How To Mute Microsoft teams Audio?

Since we all have adapted the online system of connecting for meetings using Microsoft teams and other companion apps.

There are often certain scenarios during a meeting where you cannot leave the meeting, but the topics discussed over the meeting aren’t relevant to you so you just don’t want to listen and instead focus on something else.

Well, there is no direct way in the Microsoft Teams app to turn off the volume or turn down the volume of an ongoing meeting, but we have found some workarounds through which you will be able to mute your unrequired Microsoft teams meetings on your Windows computer.

How To Mute Microsoft teams Audio

Muting teams’ Audio While on Video Call

So, while you are attending any random teams meeting, you cannot simply turn down the audio of the entire app as it is a bit of a lengthy process and cannot be handy. Also, there are no buttons in the Microsoft Teams app through which you can mute the audio of the app or turn down the volume.

How To Mute Microsoft teams Audio1

To solve this audio muting problem for Microsoft teams, you need to use the Windows Volume Mixer feature which comes natively built into the operating system.

To mute the Teams audio from the Volume Mixer, you can right-click on the volume icon from the bottom right corner of the taskbar. Then, from the expanded menu, you can select the Open Volume Mixer.

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How To Mute Microsoft teams Audio2

Once you are inside the volume mixer screen, you will see volume controls of individual apps that are currently running.

You can click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the Microsoft Teams volume bar to completely mute the audio on Teams, or you can adjust the volume using the slider.

You will only get the option of muting teams audio, once you are inside the call, otherwise it won’t be present there by default.

Muting Teams Notifications for Ending Interruptions During Calls

If you have joined several groups in Microsoft Teams and most of them are active all the time, then it could be very annoying to attend a Teams call while in the background the chat notifications are always popping up and giving you notifications, which can interrupt your calls.

How To Mute Microsoft teams Audio3
  1. To fix this problem, you will have to navigate to your profile icon and click on it from the top right corner of your Team’s homepage. Now, from the drop-down menu, you will have to click on Settings.
    How To Mute Microsoft teams Audio4
  2. Inside the settings window, select the Notifications from the left panel and on the right panel menu of notifications, you need to click on the edit next to the Meetings option.
  3. Once you click on the edit button, you should see a new page. On that page in the drop-down menu right next to the meeting Chat Notifications option, you need to select the Mute button and that’s it, you won’t get any chat sound interruptions while you are attending any Teams meetings.
    How To Mute Microsoft teams Audio5
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Muting your Microphone During Calls

We should always have an eye on the mute button while you are attending teams calls, especially if you are at home. So, whenever you are at a noisy place and you don’t need to speak, or you are around kids where you might need to mute in between, then muting your microphone is always a good idea. Muting your microphone while on a team’s call is relatively simple.

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Simply click on the microphone icon located on the top right panel of your Teams video screen and that’s it.

That’s it, we hope to solve your problems with the Microsoft teams, and we also hope that this will improve your experience of using the Teams.

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