How to Know if You Got Blocked on iMessage?

Getting blocked by someone is such a turn-off. Especially if it happens on a messaging app like iMessage. The only purpose of iMessage is to communicate and if you are blocked then it straightway means that the other person isn’t interested in talking at all.

If you have a doubt that you might have been blocked by someone, but you cannot confirm then below are some of the tips through which you can confirm whether the other person has blocked you or not on iMessage.

Check your iMessage delivery Status

As we all know Apple keeps on adding features to its popular messaging app. One of the features that Apple has added a long time ago is the ability to check if the message is delivered or not. In other words, check the delivery status tag.

How to Know if You Got Blocked on iMessage

With the help of the delivery status tag, you can check if your message has been delivered or not. The delivery status only appears for the last message that you have sent, but it means the same for all the messages sent. It can help in determining if the person has blocked you or not.

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In case the delivered status is appearing underneath the last message you have sent to that person, then the person hasn’t blocked you yet, it could be that the person is avoiding or busy.

However, if the delivery status tag disappears, then there is a chance that you might have been blocked by that person. They will not be getting any of your messages, and iMessage won’t be able to tell you that your messages have been delivered. Technically they aren’t getting delivered.

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How to Know if You Got Blocked on iMessage All Things How2

Do note that the messages you have sent before you were blocked, or the messages that you have seen that has been delivered are still can be read by the receiver.

This means the status of those messages can change from delivered to read. But the messages that you will send after getting blocked will never reach them.

So, even if they unblock you later, those messages won’t be delivered to them, you will have to send those messages again after getting unblocked.

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iMessage not showing your messages as delivered doesn’t always mean that the other person has blocked you, there could be certain different scenarios.

If the person will shift from iPhone to an android device without deleting their number from the Apple servers, then their numbers will be shown on iMessage, but messages won’t be delivered to them. Other than that, it could be that the other person is not connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile network, so in that case, you can either wait or try to call them.

Try Calling them

Since iMessage is not the only way to contact someone, and if you feel your messages weren’t delivered due to some other reasons, then you can always try to call them. If that person has blocked you or your number completely, then you won’t be able to call them as well.

Whenever someone blocks a number and if that person tries to call them, then it will directly transfer your call to the voicemail or disconnect the call. You might be able to end them a voicemail but that will also directly go to the blocked voicemail box.

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You can confirm if the other person has blocked you or not by calling them and notice if the call is getting disconnected without ringing, or if you are directly redirected to voicemail every time.

Could it be DND?

If your calls are going straight to voicemail or it is getting disconnected, even then it is not 100% confirmed that you are blocked by that person. If the other person’s iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode, then also you will be redirected to voicemail, or the call can be disconnected immediately.

To confirm that, you need to try calling the person twice or more than that within 3 minutes of your first call.

On iPhones, there is an option if enabled that can allow the phones to ring even in DND mode if the caller calls again within 3 minutes. This feature is there for emergency situations.

How to Know if You Got Blocked on iMessage All Things How4

If it doesn’t ring, then also it’s not necessary that you are blocked. It could also mean that the other person hasn’t enabled this feature.

If your iMessage messages are not getting delivered and the calls are also not getting connected then the chances are that the person might have blocked you intentionally or it could also be unintentionally.

You can always give some time or a few days to check, there could be an issue with that person, that their iPhone might be broken, or if that person isn’t in a network coverage zone. However, if it takes too long for them to respond, then I guess you should take the hint of getting blocked and move on.

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