Stream Media from Android to PC with VLC Direct

If you want to stream media such as audio and video from your Android device to PC, then VLC direct is the easiest way to do this. In this guide, we will show you how to stream media from your Android to your computer using VLC Direct.

Stream Audio and Audio from Android to PC with VLC Direct

There are several other ways to do this; this is not the only way. But this method pretty easy to setup and can be done in a matter of minutes. Plus, with VLC being the most popular video player for Windows computers out there, chances are you already have it installed on your PC. So, why not make use of the same?

Step 1. Configure VLC Media Player Settings on Windows

  1. Open the VLC Media Player on your computer and go to Tools > Preferences.Stream Media From Android To Pc With Vlc Direct
  2. Click on the “All” option in the lower-left corner to view the advanced preferences.Stream Media From Android To Pc With Vlc Direct
  3. From the list of the menus on the left, select Interface > Main Interfaces > Lua and enter vlcdirect in the Password field and click Save. The latest versions of VLC might require an HTTPS password in order to stream content. You can change this password any time you want; we will get to that at a later point in this guide.Stream Media From Android To Pc With Vlc Direct
  4. Download the file and extract the VLCDIRECT.BAT from it. It’s a small Windows Batch script that will automatically setup the required VLC settings.
  5. Double click and run the VLCDIRECT.BAT file; it will run only for a second.
  6. Now, in VLC, go to View > Add Interface and select Web.Stream Media From Android To Pc With Vlc Direct
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Step 2. Configure VLC Direct on Android

  1. Download the VLC Direct app from the Google Play Store (Note: This is not an official app). \
  2. Open the VLC Direct app.
  3. During setup process, the app will ask you if you have the VLC Media Player on a Windows PC or a Mac. Select I have VLC in Windows.
  4. You will then be asked to download the batch file followed by a guide; we have already done this in the previous section. You can SKIP THIS STEP; simply tap Done and Done.
  5. Now the VLC Direct app will search for the web interface running on your Windows PC. It should be able to detect it in a minute. If not, go back to your PC and make sure VLC’s Web Interface in running. (VLC – View > Add Interface > Web).
  6. If VLC Direct was able to connect, you should see something like this on your PC:Stream Media From Android To Pc With Vlc Direct
  7. You can try to reconnect again from the VLC Direct settings if you couldn’t connect the first time or when you’re trying to connect at a later time. Simply tap the three-dot overflow menu in the upper-right corner and select Settings. The very first option you see will be Automatic Connection Wizard.
  8. Tap on the ‘Automatic Connection Wizard‘ option and then tap on ‘Start‘. Note: Make sure VLC’s web interface is running so that VLC Direct can detect it.
  9. Once you are connected, you can browse through all the available tabs and look for the video/audio you would like.
  10. Simply tap on any media on your Android and it will play on your PC.
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Changing Password of VLC Direct

Stream Media From Android To Pc With Vlc Direct

If you want to change the password that is used to connect to the VLC on your PC, you will need to change it both on VLC Media Player on your computer and in VLC Direct on your Android. You can refer to the steps in the above guide to change the password in PC. To change the password in VLC Direct on Android, go to Settings > HTTP Password. Make sure to give the same password you used on the desktop app.

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