75 Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Device

One of the many reasons why we all love Android is that you can take full control of your Android device and make it truly yours. Launchers, Themes, Ringtones, Skins and what not. There are literally thousands of thousands of apps available on the Google Play Store to change the looks of your Android. In fact, “Personalization” is one of the top categories on the Google Play Store. If you are not happy with the customization options out of the box and need more control of your device, you can simply root it.

Root access is kind of like an ‘Administrator’ account in Microsoft Windows and it gives the user total control over the Android Operating system. Not only the user can change the way it looks, but they can also change the way it feels and works too.

  • Rooting Android and installing root apps are pretty advanced stuff. Please know what you are doing. Always take a back up of your device before installing any of the below apps.
  • All the apps listed on this page are ONLY for Android devices with ROOT access. These apps will not work on non-rooted devices.
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Best Root Apps for Android

Please note that we have listed the apps on this page in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. All of these apps serve different purposes and are the best in their category.

75 Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Device

1. Quick Reboot

This app helps you to easily reboot your device into the recovery and bootloader modes. No need to remember shortcuts!

2. DNS Changer

SetDNS is the easiest way to force your rooted phone to use custom nameservers on WiFi for all devices AND 3G/mobile networks on non-rooted and rooted devices.

3. Lucky Patcher – Powerful App for Rooted Android

Lucky Patcher provides complete control over on every installed app on your Android device.

You can get rid of exercise ads, edit the permissions and take backups for all apps.

However, you need to root your device to avail these features by using Lucky Patcher.

So, if you’ve rooted Android device then Lucky Patcher is one of the best root apps for you.

4. 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox combines many great apps into one giant toolbox with a modern and easy-to-use interface. Instead of downloading multiple apps, you can download this which has all the functionality under one roof!

5. Xposed Framework – Must Have App for Android

Xposed module is one of the best solutions for Android users. It has features like custom reboot menus, theme modifications, and so much more.

It supports the material design, and so it looks fantastic. You can toggle it (on/off) on the go. It means that you can flash (OTA) update, disable Xposed and reboot without any issue.

You can re-enable Xposed modules to get it back whenever you desire. Isn’t it cool?

6. BuildProp Editor

Helps you to easily edit your build.prop or any other properties file on your Android device. Comes with an intelligent code editor with syntax highlighting for multiple languages.

7. Root Booster

Root Booster lets you manage free RAM, change CPU settings and clean the system files at root level among the many other things that it offers.

8. Titanium Backup Pro – Best Backup/Restore App for Rooted Android Phones

Titanium Backup app is an excellent backup tool or backup-restore app for Android that lets you backup, restore, freeze apps and data. It can safeguard all system apps and external apps on your SD card.

Titanium Backup app lets you do a 0-click batch and scheduled backups. It won’t close any app during this process.

By using this root app, you can move the app date from/to SD card. If you’re looking for any best Backup-Restore Apps for your rooted Android smartphone then Titanium Backup Pro is perfect for you?

9. Recently [root]

Unlike Android’s recent screen that shows all apps whether actually running or not Recently shows the list of apps that are really running in the background so that you can kill them.

10. AdBlock Plus – Perfect AdBlocker App for Rooted Android Devices

Do you want to get rid of ads on your Android device once and for all? You should try Adblock Plus then. It’s the best app to go ad-free on your mobile without a doubt.

Adblock Plus has been removed from Google Play Store recently. You can go to the official website (Adblockplus.org) and download AdBlock Plus.apk file for free of cost.

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So, I can say AdBlock Plus is the best ad blocker app for rooted phones.

11. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum is a must-have app for those who love theming their Android device in awesome ways with the help of awesome third-party themes.

12. Greenify – Optimize Apps on Rooted Android

You must have heard about Greenify app if you are a rooted Android user.

It’s one of the most popular apps to optimize your smartphone to get maximum performance on your rooted Android device. Greenify app is a potent app to optimize running applications on your Android device.

13. L Speed (Boost & Battery)

L-Speed is an app for rooted users who love speed. Taking advantage of root privilege, this app improves overall performance, reduces lags, and extends battery life significantly.

14. SuperSu

SuperSu is yet another popular app among rooted Android users. It lets you manage rooted access to all apps in a smooth interface and user-friendly manner.

So, do you want to control root access to every root app installed on your Android phone? You must download SuperSu on Android your smartphone or tablet then.

15. ROM Toolbox Pro – Best app for rooted Android

Looking for an app to manage root, ROMs, etc. on your Android device?

You should take a look at Rom Toolbox Pro APK. It makes rooting hassle-free with proper controls. Also, it takes care of ROM and works as an app manager.

You can understand by its name that it allows you to install, and manage ROMs. But you can manage apps to block or force stop as well.

16. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector helps you to detect battery draining apps on your Android phone by checking wake-lock usage history

17. Termux

You can do many exciting things with Termux. It can convert media (audio and video) to different formats. This app gives you full control over the codec parameters and enables conversions between the 100+ different file formats supported by FFmpeg. Learn more about Termux app. which I think is one of the best apps for rooted Android devices.

18. Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a file manager to browse hidden and unavailable files from your mobile. It lets you access hidden, locked and even most secured files quickly.

You can consider it as an ultimate file manager for a rooted Android device. It lets you tweak root directories, system folder (with permission), text file, etc.

19. Fontster (Root)

Fontster helps you to change fonts on your rooted Android device on a system level. Fontster allows you to easily change the system-wide fonts on your Android device within a well-designed Material UI. It is one of the best root apps for Android, especially for those who love to enjoy custom fonts on Android.

20. Quick Boot – best booting app for Android (Rooted)

Quick Boot is an excellent app for all rooted Android device users. You can take a boot and use bootloader with one touch.

It requires root access to run on your device.

You should install Quick Boot if you want to boot, reboot, turn off or boot into recovery mode in advance way. Also, you can make a shortcut/widget for one-click boot on your home screen.

21. HEBF Optimizer – Root

HEBF Optimizer aims to increase the performance of Android devices. It optimizes battery so that you can enjoy great battery performance.

22. WPS WPA WiFi Tester (Root)

WPS Wpa Tester App helps you to find out whether WPS protocol has an issue or not.

By using this app, you can check whether any wifi network is vulnerable or not. You should have a rooted Android device to use WPS Wpa Tester or else it won’t work properly.

It shows every password with all connected Wi-Fi networks apart from checking the security of point of access.

23. Android ID Changer

Android ID Changer lets you modify/view Android_ID to a custom value.

It acts as a system app, but we can use it as a standard app with the sqlite3 as well. It can make a random no. of valid ANDROID_ID value.

Download Android ID Changer Apk

24. Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator allows you to run Linux OS on your Android device that means you can use Linux command lines on your smartphone or tablet.

Kindly remember that it can’t emulate video games. You can access the Linux command line and run from your Android device. It would be helpful to install Linux commands from your SD card.

You can tweak various things such as color, fonts size, keyboard type, etc. on your mobile. Furthermore, you can insert widgets with direct access to your desktop.

25. XPrivacy

Xprivacy hides all of your personal information from apps installation.

You share your info whenever you install an app. But you can use Xprivacy and send fake data to their server without any hindrance.

You should try this app if you don’t want to share your info with the app servers.

26. WiFi Kill App (Root*)

Wifikill.apk is an excellent Android app to disable the internet connection of others on the same network.

Hence, you will get full bandwidth from the connection.

27. Servers Ultimate

Servers Ultimate turn your old Android phone into a tiny, multipurpose server.

28. Repeti Touch

RepetiTouch allows you to record and reply at ease, unlike any other Android apps. Just click on the record button and begin recording. You should monitor on touch events as it can cause some problems if you don’t pay attention.

29. Button Savior (Root)

If your phone does not have on-screen keys for navigation and your hardware keys are not working anymore (or if you just don’t want to overuse the hardware keys), this is the app you want. Provides all the hardware key functionalities through software.

30. BusyBox

A simple tool to install Busybox on your rooted Android device with a single click.

31. Tasker

Tasker is an awesome Android app for automating tasks on your phone. It’s an amazing app that you can download for free of cost on Google Play Store.

You can automate settings to SMS with more than 200+ inbuilt plug-in. No kidding. It lets you make your own standalone apps to sell or share as well.

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You must try Tasker on your Android device right now.

32. KSWEB: Server + PHP + MySQL

A complete suite for web developers on the Android platform! It has a web server, a PHP programming language, a database MySQL and msmtp for Sendmail support.

33. DPIChanger

DPI Changer allows you to tweak DPI on your Android smartphone. You can get some extra free spaces by using this app. Are you interested in downloading this free app? Just go to Play Store and install it on your device at once.

34. SetCPU

SetCPU is an extremely necessary app for tweaking CPU settings on a rooted Android phone. It enhanced your Android device performance and battery.

You can use SetCPU with several setting like when your phone sleep or charge or run particular apps and much more.

It enables a voltage control menu to save more battery by proper charging.

35. Flashify

Flashify is an excellent tool to retrieve lost data from your Android smartphone or tablet. Did you lose any important file?

You must download Flashify to recover it at once. Then you must download the APK of Flashify Root from this post or anywhere to do the job easily.

It’s the best Android app for recovering lost data among all other APKs in this category undoubtedly.

36. Link2SD

Managing files isn’t very easy always for Android users. Plus, it takes a fair amount of time from our busy lives as well.

So, what should you do? Isn’t there any faster solution?

Yes. There are many tools available on the Play Store which makes the kind of difficult to pick the most appropriate one most likely.

37. ADB over Network

Last but not the least in our list of apps for rooted phones is ADB over Network which, as its name says, lets you run ADB commands wirelessly.

38. Nandroid Manager

Nandroid Manager is a complete tool for taking Nandroid backups. It lets you recover data from your Nandroid like apps+data, text messages, call logs, and so on.

Furthermore, you can flash memories with this app too. It is compatible with Nandroid backups from TWRP and Clockworkmod (v5.xx and v6.xx) recoveries.

39. Dumpster

Dumpster app is similar to recycle bin in Windows with a twist. It allows you to retrieve deleted files after recycling from your phone.

It lets you recover all files like pictures, music, videos, SMS etc. Just select the files and click recover to get it back. As you can see that it requires only two clicks.

That’s all. You can call Dumpster as Recycle Bin for Android, of course, it needs root access to perform this function smoothly.

40. GL Tools

GLTools is a custom OpenGL driver i.e. compatible with OpenGL 2.0. It doesn’t support x86 processor (Galaxy Tab 3).

It comes with a custom recovery mode; you can flash uninstall_gltools.zip for recovery always.

41. TWRP Manager

This app helps you to Install, Backup, Restore, and Wipe your device all using TWRP recovery.

42. Rashr – Flash Tool

Rashr flashes and backups your device recovery and kernel without rebooting it very fast and easy without a PC or any outside influence.

This app has over 6500 build-in recovery collection of images (ClockworkMod/TWRP/PhilZ/Stock) also you are able to flash unlisted images from external or internal storage.

Rashr is able to flash over 90% of all Android devices!

43. Servicely

Are you facing quick battery drain on your Android apps? It could happen for several reasons. But the most common reason would be background apps.

You should Servicely after rooting your Android smartphone or tablet. It checks every minute to see if there are any unnecessary apps.

Just keep in mind that it won’t kill foreground apps and it makes sense after all. You wouldn’t want to close the app which you are using right now. It takes care of background apps solely.

You can enable/disable Servicely whenever you need.

44. SD Fix

Are you facing “SD card error” for a while? Is your phone’s battery draining quickly?

No problem. Just leave everything to SD Fix Tool. You should root your smartphone before running this app.

45. System App Remover

System App Remover lets you uninstall a system app, regular apps, move apps from phone to SD card, SD card to the phone, install APKs and delete as well. Keep in mind that it requires root access to use this app.

46. Better Battery Status

Battery drain is a major concern for all Android users nowadays.

But you can minimize your concern by using Better Battery Status app. It detects all app which is inactive and consumes battery unnecessarily.

It allows you to analyze the performance of your Android device to find out the reason behind quick battery draining. You can try Better Battery Status to enhance your smartphone battery backup.

47. Device Control

You can manage various features of your smartphone or tablet through a Device Control app. It comes with some additional features such as App manager, Editors, Entropay Generator, Wireless File Manager and much more.

48. Boot Animations

Boot Animations show up at the startup of your Android phone. You need to root your device to install custom boot animations.

49. Viper4Android

Are you unhappy with your current sound quality on your Android device?

You can try an audio optimization APK to improve the quality. The app is known as Viper4Android i.e. compatible with both smartphone and PC.

50. Kernel Adiutor (Root)

Let’s you tweak your Android device’s kernel settings. Using this great root app, you can tweak the kernel of your Android phone.

51. GMD Gesture Control

Wouldn’t it be cool to control your Android phone just like an iPad?

You can do it by installing GMD GestureControl APK. You will be able to control your Android device with gestures like just swipe fingers to hide status bar and repeat the same to unhide as well.

Plus, it has many more features to make your phone like an iPad.

52. Root Call Blocker Pro

Root Call Blocker Pro is a potent call, SMS, MMS blocker for Android users. You must root your device before installing this app on your phone.

53. Screen Standby #Root

Screen Standby takes care of outgoing calls by calling *77# through authentic activation. It doesn’t store your personal information, unlike any other apps.

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54. Root Call SMS Manager

The most powerful call blocker on Android. Has many features like whitelist/blacklist contacts, auto-reject calls with custom text for a specific contact, etc.

55. Root Firewall

Looking for a powerful ad-blocker? Want to prevent over-billing, battery drain, and your privacy? You should take a look at Root Firewall app if your answer is yes.

It allows you to block internet access, differentiate 3G and Wi-Fi data for particular apps as well.

56. Chainfire 3D

Are you unable to play high-graphics Android games due to your low-end specs? But there is a way to play such games with your Android smartphone?

Chainfire 3D makes this task possible.

It’s like a middleman app which comes between the game and Processor/GPU. Games lag on low-end Android phones because it can’t handle the load of high-graphics to display proper output from the game.

But Chainfire 3D catches the graphics of the game and turn it into low quality and revert to processor/GPU next. You will be able to play HD games in this way.

57. Speed Up Swap (root)

Speed Up Swap is another nice app for rooted Android devices. With this app, you can make your device more responsive by changing settings to use device memory more efficiently. By cleaning device memory, you can improve its performance and enhance responsiveness.

58. Pimp My ROM (Beta)

Are you looking for a decent app to customize your Android’s ROM without any hassle? You can go with Pimp My Rom (Beta) app then.

It takes a backup before installing a new ROM. Hence, you can go back if something goes wrong along the way.

You can add numerous tweaks and mods to customize your ROM. Also, you can change values of CPU and GPU, decrease black screen, ad-blocker and disable boot animation too.

Pimp My Rom is safe, sound and simple. What else do you need to install the Pimp My ROM (Beta) app?

59. CatLog – Logcat Reader

CatLog is a debugging Android app. It helps to find stack traces. You will find everything in the system log i.e. Logcat.

60. Donkey Guard – Best XPrivacy alternative

Donkey Guard lets you access private info. But you must root your device.

Also, it requires the Xposed Framework to run. You can apply 42 restrictions for every app on your phone via this app.

61. RAM Expander by ROEHSOFT

Not enough RAM? Is it possible to increase memory with an external app?

Yes. You can expand your phone’s memory by using RAM Expander by ROEHSOFT. It needs root permission to run on your device, though.

62. SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder is a perfect solution to capture screen from your smartphone or tablet directly.

It runs on a hardware accelerator for recording. It’s one and only app to support Tegra device alongside Nexus 7.

63. Total Commander

Total Commander is an astounding file manager for Android. It has a desktop version as well.

The best thing is that it doesn’t show any ads. You can download it from Play Store for free.

64. Disk Digger Photo Recovery

Helps you to recover your deleted photos from any Android device.

65. Disable Service

There’s nothing much to say about this app. You should’ve understood after looking at the title of this app.

Disable service is an excellent app for stopping background services like “push service” , “upload service” and “pull ad service” and much more.

66. Drony

Searching for an outstanding Android app for conversation? You should download Drony on your smartphone or tablet then. It’s available on Google Play Store.

The interface is simple, clean and user-friendly for communication.

67. KingRoot

KingRoot is a popular app for rooting among Android users.

You can root your device within a few moments with this app. Just keep in mind that your Android device is above 4.2.2 before running on your mobile.

68. Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer allows you to change the site on another people computer.

Yes. That’s right. But what can you do exactly? You can flip images, alter fonts, redirect sites, swap YouTube videos and so on.

69. ChameleMAC App – Change WiFI Mac Address:

ChameleMAC app developed to overlook eavesdropping and data mining. It allows you to change your MAC address with a single click.

70. WiFi Password (ROOT)

Helps you to view your saved WiFi passwords.

71. OG YouTube App

Looking for the best way to download YouTube videos on your Android device?

You should try OGYouTube app then. However, there are some other apps for this purpose as well. It looks similar to Youtube regarding interface and features. You can download in all available resolutions and MP3 too.

What are you still thinking? Download the best YouTube downloading app for Android, OGYouTube now.

72. Game Killer

Gamekiller Apk lets you generate coins, gems etc from your favorite Android games. It has received over 10 million downloads from across the world.

But it’s not available on Google Play store at present. Game Killers is very easy to use, and it’s compatible with many games on the latest Android OS like Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Are you a regular gamer? You can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Install Game Killer now.

73. Instwogram

Do you need to use two Instagram account on a single phone?

You should download Instwogram app then. It makes a clone of official Instagram to use another account for logging in.

74. LiveBoot

LiveBoot shows a startup movie to display logcat and dmesg outputs on the screen.

You can set the background as transparent to overwrite the previous animation. LiveBoot runs on Android 4.3+, but it would be better to use it with Android 5.0 and above versions.

75. DriveDroid

DriveDroid is an interesting utility that allows you to turn your Android device into a bootable Linux drive for your desktop PC using ISO or IMG files downloaded to your phone. Your phone can serve as a repository or workshop for Linux distributions that you want to try out or a bootable rescue disk.

That was our ultimate list of 75 best apps for rooted Android phones. Did we miss out any of your favorites? Do let us know in the comments below!

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