What Does the Moon Symbol Next to an iMessage Name Mean?

People using iPhones are very well known for what the crescent moon symbol in the status bar means. It is the icon of DND (Do Not Disturb), turning DND on your iPhone will bring the icon of the moon on the status bar.

Of course, it does more than just show the icon on the status bar, the main purpose of DND is to block all of the notifications on your iPhone.

Once you enable DND your phone will not vibrate, ring or she notifications until you turn it off. However, with the latest iOS 15, Apple has gone one step further and has implemented DND in their iMessage as well.

Moon Symbol Next to iMessage Name

Recently, if you have been using your Messages app to communicate with other people, you might have seen the same moon icon in the chat conversation as well. If you still haven’t figured out what it is, then do not worry you are not alone, many users have been seeing it, and in this post, we will be clarifying the existence of that moon logo inside the messages app.

If you see the crescent moon logo inside a conversation of the Messages app, it simply means that the person whom you are texting has out their phone in DND mode. So, whatever you are texting that person isn’t receiving it right now and will receive once the DND is turned off of their iPhone.

However, if you see the crescent moon in the chat list next to a contact in your messages, then it means that you have enabled Do Not Disturb mode for that particular contact.

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What Does Moon Symbol Next to an iMessage Name Mean All1

There is not exactly an option for Do not disturb in messages, but you can surely use the hide Alerts for a contact feature to replicate the feature that you have been wanting to have.

Whenever ‘hide Alerts’ is enabled for a contact, then you won’t be able to receive notifications for any new messages received from them which means you won’t be disturbed by their messages, thus there is a symbol of DND next to that contact.

You must have figured out, that the hide Alert feature isn’t enabled for anyone by default and you have to enable it manually. So, if you are seeing the DND logo next to a conversation then it is because you have enabled it, maybe by chance or you might have forgotten about it.

What Does Moon Symbol Next to an iMessage Name Mean All2

In case, you want to switch back to normal mode for that contact, and you do wish to receive messages from them again, then you can enable it back. All you need to do is open the Messages app and then go to the contact with the DO not Disturb symbol next to their name.

Tap and hold the conversation for a few seconds and you will see a few options will appear underneath. Tap on the Show Alerts option and the moon logo of Do not Disturb should disappear for that particular contact on the messages app.

Alternatively, you can also swipe left on the conversation and it will bring in some options on the right side of the conversation’s name. From those options, you need to tap on the bell icon to turn off Do not Disturb mode for that contact.

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What Does Moon Symbol Next to an iMessage Name Mean All3

So, with this, we hope that we were able to solve your doubts regarding the do not Disturb crescent moon logo that appears on your phone’s messages app or on the status bar.

It is a very good and handy feature that people can use at their workplace or when they are out hanging out, it helps us in being away from the phone as it doesn’t nudge you all the time with the notifications.

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