ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 | Download and Install on Android

ViPER4Android, also called V4A, is the most famous audio mod for Android devices. In this guide, we will show you how to install ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 on Android devices running Android Pie, Oreo, Nougat, and Marshmallow.


  1. Your Android device must be rooted in order to be able to install ViPER4Android.
  2. Even though this procedure is pretty harmless, we recommend you to backup your Android device before proceeding.

Steps to Install ViPER4Android v2.7 on Android

  1. Download ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 APK
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone.
  3. Open a file manager app of your choice and navigate to the folder where you have copied the V4A APK file.
  4. Tap on the file and hit the ‘Install’ button to install ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 on your Android device.
  5. Now go to the app drawer and open the ‘ViPER4Android FX’ app.
  6. Once the app opens, you’ll be prompted to grant superuser permissions; tap on the ‘Grant’ button.Viper4android V2.7.1.0 | Download And Install On Android
  7. Once the root permissions are granted, you will be asked to install the drivers.
  8. Tap on ‘Ok’ to install the necessary drivers.Viper4android V2.7.1.0 | Download And Install On Android
  9. Once the drivers are installed, your Android device will reboot automatically.

For updates and support, please visit the XDA Forum Thread (and be sure to hit the thanks button to appreciate the developers!)

Viper4android V2.7.1.0 | Download And Install On Android

ViPER4Android – The Best Audio MOD for Android

There are tons of audio mods available for Android. But, ViPER4Android is the hands-down the most popular of all the audio mods available for Android at the moment. The V4A, short for ViPER4Android, was not really one of the best-looking apps and it has recently received a much needed visual overhaul with material design and everything.

Below are some of the features of what the V4A offers:

  1. Playback Control: Control the output audio volume of Android by amplifying or abating it.
  2. FET Compressor: Limits the FET circuits in Android to avoid any damage to audio hardware.
  3. Viper-DDC: Pre-defined profiles for a large list of supported headphones to get the most out of them.
  4. FIREqualizer: 10-band FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter equalizer for refined control over every audio tone.
  5. Viper Bass: Get the best control over Bass by customizing the frequency and using different modes – Natural, Pure Bass+ and Subwoofer.
  6. Viper Clarity: Balance out the heavy bass and clear audio while listening to music.
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ViPER4Android Version Changelogs:

  • Support Magisk 19
  • Add compatibility setting
  • Add ability to attach to sessions
  • Fix preset loading bug
  • Switch from setools to magiskpolicy

  • Full rewrite in Kotlin
  • New UI
  • Presets can be managed in the app itself
  • Effects can be set more precisely with seekbars
  • Min API 23
  • Uses driver only
  • Audio routing bug fixed
  • Driver status bug fixed
  • Cross device effect changing bug fixed
  • App follows system dark/light mode (can be toggled with google messages e.g.)
  • Installation is faster and more versatile
  • Notification settings
  • Reduced APK size significantly

  • Add app shortcuts (7.1+)
  • Minor interface redesign
  • Fix muffled sound
  • Fix options not applying
  • Fix profile conversion
  • Introduce vdc service
  • Improve performance
  • Update driver installation
  • Update chinese translations, thanks to KiSS

  • Retain service after clearing recents
  • Emergency fix
  • Support Magisk core mode
  • Fix profile load loop
  • Recover speaker service
  • Fix convolver
  • Support Pixel devices
  • Use su.d if possible
  • Force global effect mode
  • Add Korean translation by @nebulac

  • Fix /system install and uninstall.
  • Add temporary workaround for the convolver
  • Updated strings

  • Fix FC while installing the driver
  • Add root check before installing the driver
  • Removed lucky patcher check
  • Capitalized driver status outputs
  • Updated strings

I hope this guide helped you to install ViPER4Android on your Android device.

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