Actions Pad Product Tool

Actions Pad Product Tool

Actions Pad Product Tool


Actions Pad Product Tool lets you flash or install the .fw, .fwu, or .bin based firmware on ADFU Devices (ATM processor).

Actions Pad Product Tool

Developer: Actions Technology

Last Updated: March 4, 2021

Version: 1.09.02

Size: 30 MB

Platform: Windows

Architecture: 32 bit and 64 bit

Here are some features of the Actions Pad Product Tool:

  • Supports flashing firmware on ADFU Devices (ATM processor), whether its a Music Player or a Tablet.
  • Supports .fw, .fwu, or .bin based Stock Firmware.

If you want to flash stock firmware (.fw, .fwu, or .bin based) on your Mobile Device > Launch the Tool > Locate the Firmware on the computer > Connect the device > Click on Down button to begin the flashing process.

Download Actions Pad Product Tool

We have multiple versions of the Actions Pad Product Tool available for download. Please note that we recommend using the latest version of the tool, which is always listed at the top of the list. If you face any issues with the latest version, do give the other versions a try.

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1 thought on “Actions Pad Product Tool”

  1. So I used your product tool to flash an MP3 player. Great product by the way, I was trying to flash/erase the current firmware and upload the Chinese firmware. The audio product tool recognized the device but at about 90% the audio product tool timed out. I opened the MP3 player and inside they are using an SD card as the devices motherboard.
    My question is do I need another alternate Chinese firmware or is there a way to flash/erase the SD card and upload the current firmware?


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