% of them are baby turtles. In Minecraft bedrock, approximately two to six-level seven or even higher turtles are spawned.

How long does it take for a turtle to lay eggs in Minecraft?

As soon as the female turtle has returned to its beach house, it will then start digging up a hole in the sand and then in a few seconds, you will see the turtle laying the eggs. usually, the whole laying process of eggs lasts around 10 – 30 seconds. however, the hatching can take a while and it always occurs during the night.

Why can’t I breed turtles in Minecraft?

If you have successfully made both the turtles mate, but one of the turtles is always trying to run away and none of the mated turtles is laying eggs. Well, this I because as discussed earlier as well, a turtle will only lay eggs in its own beach house, so if it’s trying to run away, it means that the turtle wants to reach its beach house, where it will lay the eggs. If you are planning to create a turtle farm, make sure you do it near the beach. Also, you should not roam around looking for turtles on different beaches, look around to the local ones.

On the plus side, you will be having a turtle farm with everything you need just around the corner like the sea turtles and seagrass.

Minecraft and Sea Turtles

By now you must be knowing that mating sea turtles are not that complex at all. As you don’t need many items or potions or anything else. besides that, the whole experience of turtle breeding and mating can be a fun experience. not to mention those baby turtles dropping the turtle scutes, which can be further used to create turtle shells for underwater breathing.

You can also create a potion out of it which will give you resistance and slowness power, they drop scutes as the turtles grow up.

So, to end the discussion, if you like having turtles around, then try creating a turtle farm, it would be a fun activity and will give you a good experience of Minecraft. besides that, it will be very useful to you, as those scutes will also help, so go ahead, and follow the above tutorials, to create a turtle farm.

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