How to Extract File

Android ROM packages come with a lot of files and they often use different file formats. is one of the most commonly used file formats to compress the data to be delivered in a ROM.

In this guide, let us see how to extract the file to get the file (which you can further extract to get the system.img file).

Follow the below steps to extract file:

Step 1. Download the brotli.exe file to your computer.

Step 2. Copy the above downloaded file the folder where you have the file.

How To Extract File
Source: Android More

Step 3. Open command prompt or PowerShell window from inside this folder. To do this: Hold down Shift Key and then Right-click anywhere on the empty space on the folder and the select ‘Open command windows here‘ or ‘Open Power Shell window here‘.

Step 4. Run the below command in the windows that opens:

If it is command prompt/command window, run the below command:

brotli.exe --decompress --in --out

If it is Power Shell windows, run the below command:

./brotli.exe --decompress --in --out
How To Extract File
Source: Android More

Once you execute the above command, you will get the file on the same folder.

You can now make use of other guides to extract the file and get the system.img file.

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