Fix Missing/Lost Root Access Issue on Android Devices

Rooting an Android is a complex task and not for everyone. Even if you get it right, there is a good chance that something goes wrong down the line. One such issue is that the root access suddenly goes missing. As weird as it may sound, it does happen to a lot of folks. After all, Android is still software and they tend to misbehave for various reasons.

In this guide, I have listed out the possible ways to fix the lost root access issue on Android devices. No matter what rooting solution you use, either SuperSU or Magisk, you can try the below steps.

Check the Root Access

Fix Missing/lost Root Access Issue On Android Devices

Before proceeding, let us make sure if you are having issues with root access on your device. The easiest way to do this using the Root Checker app. You can download the app from Google Play Store by clicking below:


Once you have downloaded the app, open it, and click on the ‘VERIFY ROOT’ button on the app’s main page.

Once you have done the above, there are two possible outcomes and we have shown them both below:

If your device has root properly working, you would see the first image as above and if it’s not, you will see the second image.

Solution 1. Check the Root Manager App

As of now, we have two most popular rooting solutions available for Android: SuperSU and Magisk. SuperSU was the go-to rooting method for a long time until Magisk came into the picture. Even though SuperSU is no longer actively developed or maintained, it is still used in a fair share of Android rooting methods. From what we have seen so far, most of the issues with root happen when SuperSU is involved. That doesn’t Magisk is 100% error-free; there are some odd cases with Magisk as well.

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If the root checker says that some of the apps are having trouble obtaining root user permission, then there is a good chance that these apps are being denied Super User access by the root manager apps installed on your device. Depending on which one use, Magisk Manager or SuperSU, follow the below steps:

Fix Root Issue in Magisk Manager

In the Magisk Manager app, tap on the menu and then click on the ‘Logs’ section. Here, you should be able to find out every single request that has ever been received by the Magisk Manager app. From the logs, if you find a particular user was denied the superuser request, go to the Superuser section from the menu and make sure the superuser ability is enabled for the particular app.

Fix Root Issue in SuperSU

Sometimes, when you launch the SuperSU app on your rooted Android device, it will show a popup letting you know that the SuperSu binary needs to be updated. Outdated SuperSU binaries can also be a reason for problematic root functionality on Android devices. Outdated binaries break the root access and it may not grant it for some apps while granting it for other apps. To update the SuperSU binary, simply tap Continue on the pop-up and then select Normal.

Fix Missing/lost Root Access Issue On Android Devices

Solution 2. Clear the Root Manager App Data

This may not sound like a very good solution, but it actually is. This has actually worked out pretty well for many users. If there is anything that is stopping the root manager app from behaving normally, then this should fix it.

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Go to Settings > Apps > SuperSu/Magisk Manager > Clear Data.

Fix Missing/lost Root Access Issue On Android Devices

This should be able to fix any anomalies that you are having with the root managers.

Solution 3. Reinstall Magisk/SuperSU

If nothing else works out, then this is the last resort. The only option available as of now is to completely remove and re-install the rooting solution you have on your Android device.

Reinstall SuperSU

You can completely and safely remove the SuperSU installation on your Android device by flashing the below zip file via TWRP (or any) custom recovery.

I hope you are already familiar with the process of install SuperSU on your Android device; if you need any help, you can refer the guide here.

Reinstall Magisk

If you are planning to re-install Magisk, you do not have to remove it first. You can simply flash the Magisk Zip file via TWRP (or any) custom recovery and you should be good. You can download the latest version of Magisk from the below link:

The above link will also have installation instructions, should you need any help in that area.

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