Top 10 Best Download Managers for Mac

Having a good download manager is somewhere important. However, IDM is considered the best download manager for Windows operating system. But when it comes to finding a good download manager for Mac, it is somewhere challenging because the download manager should have all the qualities that we will discuss further in this post.

Also, we have mentioned some download managers that are simple to access, and if you are not in the mood of getting paid download managers for Macintosh, then don’t worry as we also have mentioned free download managers for your Mac computer. There are some people who prefer to keep multiple download managers on the same systems, well I believe they do it because a particular download manager may lack a specific feature that others won’t.

But if you are one of those who like to keep everything well organized under one roof like me, and only want a single best download manager for your Mac computer then let me tell you that you have landed on the right post. Just make sure to go through the post till the end to get yourself the best download manager possible.

Top 10 Best Download Managers For Mac

What Qualities a Download Manager should have?

Mind you, you will get to see many download managers out there, many of them are free to use but they might force you to get the premium version. Also, paid download managers won’t complete the user’s requirement by lacking those features as they should have.

Well, that’s the tragedy! But if you do some quality research you might find what you want like you have found this post on the whole internet!

The following points describe qualities which a download manager should have:

  • Should be able to download files without somehow getting pause.
  • Should be able to speed up the download by breaking files into multiple blocks, pause and resume download whenever a user wants.
  • Interface must be simple and easy to understand by newbs.
  • Must covers all the basic features.
  • And, should get regular firmware updates.

Sounds simple, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the majority of the firmware fails to achieve this.

Here are some best download managers for Macs:


Folx is the best download manager which is more than enough to replace IDM (Internet Download Manager) for Mac computers. The interface is simple and clean and yes! Folx download manager is free and preferred to use by the majority of Mac users to download content accordingly.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

On the other side, Folx is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, it also has its own extension which you can add to the browser’s context menu. In Folx’s free version, you will get features like:

  • High speed download
  • Splitting downloads into two threads
  • Resuming downloads automatically
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To access all the features of the download manager, you have to get Folx’s free version. But I personally think the free version makes sense if your job only is to download the content.


iGetter is a simple and effective download manager available for macOS. It’s free to download for Macs and provides multiple features, it allows you to do customization and have full control from adjusting download speed to segment size using iGetter preferences.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

iGetter is a complete functional download manager and is easy to access and support Chrome and Safari browsers. You also have options to accelerate and schedule the downloads along with features like File-Avenue support and Site Manager.

Talking about the interface, it’s not modern, it can give you the vibe of the old Mac interface, but it does its job very well. If the interface does not matter to you and want a fully functional download manager, then having iGetter as a download manager on your Mac is a good choice.

Download Shuttle

“Download Manager & Accelerator for Mac”, that’s the tagline of Download Shuttle. It’s a free download manager which allows you to download multiple files then your web browser and also supports password-protected files.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

When files are too large to download, you can just pause and resume the download. On the other side, it also has its own browser extensions for Chrome and Safari internet browsers. You need to have OS X 10.8 or later in order to get things to work.

Download shuttle has a simple and minimalistic interface with less effective configuration settings, you can download this download manager from Mac App Store or from their official website.

Check out: Download Shuttle for Mac

Neat Download Manager

If you are obsessed with lightweight applications, then Neat Download Manager is best suited for you as the app is quick and lightweight. You can be able to bypass Chrome’s native download function and stop Google Chrome from interrupting file downloads with its feature.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

Neat Download Manager is free to download on Mac, which supports all types of protocols and is based on the optimized Dynamic Segmentation Algorithm which makes it lightweight. You can literally resume the crashed downloads and can also renew expired downloads.

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The interface is simple and easy to understand, but it needs macOS X 10.10 or later and Windows 7 or above.

Free Download Manager

As the name itself suggest that it’s a Free Download Manager, which does have more basic feature than other unpaid download managers available out there. The only thing I unlike is its interface but if it does not matter to you and want the best unpaid download manager, Free Download Manager will not let you down.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

We do have mentioned other download management clients, but Free Download Manager stands out as it allows you to download torrent content so that you need to have another tool to get torrent download on your Mac computer.

It supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers, if you are looking for a download management client that supports the management of HHTP and allows torrent download then Free Download Manager is for you.

Fat Pipe Downloader

Fat Pipe Downloader is a free download manager with a simple interface that will help you access the download management client easily. It is available to download on App Store and has good ratings and reviews.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

It needs macOS 10.8 and above in order to work. This download manager bypasses the limit set by the servers and splits the download task into small parts results in fast download speed. Filtration of file destination by file extension, and supports HTTP/HTTPS addresses.

It’s just a small and simple download management client with few options.

Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader has the free version to download. It has the features like resuming interrupted downloads, multi-threaded downloading, download sorting, browser integration, etc. The app will find mirrors of large files along with the multi-thread downloading which allows users to download files quickly as each thread has its own server, this is helpful if you are downloading large content.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

You can do automated server search and integration with browsers. And it also allows you to manage the FTP as well. It supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera internet browsers. Talking about the interface, it’s clean and responsive, and user-friendly.

Progressive Downloader free version will impress you with its advanced software and feature which provides speed acceleration.


iDownloader is a free and elegant download management client. It’s available to download on the App Store and has very impressive ratings and reviews. The interface is impressive and responsive and easy to understand.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

It boosts the download process by breaking the downloads into multiple segments. It utilizes the bandwidth to the fullest to max the download speed. If the connection is lost it keeps refreshing even if the connection is intermittent.

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Schedule the downloads as you want and that’s it, it’s a simple download manager.


Leech is not a free download management client, but it does offer a free trial and later on will cost you $6. Besides than paid software, it’s a lightweight download manager. If you are using an old Mac then don’t worry as it’s not RAM hunger software.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

On the other side, you can completely customize the download by setting up the maximum speed or can slow down the download process by limiting the bandwidth. Also, you can schedule the download process accordingly.

The interface is decent, where it allows you to set three styles of progress indicators and need macOS 10.9 Mavericks and above.


Some Mac users always want premium and best, if you are one of those then Maxel download manager is all you need. The app is not free, it will cost you around $9.99 but a free demo is available. The ratings of the app are really impressive and it does the job that its official website says.

Supreme Download Managers For Macintosh

You can also go through the privacy policy if that concerns you. The interface is minimalist easy to access. It can enhance total download speeds up to 100 segments. It consumes a lower number of resources and provides good download performance.

Compared to other browsers, it has a built-in browser to download the authenticated app. If you are looking for paid download manager, Maxel is recommended.


All the download managers mentioned above are the best to download any content on your Mac computer. If you want a free download manager, then I personally recommend Folx because it has all the required features. If you are worried about privacy and need to have a download manager from App Store, then iDownloader is good.

Else, you can go with the paid download manager, Maxel.

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