Top 11 Best VPN Browsers for Android

Internet is a big place; it is accessed by 4.66 billion users globally of this total 92.6 percent accessed by mobile devices. It means that the place is not private and neither secured, even professional companies like Google collects your data unknowingly. Everything you do is somehow tracked and the same data is used for various purposes.

If you are a privacy lover, then the task of being anonymous gets more complicated. To establish a secured connection between your Android device and the internet, VPN is used. And, this is the best and easiest way to hide your IP address. Mind you, VPN are not only just made for Windows and Macs, you can set up a VPN on your smartphone devices like Android too.

Despite your internet connection being secure, people still avoid using third-party VPNs why? Because it makes your Android device slow due to the addition of extra steps between your device and the internet. The smooth way to tackle this issue is using VPN browsers for Android devices.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

There are many decent VPN browsers available on Google Play Store that will provide you with a better-secured connection. In this post, we have covered some excellent VPN browsers for Android devices.

Aloha Browser

When it comes to security, the aloha browser is best to provide a secured connection by its built-in VPN feature. No need to worry about the VPN, as it remains active as long as you are using the app. To stop the VPN service, just quit the browser.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

To turn on VPN, just do a single tap on the top left corner of the browser. If popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are blocked in your region then you can access them using the Aloha browser by enabling the VPN. This browser also has a built-in adblocker.

Tenta Browser

Tenta browser for Android holds its title in one of the best-secured browsers for Android and also has VPN that will secure your connection. Your browsing experience will be smooth because it also blocks the ads with its built-in adblocker.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

The browser collects no logs so that user data and browsing traffic remain completely safe. You can unlock more features that will make your browsing experience more secure. This browser is still in beta, but you can use it if privacy is your main concern.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Browser is better and more outstanding than other VPN web browsers available on Google Play Store. Yes, it has a built-in VPN that supports unlimited bandwidth which allows you to connect to different locations.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

This VPN web browser follows a no-log policy and will also block annoying ads running on the webpage. If you are a reader or researcher, reader mode will make your browsing experience smoother.

Opera Browser

Opera is a well-known browser and is also available for Android devices on Google Play Store. It has a built-in VPN service available that has no bandwidth limits. You need to activate the VPN by visiting tapping on the Opera logo and selecting Settings, from there you can enable VPN.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

You will get to select more than one location; the interface is good and easy to understand and will make your browsing experience great.

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Cake Web Browser

Cake Web browser is a free-to-use app for Android devices to get explore the internet securely. It has a built-in VPN feature for privacy, users can access other features like anonymous browsing, passcode protection, ad blocker, etc.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

Try out the browser, if your work is more focused on doing research.

Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Pro is a little different, it’s not an actual web browser but a VPN app. We have added this app to this list because it has a built-in browser extension. If your work just revolves around research or browsing the internet, Psiphon Pro is good.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

Besides this, this is a VPN app with a browser extension. This will secure your whole device especially when you connect your Android phone to a public hotspot.

Tor Browser

Tor browser for Android is not a VPN browser, but it does make your connection secure. Third-party trackers and ads will not follow you, if someone is watching your connection from the website you visit Tor browser will prevent it.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

If you are using this browser, then just use it for browsing purposes because many people have faced problems when downloading content. If maintaining privacy while browsing is your only concern then the Tor browser will make you anonymous on the internet.

AVG Browser

In case you don’t know, AVG is one of the best companies that make security software for computers. And the same company has made a browser for Android devices that will provide your built-in VPN service.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

You have the option to connect to different locations and you can also block the ads. To unlock more features, the premium version is needed to have on your device.

VPN Proxy Browser

VPN Proxy Browser follows no logs and helps you to explore the internet being anonymous. With its built-in VPN, you can protect your data when your devices get connected to a public VPN.

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Availability of multiple VPN server locations to unlock the content in your region with no cost, VPN Proxy Browser is good. With the fast-browsing speed, it will not disappoint you.

Browsec Browser

Browsec is the best VPN browser and is free to use on your Android devices. This browser is totally secure when it comes to researching any content on the internet by its built-in VPN. It’s a lightweight and fast browser with lesser complaints and has a good rating on the Play Store.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

Keeps no logs of user activities, clean interface, option to connect to 43 premium locations, and will provide you the experience of fast browsing. Browsec Browser is safe to use.

Turbo VPN Private Browser

Turbo VPN is a well-known company that provides free VPN services for computers and smartphones. It has its own Turbo VPN private browser for Android devices, it is a fast browser with built-in VPN functionality.

Excellent Vpn Browsers For Android

You can upgrade to a premium plan; good thing is that you have 7 days of a trial VIP plan. The company offers many offers to its users on their official website, so don’t forget to check it out.

Final Thoughts

Securing your IP address while exploring the internet is somewhere complex nowadays. But thanks to the VPN browsers for Android devices, allowing us to unlock any restricted content by keeping us anonymous. We have mentioned all the best browsers available for your Android devices.

I personally like Browsec Browser, because the interface is clean and provides better speed as compared to other browsers while enabling VPN. Else, you can use any browser mentioned above, try it for a while to see what suits you.

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