7 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 10 PC You Must Try

When it comes to video streaming apps or platforms, our very first pick is Youtube. It is one of the most successful and growing video streaming platforms. Yet another outstanding product by Google which just never stops growing. They have a very good Android app that can now keep videos offline for you. Youtube keeps on experimenting with new things and adds features that are needed to its user. Youtube has an official app for iPhones, Android devices, Chromebooks and tablets. However, we just couldn’t find anything like that for the Windows platform. So if you want to watch Youtube videos on a Windows PC the only option is to use the browser and watch Youtube.

One might argue that on Desktops or PCs we really don’t need a dedicated app for a web-based platform. It is partially true, as we can use one browser and multiple tabs to surf through Facebook, Youtube and Twitter without switching apps. But what if someone wants to keep videos offline and download them on their PC. This cant be done until and unless you have an official app since Youtube saves videos inside the app and not in your storage.

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Best Youtube Apps For Windows

As Windows and Android are a big ocean of open source apps, it is very obvious that there must be some third-party developer’s who would have tried to develop a Youtube app or at least something that functions like that, indeed there are a few for WIndows as well as Androids. So below we have listed a few unofficial Youtube app for Windows PC which works very good.

1. YouTube TV (Subscription)

YouTube TV may not be quite what you are looking for but I wanted to put this on the top of the list. Reason? The number of people that know of this app is shockingly low! All right, listen to me. This is not your traditional YouTube app where you can binge-watch videos from your favourite content creators; no.

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7 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 10 Pc You Must Try

Rather, this is a cable-free live tv and do not need a cable box to use this app. Awesome, right? You can stream major broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC and more, including your local sports & news channels.

Please note that you need a subscription to use this app. Each subscription gets 6 YouTube TV accounts per household and everyone gets their own login, recommendations and DVR. The subscription renews monthly and you can cancel the membership anytime.

2. myTube! (Paid)

7 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 10 Pc You Must Try

it is safe to say that myTube is the best unofficial Youtube app available to use on Windows PC. You can download myTube! app for Windows from the store. There is one caveat with this mytube app forWindows which is that it isn’t free, although it is a worthy app for WIndows since there is no official app. This is better than watching Youtube on the web, as it gives a better experience also not to mention it works as an app so app load times can be slightly better than loading the whole Youtube on the browser. The app also lets you read and write comments of a video while watching the video, in contrast to the web version of Youtube users have to scroll down from the video to read or write the comments which means you cannot do both things simultaneously.

There are some other Ui features of the app as well, like a fluent design, background blur effects and it also offers TV mode, which lets you watch Youtube on your TV streaming from your laptop. You can even upload and download Youtube videos directly to your device. There is support for picture-in-picture as well which is great. We can clearly see the advantage of the myTube app over the web version of Youtube, definitely worth paying the premium to get a better experience of Youtube on Windows PC.

3. Awesome Tube (Free)

7 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 10 Pc You Must Try

This alternative to the Youtube web for Windows can be downloaded from the Windows store, also Awesome Tube is completely free to download. The app uses a fluent design and is very minimal. It also has red accents around the app UI which give it a complete feel of using the Youtube app on Windows PC. In this Awesome Tube app, you can read and write comments while watching the video simultaneously, something which isn’t possible in the web version of Youtube on PC. Another cool feature of this app is that you can play videos and go back and search other videos, the current video will keep on playing at the bottom corner. You can also download or upload videos within the app.

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Since no app is perfect until it’s official, this one also comes with its flaws. One major flaw of this app is that it has ads. So basically you have both options if you want to get an ad-free experience go for myTube, if you don’t want to pay then download this Awesome Tube app for free.

4. 4k Player for YouTube (Paid)

7 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 10 Pc You Must Try

4k Player for YouTube is yet another paid YouTube app for Windows 10. The app is officially available in the Microsoft Store. The app looks really sleek and well designed according to the latest Microsoft design language. This app lets you browse personal recommendations on the home tab, see the latest from the creators you follow on the subscriptions tab and Look up videos you’ve watched and your like history on the account tab.

5. FizzTube (Free)

7 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 10 Pc You Must Try

FizzTube is interesting as it is a combination of multiple features. You can watch, download, and convert YouTube videos on your Windows 10 computer. You can use this app to enjoy the videos from your favourite YouTubers that you are subscribed to, and also find out new content to watch. No time to watch it the right way? Simple use this app to download the video to your computer to watch it later.

6. Tubecast For Youtube (Paid)

Tubecast For Youtube is also a paid app for Windows, but developers are a bit nicer and give us 7 days of trial before we purchase the app. The eye-catching feature of this app is that it can stream 4k videos as well as download 4K videos. There are options to choose the themes between dark and light coloured themes not only that, you can even select the accent colour of the app which will run throughout the UI. By default the app comes in with a red accent colour which is pretty obvious, however, the preset region is set to Algeria which you need to change accordingly. With the help of this app, you can scroll through the comments section as well as the description area and the recommended pane as well, all of it without interrupting the current video playback.

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The app also offers a floating arrow button that appears whenever you hover your mouse over the suggestion area. Overall a very good app and the UI is very intuitive, thus the premium the developers are asking for is justified. With no official support of Youtube for their app for Windows and very less unofficial apps for Windows, this one is one of the best to choose for everyday Youtube streaming on PC.

7. WinTube For Youtube (Free)

7 Best Youtube Apps For Windows 10 Pc You Must Try

WinTube For youtube is another unofficial app for Windows that lets you stream Youtube on your PC without using your browser. The app itself is very minimal and basic, it seems like the app is simply made to get the job done and nothing fancy. The app doesn’t have any flashy features or themes or anything itis pretty basic and light. It is the best for those who don’t care about the UI and the app and want just one click to open Youtube and start watching videos. The WinTube for Youtube is completely free to download and can be downloaded from the Microsoft store.

So these were some alternatives to the Youtube web for users who uses their Windows PC to watch Youtube videos. The paid ones are a better app and will give an overall better experience than the free apps from the list. As one of the apps gives ads while the other is very much basic, whereas the paid ones are offering a lot of features and customisation. So until Youtube steps up and releases an official app for windows, users need to use the unofficial app or use the web version of Youtube.

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