iPhone App Store Get button does nothing (app not downloading)

App Store is infamous for the unresponsive Get button on app download page. Here’s how to fix the issue and download apps from App Store.

Apps are what makes using the iPhone a whole lot better. There’s an app for literally anything you can think of. And when you are blocked access to getting them, it can get quite annoying.

The ‘Get’ button in App store is notoriously famous for misbehaving. Sometimes, it simply would work at all. You can click on it as many times as you like, and nothing will happen. No asking for password, no downloads, nothing.

app store get button does nothing

This is a known issue and happens from time to time. The particular issue happens for a variety of reasons and the solutions vary depending on the cause.

In this article, we shall see all the troubleshooting steps to fix the App store get button not working issue on Apple devices.

Check the App Store Status

First and foremost, the thing you should check is the app store status. App store, though may seem simple on the front, is a giant piece of software that is being access by millions of people every minute.

Such a set up would require a huge server and resources to keep it running. And these services are bound to go down sometimes.

That is why, before doing anything else, you should check if everything is all right at Apple’s side.

Apple System Status

Apple has a dedicated page where you can check the status of all of its services, including the App store. You can access this page from the link below:

Kill the App Store

If you are facing a temporary download problem with the App store, you can try to force quit the app store and re-open it again.

If you do not know already, iOS (and iPad OS) does not completely close the apps when you come out of them. They are simply minimized and are running in the background. So, when there is an issue and you simply close and open it, nothing changes.

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That is why it is important to quit the App store completely and then re-open it again.

To do this, go to the recent apps screen by using the gesture (or by double tapping the home button or older iPhones) and then swipe up the App store to close it fully.

Close App Store

Then, open the App store again and try downloading the app.

Log out and log in to App Store

This is another easy fix that you can try before taking drastic steps to fix the issue. You can simply log out of your iCloud (or Apple ID) account on your App store and re-login again.

This way there is a good chance to get rid of any temporary issues that is going on in the background with your account.

Check your Date/Time settings

This is another one of the solutions that has worked for a lot of people.

Sometimes, when the date, time, and time zone settings on your device are incorrect, the downloads (and many services) do not work properly. When your iPhone, with incorrect date/time data, tries to connect to the Apple servers to perform a task, the server thinks that there is something wrong with the device as there is a mismatch in date/time data.

So, check if everything is all set on this end. To do this,

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Next, tap on Date & Time.
  4. In the next page, make sure all the values are correct. If not, adjust them to the right values.

Change your device language

This is also one of the highly recommended hacks to fix this issue. I don’t know the reasoning behind how or why this even works but it seems to fix the issue for a lot of folks. Can’t hurt to try.

In this, we are going to change the iPhone language to a different language and then switch back to the language of your preference (what it originally was).

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To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on the Language and Region.
  4. In the next screen, tap on iPhone Language and change it something else.
  5. Wait for the iPhone to change the language and respring.
  6. Follow the same steps above and change it back to what it originally was.

One this is done, visit the app store and try to download an app by tapping on the Get button.

Restart your device

Like most issues with most gadgets, this is the first thing you should try. It may be a cliched answer but it works. And that is why this recommendation comes first when you ask for tech support whenever there is a bug on your iPhone or any other electronic device: Have you tried turning it off and on?

Auto Draft

For many iPhone users, restarting their iPhone seems to have fixed this issue. After all, this may be a random bug that has happened and a restart should send it away.

Check your network firewall

For several users, the issue seems to have been with their network firewall.

This is one of those things that rarely ever happens but if and when it does, it’s very annoying. The problem with this is that we won’t even think about looking into this area.

Turns out, there are times when your firewall could actually block your device from communicating with Apple servers. Bizarre, but happens.

For your device to communicate properly with Apple servers, make sure your network has access to the below location:


If the above is blocked for some reason, please whitelist the same and try downloading apps from App Store.

Reset All Settings

The next thing we can try is to reset just the settings on your iPhone. Remember, all your data will be intact but only your settings will be reset to factory settings.

If you have accidentally changed a setting without your knowledge which is causing this issue, resetting the settings will make sure everything is set to Apple’s original settings.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  4. Tap on Reset.
  5. Then on the next screen, tap on Reset All Settings.
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You may be asked to enter your passcode, if you have set one. Please enter the same and proceed.

Your iPhone may restart during this process, nothing to worry about.

Wait for your iPhone to boot up and try downloading an app from the App Store and see if the issue is fixed.

Update your iPhone

Keeping your Apple device updated is the key to avoiding most issues. Software updates often contain many bug fixes and quash a lot of issues that you didn’t even know existed.

Check iPhone Update in Settings

Most of the time, the update changelog doesn’t say much but trust me, updates do a lot more good than bad.

Be sure to make sure your device is up to date.

Erase your iPhone

We are now entering the danger zone (as we have no other way). But don’t worry, your data will still be intact at the end of this process.

Take a complete backup of your iPhone by connecting it to your Mac or PC. Make sure all your media such as videos and photos are fully backed up.

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Next, it’s time to completely reset your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  2. Click on Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. You will be asked to enter your passcode (if you have one), go ahead and do it.
  4. Wait for the iPhone to erase everything: all your content and settings.
  5. When your iPhone restarts, it will be like the day you bought it.

Now, time to get your data back!

Go ahead and connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC and proceed to restore from your back up (if that’s what you prefer; you can also set it up as new iPhone if you don’t want to take any chances).

This seems to have helped a lot of folks to fix this issue.

Get help from Apple

There’s really nothing much we can do at this point.

Visit your nearest Apple Store and get your device checked by an Apple professional.

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