Create Flipagram like Video Slideshow from Computer

We all love to click and save images and videos on our mobile devices; it is one of the best ways to create and save it as a memory in your life forever. However, often we want to recreate some of the older memories in a distinct way so that it just gives a true experience of living in that memory. One way to achieve this is by combining images, videos together and then watch it as a whole.

Flipagram is one such app that lets you do the same. Ever since its launch, it has created a big hype amongst people and a lot of users are using Flipagram to recreate their memories in a better way. The app lets you combine photos, videos and music altogether to create some eye-pleasing memories and they are called Flipagrams. You can add your own background music as well if you don’t want to choose from the list of preinstalled music which is available from various sources inside the Flipagram itself.

SInce Flipagram is all about creating memories using photos and videos, so it definitely allows users to edit their photos and videos as well. With the help of Flipagram, you can add filters to your videos and images or if you want to set the duration of each slideshow that can also be changed and a lot of more intuitive options are provided by Flipagram. After the Flipagram story is created you can share it on all of your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. As of now, Flipagram is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

flipagram video from computer

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Flipagram For Computer

As mentioned above Flipagram is only available for mobile devices, and is officially not available for desktops. So, if you want to get the Flipagarm app working on your Windows computer or a Mac the only possible workaround is to use an emulator like Bluestacks and others that run Android and inside that emulator, you can install and open the Flipagram app. This solution is a little bit complex and will not be suitable for everyone, so we have even found some of the alternatives of Flipagarm that can run on computers.

Flipagram alternatives for Computer

We have a curated list of few apps that are the perfect alternatives to the mobile version of Flipagaram except these apps can also run-on computers as well. So, if you want to create memories using a computer below, we have the list of apps, choose the one that suits you and install it.

Kizoa (online)

Not all of the tools which are alternative to Flipagarm would be available on a computer as an app. Some of the alternative tools are also available on the web, which means you need to use them on your browser. Kizoa is one such online tool through which you can create custom slideshows of your photos and videos. Kizoa also includes custom transitions between each slide, addition of texts, special effects and on top of that you can also add background music of your own choice for the whole slideshow. To get Kizoa working on your images and videos, you can simply upload images on Kizoa, if not then you can also import photos and videos from Facebook. Kizoa also allows you to create custom collages by selecting a group of images that the web app will turn into a collage. After you have finalized your editing, you can preview the final output and then export it via email or share it on social media directly from Kizoa.

The Kizoa web app provides basic features like image and video editing for free, but there’s a premium version as well, which allows using some additional features which are built into Kizoa.

Smilebox (Mac, Windows)

Smilebox is yet another alternative app for Flipagaram, but this one is a desktop client and is available for both Windows as well as Mac. using Smilebox you will be able to create some amazing videos and picture slideshows of your memories. Smiebox allows you to set custom animations between slides, you can also add custom tet message sin between the slideshow or your videos and lastly just like others Smilebox also gives options to add background music to your slideshow or video memories. Smilebox also offers some preset templates which can help you in creating your own masterpiece. Smilebox also gives users full control by giving them the option to create their own theme and use it on their slideshow or videos.

To create your first slideshow using Smilebox, all you need to do is choose the right template and theme, then select the images and videos which you want to be on your slideshow or video, set the speed of the slideshow and add any animations or custom texts if you want to otherwise leave it as it is. Add the custom background music which is also optional. After you have added everything and the slideshow is ready, you can either save it by exporting it to your computer by saving it as a video file that can be used to share on social media or amongst your friends and families.

The Smilebox app is available for download on Windows and Mac for free. However, it provides free service for only 7-day, and during which you can only work on a limited number of designs. So, to utilise the full features and themes of Smilenbox you need to purchase the app, which in any case you would be needing after the 7-day trial period is over.

Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

Freemake Video converter is not particularly an alternative to Flipagram, instead, it is a video conversion tool. On the flip side, it does support creating videos and slideshows from a set of photos, which is what we are really looking for. The app has a very minimal design and is easy to use. it doesn’t offer any fancy theme styles or custom animations, but the app lets you do the bare minimum job which is to create a slideshow of your images and videos. With very limited customization you can add custom texts and transitions to your slideshow and the ability to add background music is also there but that’s it. Once the slideshow is created and finalized you can save it in several different outputs which is the key feature of this Freemake video converter tool. You can save or export your slideshow in formats like – AVI, MP4, MPEG, MKV, WMV, etc. so that it can be played on any device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Photos App (Mac)

Photos app is widely available on almost every apple devices from iPhones to MacBooks. Apple launched the Photos app for OS X a while ago and it is not just an app to view photos of your device. Instead, it offers a lot more than that. using the photos app you can easily manage all o your photo and videos which are stored on your Mac in one place. Photos app also offers some customisation and editing of your photos and videos, One such feature is the ability to combine a group of photos and videos into a custom slideshow or a video. The photos app also offers the ability to add transition effects and background music, it also lets you control the speed of transitions between each slide.

To begin creating a slideshow using the Photos app of Apple, open the app and then click on the project tab. Now click on the + button located at the top right side and then select the slideshow option from the menu. here you can name your project and then click on Ok. select the photos which you want to be on your slideshow and then click on Add button. On the next screen, you can customize the slideshow to set its duration, transition effects, speed of transition etc. The photos app also offers some intuitive manual customization like selecting a theme from the number of available presets. Finally, you can export the completed slideshow as a movie clip in different qualities like 480p, 720p or 1080p quality and then save it on your computer.

Slidely Show (Online)

As the name suggests Slidely Show is a tool that lets you create slide shows. It is an online tool with a very intuitive and minimal interface that helps in creating custom slideshows which are actually very good. The Slidely show lets you create a custom slideshow in three very easy steps and it also integrates very well with other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and some cloud services. Due to this integration, it is very easy to share your masterpiece of the slideshow to any of the platforms. You can also import photos and videos from all of these platforms which Slidely show has integration with.

As soon as you are ready with your photos, all you need to do is select the custom background music track of your choice and then select the theme that suits the best to your slideshow and that’s it. You can also set the slideshow speed and the duration of the slideshow, once you have configured all of this your slideshow will be ready to be reviewed. Preview it and then you can finalize it for exporting the slideshow to your Slidely account and through which you can share the slideshow online to any of the social media platform or your clouds.

Roxio PhotoShow (Online)

The Roxio Photoshow is a very simple web app that helps you in creating the slideshow using a group of select photos provided by you. Just like any other web-based slideshow creator Roxio Photoshow also lets you import photos from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and if you have the photos saved on your computer then you can also upload them to the photos how. After you have finalised the photos and you are ready to create a slideshow of the photos, the first step is to select the theme that suits your collection then you can set the slideshow speed and if required you can edit the photos like adding a filter or cropping it. Add the background music to the slideshow and that’s it you are good to go. Now on the right side, you can see the preview of how your slideshow will look once it is created, you can change it and it will be reflected on the preview section of the editor.

Once you are done with your editing of the slideshow and is ready to export the slideshow, click the done button to save it. Do note that you need to have a Roxio Photoshow account in order to save it, so signup, before you start editing, siging up for a new acount, is absolutely free, but free users will get a limited set of features. To get the full benefit of using Roxio Photoshow and all of the features you need to upgrade to the premium plan of the Photoshow.

Stupeflix (Online)

Stupeflix is yet another web app that lets you create a custom slideshow on the internet. Using Stupeflix you can create animated slideshows, movies and videos using a collection of photos or videos or both. All you need to do is select a suitable theme for your slideshow and then select the images and videos that you want to be on your slideshow, now elect the transition effects for your slideshow. for the selection of images first you need to either upload it from your computer or you can import images and videos from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc. Syupeflix also allows you to add text slides and add custom animations for a particular slide.

After you have imported text, photos and videos into your masterpiece, you can rearrange the videos and photos individually to put them in the right sequence for your slideshow. Stupeflix can also help you in adding custom background music, all you need to do is click on the + button located on the right of the musical note on top of your slideshow. Once selected the music and you have completed the editjng and added the animations, you can check the preview section where you will be able to see how your slideshow will look once you have exported the video. Click on Produce and save to export your movie.

Stupeflix gives a variety of different quality to choose from while exporting the video, however, most of them require a premium subscription plan. A free plan will allow you to export a video at 360p only without any option to download the video. While the basic $5/month plan will allow you to export videos in 360p but you will get the option to download the video for personal use. To get all of the features that Stupeflix offers you need to pay $29/month which will give you Private 720p videos, commercial licensing, exclusive themes, exclusive tracks for background music and more.

Animoto (online)

Animoto is very much similar to Stupeflix and Roxio Photoshow, as it is also an online slideshow creation tool. The Animoto has a minimal material UI which aesthetically makes it easier to work on. Creating a slideshow on Animoto is very easy. Select a style for your movie, add some texts if you want to and then add the photos which you want to be on your slideshow, next you need to add the custom background music and the rest of the compilation will be done by the Animoto. If you want you can see the preview of the movie that is going to be created by clicking on the Preview button located at the left and once preview proceed to click on the Produce button which will finally create the slideshow.

just like Stupeflix and Roxio this one also gives a free trial with a limited number of features. However, Animoto comes in with three different subscription plans from which you can choose;  ($9.99/month), Professional ($19.99/month) and Business ($29.99/month. All of them offer different user experience and features, so it all depends on whats your requirement.

Evver (Online)

Evver lets you create a slideshow of your photos and videos very quickly. this comes in handy when you have very little time to create a slideshow or if you are in a hurry. With the help of Evver your slideshow will be ready within minutes. All you have to do is sign up for a free account then add or upload your images and videos that need to be on your slideshow, select suitable background music and then add a title to your slideshow movie. Customization options are very limited, Evver uses the default slide transitions for each of the slides. That’s it hit on the export and your slideshow movie will be ready, it is a quick way of sharing and creating a slideshow video using a set of photos and videos.

To Conclude

So these were some of the best alternatives to the Flipagarm mobile app through which you can create a slideshow using a collection of photos and videos. While the alternative apps and web apps might not work exactly like Flipagram, but it gets the job done which is to create a slideshow movie.

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