How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage?

If you are having issues with notifications of iMessage, maybe if they’re not getting delivered to your phone anywhere except the notification centre, then it means that you have turned on some wrong settings.

After the latest updates, iOS has made notification management a bit easy. Now, you can straightaway manage your notifications from the lock screen or the notification centre without even going to the settings app.

Not to mention Apple now also gives its users different options for receiving notifications instead of just turning a notification on or off. With the latest iOS version, the notifications can be prominent as well as quietly or you can also turn them off. The difference between the 2 new additions of the type of notifications is below.

turn off deliver quietly imessage

The prominent notifications are the ones that you can get on the lock screen with haptics and sound. They will even appear on the app icons as well when you unlock the iPhone and you are on the home screen.

However, the notifications that are delivered on your iPhone quietly without making any sound or haptics will only appear on the notification centre. it won’t be shown on the lock screen and if you unlock the app icon’s notification badge will also be missing.

This way your notifications won’t disturb or interrupt you without even turning on DND, if needed you can always look for it in the notification centre and it will be there.

This whole system just eases users to manage notifications on iPhones. However, if you don’t set it up properly, you might end up with the wrong settings for the wrong app. This has been happening quite a lot with different people.

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Sometimes, you might miss out on notifications that were needed and you might need to turn off the deliver quietly message option. So, here we have a quick tutorial on how you can turn off the ‘deliver quietly’ feature from iOS on iMessage.

Turning Off Deliver Quietly for iMessage

Of course, managing our notifications in 2022 isn’t as easy as it used to be. Almost every app on your phone wants to send you notifications all the time. On top of that those messaging apps sending spam are just here to create more chaos in our notification centre.

These are the reasons why many people have turned on the option to deliver messages quietly in a hope that their notification centre will be less cluttered and their phone won’t be buzzing all the time.

But, later on, a lot of users realized that it puts all of the notifications on silent, including the iMessage notifications which caused a lot of people to miss important notifications.

So, to turn off the ‘deliver quietly’ feature on iPhones for iMessage you should remember that the notifications settings are for the entire app and not for a particular chat or group. So, you will be turning off the Deliver quietly message for all of your messages.

You can turn off the Deliver quietly and return to the normal notifications which is the prominent one, this can be done either from the notification centre or the settings app of your iPhone.

  1. In case a notification for the Messages app is already present in your notification centre, then you can turn off the ‘ deliver quietly’ feature with just a few taps.
  2. Go to the notification of messages app and then swipe left from the notification centre only.
    How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage1
  3. From the options that appear, tap on the manage option.
    How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage2
  4. A new small pop-up will appear on the screen for selecting options for managing notifications for the messages app.
    You will see deliver Prominently option, tap on it. Deliver quietly will be turned off for your messages app and you shall start receiving notifications prominently from now onwards.
    How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage3
  5. On the other hand, if you don’t have a notification of messages app on your iPhone currently, then you need to open the Settings app on your iPhone and then head to the notifications section.
    How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage4
  6. Now, scroll down until you see Messages in the list, and tap on it to open the settings for messages app.
    How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage5
  7. Inside it, you can enable the alerts of the loc screen and banners for messages app. it should be right at the top of the screen. Just enable alerts for the Lock screen and Banners.
  8. Next, you can tap the options for Sounds.
  9. On the next screen, you can select the notification tune for the Messages app, either select the default or choose any other if you want a different notification tone for the messages app.
    How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage6
  10. Now, go back one step and then turn on the toggle beside Badges to turn on the app icon notification badge.
    How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage8
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That’s it, the notifications for all of your messages have been restored to default, this includes iMessage notifications as well. The notifications from the Messages app will appear on the lock screen, app icon and notification centre as well. They will also give you sound alert and haptic feedback.

If you want to turn off or silence the notifications of those spam messages, then delivering quietly or turning off all the notifications isn’t the solution, it is more of a problem for you.

Instead, you can silence the individual messages so that they won’t disturb you or alert you in any way, and you won’t have to turn off the notifications for all of the messages. You can simply hide the alerts for those messages alone.

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