Safari for Windows | Download and Run Safari on Windows PC

If you are looking for download and run Safari on Windows PC, it is actually possible. As far as I know, developers or designers are the only people looking for Safari on Windows as they may need check compatibility/support or end user experience of their product on the older Safari PC browser.

If you are one among such people, well, there is good news. You can download Safari directly from Apple servers, install, and it on Windows. Before you ask, yes, Safari on Windows 10 is very much possible. But here’s the downside of running Safari on Windows: the Safari for Windows is really old. Apple has discontinued the development of Safari for Windows several years ago. The current version of Safari for Window version was made in 2012 and is missing many features, isn’t up to date with security patches, and likely has some other issues too. And that is exactly why I do not recommend most users to download and install Safari in Windows. But hey, it’s a free world and it is still available for download.

The latest version of Safari for Windows that you can still download and install is Safari 5.1.7. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even Windows XP. When compared to the Safari for Mac, the Windows version is insanely outdated and many versions behind but Safari in Windows runs fine absolutely fine.

Safari For Windows | Download And Run Safari On Windows Pc


Before you proceed further, please note that this is not recommended for normal users. Only advanced users, developers, designers, and testers who absolutely need Safari on Windows for a reason should proceed to install and run Safari within Windows.

How to Download, Install, and Run Safari in Windows

  1. From your Windows computer, open any browser of your choice and download the Safari for Windows from one of the below links:
    Safari For Windows
  2. While downloading, choose to ‘Save‘ the file if prompted.
  3. If you have downloaded a zip file, extract the same or simply run the “Safari-for-Windows.exe” file by double clicking on the same.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions once the installation wizard starts.
  5. Be sure to uncheck the “Make Safari the default browser for all users” button during the installation process. As this is a really old version of Safari, it is not recommended for day to day use.Safari For Windows | Download And Run Safari On Windows Pc
  6. Click next and wait for the installation to complete. You might be prompted by Windows to provide admin confirmation to install Safari on Windows; provide the same.
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Once the installation completes, you launch and use the Safari browser for Windows normally.

Safari For Windows | Download And Run Safari On Windows Pc
Safari for Windows 10

Please keep in mind that this is a very old version of Safari and is not longer supported or actively developed by Apple. Apple has completely abandoned the development of Safari for Windows. You’re completely on your own if proceed to run Safari in Windows. If I were you I wouldn’t do anything important with it. As an old version it is lacking many modern web technologies, security patches and might have privacy issues, and a host of other problems as well. Proceed with caution.

Safari for Windows – Why? Who is it for?

Well, I am going to be straight with this – You don’t need Safari on Windows. Period. There are way better browsers out there for Windows. The Safari for Windows is worse than the infamous Internet Explorer (yes, it is THAT bad). This is all for normal users.

But, for other advanced users like developers, creators, designers, testers, and support professinals, it can be a necessary tool. For example, for compatibility tests or for supporting a particular client.

Should you use Safari for Windows? No. For a Windows user, there are far better alternatives such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Reason? All these browsers are are actively developer while Safari for Windows is not. That said, if you absolutely need, you sure can run Safari on a PC.

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