How to Disable Increasing Ringtone on Android Devices

It could be frustrating to miss a call because you didn’t hear the ringtone; therefore, one must know how to configure the ringtone volume settings on their Android device. In case you’re facing any such issues, then you can easily get rid of this via Disable Increasing Ring App.

This post will take you deep into this app and help you know how to disable increasing ringtones-

Disable Increasing Ringtone Volume on Android

There is an effective app one can use to resolve this issue, and it is known as Disable Increasing Ring App.

How To Disable Increasing Ringtone On Android Devices

This app helps disable the increasing ringtone volume setting on your Android device. The app works very well with most Android phones, except the ones whose ringtone issues are based on hardware and not on the software.

What you have to do is first download and install the Disable Increasing Ring app from the Play store.

Then, let the app set up, and once it does, you can keep it running. When the phone rings and the intensity of the ringtone starts ringing from lowest to higest, the app diligently modulates the volume to not ascend but stays at a set value.

If it is not working for you, you can customize it by choosing the “New Normalisation Method” by pushing the toggle towards enabling it.

How To Disable Increasing Ringtone On Android Devices

After that, the app will make sure the volume does not increase further and maintains it at a particular volume if you receive a call.

However, one must be ready for the app notifications that pop up every time you receive a call. It can be inconvenient, but the work of this app is quite irreplaceable. People who have Android versions of 4 or more can, however, disable the notifications that they get every time the app works.

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For some people, the increased volume may be annoying, and that is why apps like Disable Increasing Ring app exist, to solve the issue that arises because of the increasing volume of ones’ ringtone. This app is a good choice to manage the volume and maintain it at a constant level.

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