Replace Default User Account Avatar in Windows 10

If we do not set a picture for our user account, Windows 10 by default uses a simple picture as the User Account Avatar. This user avatar picture can be seen during login, and also in the start menu as a small thumbnail image.

In this post, we shall see how to replace the default user account image used by Windows 10 to any image of your choice. Once this is set, any old or new accounts that choose to use default avatar will have the image you choose as the default.

Replace Default User Account Image in Windows 10

Please note that this article is NOT about changing the user account picture for your account. Rather, this article explains how you can choose and set a default image that shall be used by Windows as a user account avatar when a user does not choose to use a custom image for their account avatar.

Replace Default User Account Avatar In Windows 10

Step 1. Open File Explorer and go to the below location

C:ProgramDataMicrosoftUser Account Pictures
Replace Default User Account Avatar In Windows 10

Step 2. Change the extension of the below files from .PNG to .BKP (just to make sure we have a backup in case something goes wrong).


Step 3. I believe that by now, you have a picture that you want to use default user account avatar on your Windows. Now, we need make 5 different versions of them with the difference being they are all of different dimensions.

Below is the list of dimensions, along with the file names to be used for them:

File NameDimension
user.pngDefault Size
user-32.png32×32 Pixels
user-40.png40×40 Pixels
user-48.png48×48 Pixels
user-192.png192×192 Pixels

Step 4. Copy and paste all the images you have prepared in the above step to the below folder:

C:ProgramDataMicrosoftUser Account Pictures

Step 5. Restart your computer.

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Once you restart, all the users that have opted to use the default user avatar set by Windows will have the image you have chosen!

It is important to note here that the image you chose will NOT be applied to the user account that have custom image as user avatar.

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