ā€¢ February 21, 2021

How to Change DPI Density on Android

In thisĀ guide, we will show you how to change DPI Density on Android devices. There are separate guides to help you change the DPI Settings on Android, both rooted as well as non-rooted. It is relatively easy to Change DPI onĀ OnePlusĀ andĀ SamsungĀ devices, which are covered in this article as well.

There are about 6 methods mentioned in this article. The first 4 are for non-rooted Android devices. If you own a rooted Android device and your device does not support changing DPI by default, you can follow the steps in methods 5 and 6.

Steps to Change DPI Density on Android

Method 1: Change DPI on Devices running Android 8.0 Oreo

  1. Go to SettingsĀ > SelectĀ DisplayĀ >Ā Display size settingsĀ (It will be set to default as per your deviceā€™s resolution.
  2. Swipe the slider to the left to reduce the size and right to increase the size.

Method 2:Ā Change DPI on Devices running Android 7.0 Nougat

  1. Enable developer option: Go toĀ SettingsĀ >Ā About phoneĀ > Tap 7 times onĀ build number. Now you can seeĀ Developer optionsĀ in your settings.
  2. Go toĀ SettingsĀ >Ā Developer Options > Under the ā€˜Drawingā€™ option tap on the Smallest width.
  3. The default DPI value will show up. You can change the value according to your needs. If the value is bigger the UI elements will be small and if the value is smaller the UI elements will be bigger.

Method 3: Change DPI on Samsung Devices

On the latest Samsung devices, there is a built-in option to change DPI.Ā Go to Settings > Display > Screen zoom and font.

Use theĀ sliders in this section to customize the lookĀ and feel of your device.

Method 4: Change DPI on OnePlus Devices

On OnePlus devices, there are two options with which you can control the DPI Density.

  1. Settings > Display > Display Size.
  2. Settings > Display > Font Size.

You can simply drag the slider in theĀ Display SizeĀ section to customize the DPI density of your OnePlus device. Plus, if you further want to customize, do check out theĀ Font SizeĀ option.

Method 5: Change DPI using DPI Changer App [Root]

  1. Download the Easy DPI Changer App fromĀ Google Play Store: [appbox googleplay com.chornerman.easydpichanger]
  2. Open the App and grantĀ root permissions when prompted.
  3. The very first option is the ā€˜DPI CHANGERā€™ option. Enter the desired value in the text field and press enter.


You may need to reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

Method 6: Change DPI using Build.prop File [Root]

  1. Download the Build prop editor app from Google Play Store. [appbox googleplay com.jrummy.apps.build.prop.editor]
  2. Open the app, grant root permission.
  3. Under the ā€˜BUILD INFOā€™ section you will see ro.sf.lcd_densityĀ tap on it to edit.
  4. Edit the values according to your needs and tapĀ onĀ Save.
  5. RebootĀ your device and done.

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