How to undo on a Mac?

It is normal to make mistakes in your day-to-day life and making one by using any of your devices you use in daily life for office purposes or for personal use is common.

If you have a Mac and use it for any purpose that might be, you might even be one of the normal individuals who tends to make errors while doing your task. So below are some of the ways you cover up your mistakes, by using the undo feature on your Mac.

Undo and Redo the Feature

The Undo feature allows you to fix any mistake you made which might be a typo error, or in case you move a file to an inappropriate location, and also if you make any mistake while using Photoshop.

How to undo on a Mac

You can easily perform this by using shortcut keys, or manually, which will be discussed later on in this article.

Likewise, the Redo feature allows you to get back to the original output (the one before you undo). This feature is actually a Redo function of Redo and brings your original output back. This really comes in handy if you are an artist who works on Photoshop or any painting/ drawing platform.

How to undo on a Mac using Shortcut Keys


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  • Press the Command and Z keys simultaneously over your Mac’s Keyboard to Undo any act or task you performed.
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Screenshot 2022 12 12 211228
  • Press Command, Shift, and Z keys simultaneously over your Mac’s Keyboard to Redo any act, or task you performed.

How to Undo and Redo with the ‘Edit’ Menu

On the top screen of your Mac, there would appear a Menu bar, on which there would be an ‘Edit’ tab and once you click on it, there would appear Undo button.

The Undo button’s name will always change depending on what task you are doing, for instance that might be typing or moving a file, then the name of the button will then be changed into ‘Undo Typing‘ or ‘Undo Move‘.

Screenshot 2022 12 12 215714

In the same manner, on the menu tab, there would also appear a Redo button located just below the Undo button, which you can use to go back to the original output.

Screenshot 2022 12 12 215724

Using the Undo and Redo functions from the Edit Menu might not be suitable for some people as it does take some time to actually click on the buttons, so to save time with it you can always use the shortcut keys to perform these features.

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