Make Your Android Device look like an iPhone

Android smartphones have always been about customizations. They offer customization of the UI extensively, and as a result, you can make your Android device customized according to your preferences and make it look exactly the way you want. So, if you are bored with your Android skin or the UI of your device, you can always choose to customize your Android phone.

Make Your Android Device Look Like An Iphone

For a change, if you want to make your Android device look more like an iPhone running iOS, then below we have some tricks and tutorials following which you will be able to get the most of the designs and UI of your Android phone look like an iPhone. All you need to have is an Android device running Android 2.3 or higher, there is no need for root or any extra settings.

Apps to make Android look like iPhone

To customize your Android device to look like an iPhone, you need to install a bunch of different apps which will help you achieve that iOS look on your Android device. Following is the list of apps that you will be required to install on your device, so make sure you have enough internal storage.

Make Android Look Like iPhone

iLauncher: A launcher emulating the iPhone home screens.

iSettings: A Settings screen for Android similar to the iPhone Settings page.

iLocker: An iPhone type lock screen.

Espier Screen Locker 7 (Alternative): An iOS 7 style lock screen.

iPhone Notifications: Get iPhone style notifications and alerts.

A.I. Type Keyboard: Similar to the default iPhone keyboard.

Omega StatusBar: A custom Status bar for Android.

iPhone OSB Theme: An iPhone style status bar theme compatible with Omega Status Bar.

iNoty (Alternative): iOS 7 styled Notification Center.

iPhone Messages: A Messaging app that looks like iPhone messages.

InoMail e-mail client: An email client that looks like iMail.

Parallax 3D: To add iOS 7 like Parallax effect in the Home and Lock screen.

A few of the apps that are listed above might be paid. But not to worry, we have some alternatives to those apps which are free. But since it is an alternative it won’t be the optimal choice and we would still prefer the apps that are listed above as they work flawlessly without any stutters or bugs.

Once you are finished installing the apps, we can proceed with the setup, through which you can transform your Android device into iPhone’s UI.

Make Your Android Device Look Like An Iphone

Setting up iLauncher

The iLauncher is the base and one of the most important in the transformation of your Android device to iPhone. This app basically is a launcher that imitates the launcher which runs on iOS devices and gives you the home screen that looks like a home screen of an iPhone. By installing this app you will get iOS-like app icons, home screen layout and much more. The new revamped version also imitates the latest iOs version style of home screen and designs, by using the iLauncher you will get the following features.

  1. For starters, you will get app closing and opening animation similar to iPhone style, which means zoom-in and zoom-out of app icons while opening and closing.
  2. A universal search gesture, which comes on iPhones as a spotlight.
  3. A feature to hide, remove, add and rearrange apps directly from the home screen.
  4. The app will also give you a dock that will have some iOS style shortcuts for calls, music, mail, camera etc.

Once you are done installing the iLauncher app, press the menu button and it will open hp an iPhone style configuration page. You can also enable iPad mode which will allow you to display the 5th row of apps on the home screen.

While pressing on Homescreen now, in the latest version you will get a popup asking for which launcher to use. You will also find a check box to set the iLauncher as the default launcher.

iPhone lock screen for Android

Next, we have iLocker app that will transform your Android lock screen into an iOS lock screen. iLocker works best when using the iLauncher with the app, as both of them compliments each other and integrate well, as a result, it gives overall a better experience while using both the apps on an Android phone giving the iPhone feel. After the app is installed, launch the app to configure iLocker. Activate the iLocker by sliding the Activate switch to the On position. A prompt will come on the screen confirming to use the iLocker s your default lock screen confirms it and proceed with customization. next, a new pop up will appear asking for the default launcher you would be using, select iLauncher from the list and set it as the default launcher. Till now you have set your iPhone home screen and lock screen if you want to customize and set your custom wallpaper from the iLocker settings menu.

iPhone Status Bar for Android

To get the iPhone like the status bar on your Android device, open the app Omega Status bar which you have earlier installed. Start configuring the app using the following toggles and settings.

  1. Accessibility– Make sure to turn on the accessibility option to let omega access your notifications and other data which are to be displayed on the status bar like network signal internet connectivity and more.
  2. Tick the box that says Start On boot.
  3. The clock style and mode can be customized as per your need.
  4. Battery indicator and percentage if you need you can turn it on
  5. Network, WIFI and Notidcications indicator.
  6. Other indicators like GPS, USB, Bluetooth, Headset and more.

You need to turn on the accessibility options, o turn it on go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Turn on For Omega Status Bar. A warning pop up will appear, confirm it, it needs that access to show the proper information on the status bar.

Inside the temes tab, select iPhone OSB Theme using the theme manager. Finally, turn on the Omega status bar by sliding the indicator located on the top right corner of the screen.

Alternative to this app which also works pretty good is the iNoty app, it is also developed by the same developer who developed iLauncher. The app is very simple to use, just install it and then enable it and give all the permissions needed.

In case you have any issues with the ilauncher and iNoty, try installing any previous versions of the app which might work properly, you can get the apk from any of the websites like apkmirror.

iPhone keyboard On Android

So to get the iPhone style keyboard working on your Android device you need to launch the app A.I. Type Keyboard. After you have installed open the app and follow the activation wizard to configure and customize the keyboard accordingly.

Also, during the activation process, the app will give you an option to change the settings of the app and visual appearance as well. Click on the button >> Go to Appearance >> Keyboard Theme >> Select the iPhone theme and then click on OK.

iPhone Notification for Android

Notifications on an iPhone look pretty sleek. So to get that working on our Android device, iPhone notifications is a very good app that shows app notifications and banners completely in iOS style. The app is free to download and use.

Make Your Android Device Look Like An Iphone

Simply launch the app on your Android device and it will automatically scan and list the apps on your device. You can configure and handle each app’s notification behaviour according to your preference. Most of the apps will already be preconfigured for usual notification alerts, but if you want to customize then you can obviously choose that particular app from the list and then edit it.

For iPhone notifications app to work properly you need to give the app accessibility feature. To give the accessibility feature to the app you need to open Settings >> Accessibility (under System) >> Turn on for iPhone Notifications Lite.

Also do note that Notifications are turned off for “Messages” (Android’s default SMS app). As we will be using a different app for the same.

iPhone like Settings UI For Android

Just a few final touch-ups are left in the process of completely transforming your Android device to iPhone like UI. So proceeding further we will be transforming the settings UI into an iPhone like UI. You need to install iSettings app. After you have finished installing the app, tap on the Settings icon to open up an iPhone themed Settings page. Then you can adjust some system settings like GPSDataWi-FiBluetooth, etc. and adjust your screen brightness.

Make Your Android Device Look Like An Iphone

If you want to open the regular Android-style settings you can do so by opening  Settings >> System Settings. Also, the Manage Apps screen will now be accessible from Settings >> Applications.

iOS like Parallax effect on Android

Till now we have changed almost all of the UI elements from Androids tyle to iOS style. However, animations are still left as it is on any Android device. So to change the animation and give it more like iPhone style parallax effects we will be installing an app called parallax 3D. After installing the app from Google Play Store, open the app and you will see a bunch of different wallpapers, each wallpaper when applied gives the 3D parallax effect. You can even create your own 3D custom parallax effect wallpaper. Parallax 3D can run in the background and can be used with any launcher that supports wallpaper theming. To set a custom wallpaper using the parallax 3D app, follow the steps below.

  1. Install the 3D Parallax App from Google Play Store.
  2. Now, tap on the set wallpaper option from the app. The app will show current wallpaper with the 3d parallax effect.
  3. Next, go to the settings of the app and scroll to the custom photo section.
  4. Here, tick the custom photo option and enable it, tap on the load photo button located at the bottom.
  5. Browse and select your desired wallpaper from the gallery, the parallax effect will be added to your selected wallpaper automatically using the parallax 3D app.

iPhone Style Messages and Email Apps For Android

Apple uses one of the distinct styles in its messaging and email app. So to imitate these two system apps from iPhone we need two different apps to work like these. The iPhone messages imitate the theme of iPhone’s default iMessage style messaging for Android devices, while the InoMail is an email client that looks and works exactly like the Apple Mail app. The iPhone messages app for Android is paid, while the mail app comes in both free and paid versions. You can set up your Google, Yahoo accounts on the Mail and it works flawlessly.

Make Your Android Device Look Like An Iphone

Some Final Steps

So before we finalize our transformation from Android to iPhone there are a few steps left to complete it. Like the InoMail and iPhone, message apps can have their icons exactly like the iOS-style apps on the home screen and dock, to do so follow the steps below.

  1. First, press and hole the Message icon on the dock.
  2. Similar to the iPhone style you will see a cross appears on the corner of the icons.
  3. tapping it would uninstall the app if it is installed from the Google Play Store since it is a system app, so only the shortcut of the app will be deleted.
  4. Find the iPhone message app icon from the home screen and then drag it to the dock of your device.
  5. Finally, tap on the iPhone Messages app icon on the dock. A popup will appear asking to set the app as the default messaging app. ap on Set this app as and select Messages from the menu.
  6. In a similar way, you can replace your email app with the Inomail app and it will also work like this giving you a proper iOS feel on your Android device.

To Conclude

So this was an extensive guide along with the list of apps through which you can transform your Android device completely into an iPhone style. Using the above-mentioned apps and methods you will be able to get an iOS style home screen, lock screen, notifications, status bar and much more. Feel free to try and transform your Android device into an iPhone. Also, do note, only the UI of the device will change, the functionality will remain just like any other Android device and not like an iPhone.

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